I doubt anyone is still reading this story after months. But I felt the need to just end this story.

All I can just is that…I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not continuing this story. I guess I'm not into it as I was back then.

For my own sanity (I can't stop thinking about how I didn't finish this story…), so I could move onto another story, I'll finish this one. I'll just tell everyone what happened in the end, since I can't bear to actually write anymore of this.

(From last chapter)

There was supposed to be a play about Romeo and Juliet. And Tsuna and Hibari were supposed to play the lead.

Chapter 18(The ending).

The play went as a disaster as expected. Because Reborn went and did things his own way again.

At the end of Romeo and Juliet, Hibari and Tsuna shared a passionate kiss in front of all the people. The faces Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, and Even Muroko and Reborn were priceless.

The next day, Tsuna was alone in Hibari's office (The reception room for disciplinary committee) when he once again spotted the crane origami that Hibari supposedly treasured. He made an attempt to touch it but was once again interrupted by Hibari, who just got back after biting a couple of idiots making a riot on campus. Hibari explained to Tsuna that the origami was given to him by someone precious to him.

Tsuna became jealous, and for a couple of days avoided Hibari, in which made Hibari want to bite everyone to death. The prefect of course confronted the brunette in his own Hibari-way and of course made Tsuna shriek in fear.

Tsuna explained how jealous he got over the origami, and Hibari began to laugh causing the brunette to turn red in anger and embarrassment.

Hibari told him to think about it and left.

Tsuna that night had a dream about the past when he was a child. In his dream, there was a boy who was in desperate to go to school but his parents wouldn't let him go. While a small Tsuna was visiting Namimori middle school with his mother he met the kid while said boy was staring sadly at the school.

It was only brief meeting but Tsuna made friends with the boy, and for a while (While Nana was busy enrolling a friend's son at the school.) the boy and Tsuna played together.

When it was time to leave with his mom, Tsuna gave the boy a self-made crane origami.

The dream ended with Tsuna realizing himself awake.

Tsuna explained to Hibari about his dream and about a boy.

And sure enough, it really was Hibari that met him when they were kids.

Crying Tsuna apologized for accusing.

Hibari pulled him into a warm embrace, and told him that out of everything else in the world,

"This herbivore is the one and only."


Well, that was my idea. Lame isn't it?

Anyway. To those that are still reading this story, I'm really sorry for disappointing you. I'm sorry for ending this story in such a crappy way. I'm really guilty at myself. I can't believe I abandoned this story.

Well I remember how fun it was to make this story happen. This was my first fanfic after all.

Well at least the first fanfic that I took REALLY seriously, even though my grammar and English suck. I hope everyone enjoyed this story. I made out of fun and continued it to make everyone here laugh. Now that I'm actually finishing it…I'm really sad.

I'm not into Katekyo Hitman Reborn as much as I was back then. So it was really weird going back to this anime.

Well that's all. THANK YOU MINNA. 3