"Well he is certainly a chatty person," Peter said as they emerged from Hagrid's hut.

"He likes to be friendly," Hermione replied.

An owl suddenly fluttered down, landing on Peter's shoulder. Attached to its claw, there was a letter addressed to him. He took it from the owl and began to open it. Once the owl was satisfied it had found the owner of the letter, it took off and flew off back towards the castle.

"It is from Dumbledore, he wants to see me and Harry in his office."

"I thought you had already been to see him?" Ron asked.

"Perhaps he has some follow up information from earlier," Harry said. "We better go."

They both left Ron and Hermione standing together, Ron going on about how something suspicious was going on.

"Why has Dumbledore sent this letter," Peter asked.

"He has a kind of sixth sense and often seems to know what people are up to. Maybe he knew we were outside his office."

They continued up to the castle and in through the main entrance and up to the office of Dumbledore. They knocked on the door and waited for a reply, before they went in.

"Ah Mr Potter and Mr Parker, please come in and have a seat," the Professor said as he turned from feeding Fawkes.

"Hello sir," Harry said.

"You may be wondering why I have called you both here and you needn't worry about anything, but you should have come to tell me straight away when you discovered your new abilities."

"I am sorry sir, what new abilities?" Peter asked.

"Don't bother," Harry said. "There is no point lying to the Professor, he can smell a lie from miles away."

"Harry is quite right. I have known since the day you gained your new abilities. Professor Snape and I ran some tests when you were taken to the hospital wing. There we were able to discover the magical transference from Harry to you," Dumbledore explained to Peter.

"What are we supposed to do with them?" Peter asked.

"Harry, you are aware of the prophecy predicting the death of either Voldemort or yourself. Well, Professor Trelawney made another prediction. She said and I quote, "There will come a man who hides his true nature, weaving a web of deceit, but to gain help for friends. He will depart from a part of himself, but take on a part of another." You see, this was as I expected. My belief is, that these abilities are to be used to help protect yourselves and may improve Harry's chances improve in protecting himself when he faces Lord Voldemort."

"I don't even know how to use these powers properly," Harry said.

"Well then, we must get you trained up. I am going to be sending you to America and a colleague of mine who will monitor you as Peter helps you train."

"You are sending us to America?" Harry asked shocked.

"That is where Peter is best known as his alter ego, so it won't be questioned like it would here in a) in the UK and b) in the Wizarding world. Also, I believe it is safe for you, as I don't think Voldemort will be aware of your journey."

"How will we get there?" Peter asked.

"I will supply you with a Portkey, to take you directly to New York. My friend has instructions to meet you at your home and will begin your training in two days time."

"We are going that soon?"

"Yes, you need to go and pack, tell Miss Granger and Mr Weasley as much as you see fit and then meet me at the top of the Astronomy Tower in one hour. You may go."

"Thank you sir," Harry said as he got up. Peter followed suit and they both left the room.

"We're going to America, I've never been."

"You'll enjoy it and we are going to have some fun."

"What are we going to tell Ron and Hermione though?"

"That is the next challenge. I'm sure you will think of something for Ron, but we need to tell Hermione everything."

"Definitely, perhaps she should be the one to tell Ron."

"Tell Ron what?" a voice said behind them.

They turned around to find Ron standing with Hermione behind them. They must have been waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs by Dumbledore's office, but not noticed them.

"Oh right, yeah um, we have to go away for a while. Dumbledore wants me to go with Peter to America to help him with the magic he has gained. We are supposed to meet someone who is to help us," Harry said.

"Why do you have to go to America?"

"Because that is where Peter lives and Dumbledore wants to make sure that the magical community are aware of him and his new found abilities."

"Why do you have to go?"

"Because it's my powers that are inside of him."


"Ron, just leave it. Dumbledore must have his reasons for sending Harry and he wouldn't if he didn't think it was safe," Hermione interjected."

"I am just not comfortable with this. We still don't know whether we can trust him."

"You can trust me, I would never hurt any of you. I am here to help, not to destroy."