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Written for the Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction contest forum, Season Ten, Challenge Pairing:

Movie Night. A tradition that had been established early on in their relationship, any intruder was to be punished with merciless pillow battering.

"So what's this movie called?" asked Anzu.

"Lord of the Rings," Bakura answered with a slight smile. "I think you'll really like it."

Ansu smiled at her boyfriend. It had been something of a surprise when the white-haired boy had asked her out, and she had accepted, even to herself, but they made a nice couple. She was happy with him.

Bakura was right. The movie was fun, dramatic, and had some really cute actors. As the movie ended and the credits rolled, she snuggled closer.

"Mm. You were right, that was nice."

"Yeah. Hey, did Frodo remind you of anyone?"

"You mean Yugi? Yeah, I guess. Of course, you're the one who had the ring," she commented.

He swatted her with a pillow. "Not by choice I assure you. Although, the Millenium Ring is almost certainly as evil as the one in the movie."

She swatted back with another one. "Yeah. And, aside from the difference in apparent ages, Shadi would make a pretty good Gandalf. Cryptic guys who know everything…"

"Uh huh." Bakura put down his pillow. "And like in the story, the Quest is over and the Fellowship disbanded."

"Yeah. But, at least we have the friends we've made along the way." Anzu sighed before leaning over to kiss Bakura…

Later, Bakura decided that everything they had been through was well worth it.

Author Note: Please forgive the quality of this story. I don't have much experience with this couple, or frankly much experience writing fanfiction at all. I'm trying to get better.