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Elizabeth's Party

It was Christmas Eve, and you had gone shopping for presents to give to your family and friends. What with being a noble, you have to keep up with all family traditions and get them things which are sophisticated and showy rather than something beneficial. You were in a bad mood by the time you had finished shopping, and terribly wanted a break. And right when things are bad, you always assume they can get worse. And worse came to the worst when you saw a girl with blonde ringlets followed by another, taller, woman with brown hair. You could see the latter's face clearly through the crowd.

"That's Paula…so the blonde must be…"

You were very pissed off over your friend, Elizabeth Middleford, for dragging you into a sick torture of a party, cuz, let's just admit it, you were horrible when it came to socializing. Anyways, your spirits were lifted when your friend said that there are gonna be hot guys.

You dressed as you wished and you met Elizabeth in the carriage. You went off to the Phantomhive Manor, where the party was being held.

When you entered, you saw that there were a large number of hot guys.

Your thoughts were interrupted by Lizzy, who stood on a table and announced: "Let's get some fun into this pary! We will be playing...7 Minutes in Heaven!"

There were many cheers and groans, but Lizzy INSISTED that everyonehas to play, so there you go.

She collected something from all the men and stuffed it into one of Ciel's large top hats (much to the latter's annoyance) and thrust it under your nose.

"You pick first, (Y/n)!"

You rummaged through the hat to find something interesting. After a lot of time, you picked out:

A puppet

A green sword

A tree-clipper

A Sebastian plushie

A dynamite

A rosary string with a cross charm

A red ruby tie-pin

A butterfly

A black rose

A few doggy biscuits

A gold chain

A curry-spice packet

A packet of Opium

A small notebook with a navy blue cover

A scarlet rose

A violet sketch pencil

A cricket ball

A black eyeliner

A Weston College badge

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