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It dawns on Izaya the next day while he is standing just outside of the Raira academy gates waiting, that he has been watching over Anri (inadvertently) almost from the first moment he saw her. A moment he remembers very well, not because of Anri herself, but because of her highly annoying former friend, Mika. He sneers to himself at the very thought of her. Although Izaya loves all of his humans, he absolutely abhors people like Mika.


The first time he had seen them together in the main square it had been painfully obvious that she was only using Anri to make herself look better. There was nothing exceptionally special about Mika; sure she was pretty, but not really pretty enough to stand out in a crowd and yeah she was bubbly, but that got annoying sooner or later. She was for the most part simple, boring and almost completely incapable of standing out on her own; but instead of trying to develop her own personality, what did she do? She rallied this seemingly unassuming girl by her side because she needed someone attractive enough to hang out with but that wouldn't outshine her.

It disgusted him, which would be very hard to believe for a lot of people, he knows. It wasn't the fact that Mika was using Anri; it was the way in which she did it. After all, he himself used people for many things, but never would he think to do so for such a shallow reason. It shouldn't have bothered him so much, really it shouldn't have, but it did. So, he decided to watch them and the more he watched the more he found that he hated this Harima Mika. That above everything else pissed him off to no end. There was only one human he was meant to hate and she was not that person!

And so he devised a plan that would both get her away from Mika and amuse him at the same time. It never occurred to him then that he was playing his usual game for all the wrong (right) reasons or maybe it did and he chose to ignore it. Not long after that he accidently happened upon Mika one day, and at this chance meeting he pointed her in the direction of one Yagiri Seiji. He had already known how she felt about him and it was easy (so easy) to feed her the lies she wanted to hear and of course Izaya did. He told her how Seiji secretly liked her but couldn't tell her, told her that he would follow her and Anri after school for hours sometimes, told her how Seiji wanted her.

He spoon fed her lie after lie after lie and she believed every word.

She went from crushing to being utterly obsessed in no time at all. Within the week she had already began stalking him and if he had given her a few pointers on how to follow someone without that person knowing...

Well, who was going to know?

No one.

It was fun for a while too, tailing her as she tailed him, watching as the carefully constructed fantasy world he had created for her grew and blossomed. Soon he began helping her in other ways as well: showing her how to pick locks, teaching her the proper way to install bugs in unobvious places, demonstrating how to hide in the shadows while spying on him, etc. While he was playing her, however, he was also doing the same to Seiji. The two of them were actors in a play of his own writing and both of them thought he was on their side.

The fools!

But as usual the time came when he had begun to get bored, the solution? To move onto the final act!

Izaya grins now thinking about that fateful day not so long ago, when he had told Mika that her beloved Seiji was waiting at his house with a surprise for her. So, he wasn't terribly surprised when he had heard the crack of her skull (courtesy of the numerous bugs that had been planted in his house) as her head was smashed into the wall. Like everything else he had ever told her, that had been a lie as well. Although to be fair, it hadn't all been a lie.

Seiji had been there.

Mika, in Izaya's undeniably correct opinion, had gotten what she deserved. Though, truth be told, there was no way she could have known how...unstable Seiji was. He had thought that had been the end of her, but he had been pleasantly surprised when, only days after Mika had contacted him.

She had apparently still been alive, barely, but alive nonetheless.

She had wanted to thank him for his help because now she would be able to be at Seiji's side no matter what. His plan had worked out even better that he had expected it to: he once again only hated that one person, both Mika and Seiji were a part of his grand game and he had gotten her out the way just in time for Mikado's arrival...


The ending bell sounds bringing Izaya back to the present, students begin filing out of the building eager to get home. He sees them before they see him, he smirks and waves.

"Oh, Anri-chan!"

They all look very surprised to see him there but of course they would be, wouldn't they? He walks over to them still smiling greets them all in turn. He may be a lot of things but impolite is not one of them.

"Orihara-san," Mikado, timid and polite as usual "What are you doing here?"

"I came to walk Anri-chan home! What with all the thugs that have been after her lately, I figured she shouldn't go alone."

"Oh no, Orihara-san, there's no need for that I'm sure I'll be fine."

Anri plays her role very well, never slipping once; he has to say she's very good.

"But I must insist!" He bows and smiles cordially, holding out his arm. Anri blushes a bit in spite of herself and breaks away from the two boys.

"I'll see you both tomorrow" She waves and starts down the street with Izaya. Mikado and Masaomi look on in wonder and concern debating whether or not they should take Izaya's words at face value for once. They decide to leave the matter alone (for the time being) and head home.

"So, what is it that you want, Izaya?"

Her facade drops and really, he prefers her this way as oppose to her fake self. He grins looking up at the clear blue sky.

"Always soo suspicious!" He laces his hand behind his head and keeps walking.

"Are you telling me there is absolutely no reason for you being here?"

"Oh of course there is! To walk you home just as I said, nothing more and nothing less"

They stop and face each other. What an odd pair they must make Ikebukuro's shady informant walking with the (former) best friend of the sorta-but-not-really missing Harima Mika. The younger girl looks genuinely confused by his statement and that's just what he wants. She shakes her head and laughs a bit to herself. Izaya tilts his head and quirks an eyebrow. She says nothing, turns and stars walking again; he does the same now just a bit puzzled. The informant wants to know why she laughed but he's not going to ask, he knows she won't tell him.

Anri didn't laugh as much then (when Mika was around) as she does now and she has never laughed around him, until now. As far as he's concerned he did Anri a favor, it wasn't as if Mika had actually cared about her anyway, and beside that Mika was just a waste of Anri's precious, precious time.

She had to be removed.


Sometimes at night though, when he's lying in his bed staring up at the ceiling because he can't sleep (like this particular night), he wonders if she knows and just hasn't confronted him about it, wonders that if she doesn't would he ever tell her, wonders how she would react. He smiles to himself in the dark and guesses he will never know because if she doesn't know, then she will never find out; not from him, anyway.

At least that's the lie he tells himself, the lie he wants to believe.

But somewhere in the very, very back of his mind Izaya knows that if she asked he would tell her...

What he doesn't know, however, is why.