A Pink Bracket Buster 6: Every Team for Themselves – Chapter 1

A/N: Hello everyone, it is my favorite month of the year, March, and that means I'm back with my sixth and final installment of the Pink Bracket Buster series. I originally wasn't going to do this sixth story, but I came up with a great concept for it, that being having all the Ranger teams battle it out to see which is the best at picking the games. Now since they are from the future there will be no SPD and Time Force will be just Wes and Eric, Samurai will be involved too so that I have more teams to cover/follow during the tournament, also no RPM since they are from an alternative dimension as explained in Samurai. Now the Zordon era is tricky because of crossover, but it will look like this – The Originals (Jason, Billy, Zack, Kim, Trini), the New Era (Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Kat, Tanya), and second Turbo/Space (Justin, Cassie, Ashley, TJ, Carlos, Andros, Zhane). Now our non-Ranger friends (from the show and created by me) won't be left out either, they will have their own pool with a great prize as well. If you have read my previous stories in this series you know the drill, if you are new to the series welcome, and as I tell everyone every year, I don't make this stuff up, I use the actual tournament bracket and actual tournament results when writing the story. I hope everyone enjoys the final story of the PBB series

Summary: It's once again time for the Angel Grove/Reefside Madness Tournament, and this year it comes with a new twist, its every Ranger team for itself. The non-Rangers have their own pool as well, with an amazing prize at stake for them.

Couples: Tommy/Kim, Jason/Hayley, Zack/Trini, Rocky/Aisha, Billy/Kat, Adam/Tanya, Andros/Ashley, Zhane/Karone, Carlos/Cassie, Trent/Kira, Conner/OC (Chelsea), Ethan/OC (Jen), Justin/OC (Lindsey), TJ/OC (Crystal), Cassidy/Devin

Alma Maters: UCLA (Tommy, Jason, Rocky, Aisha). Florida (Kimberly). USC (Zack, Trini, Adam, Tanya). Stanford (Hayley, Billy, Kat, Justin, Ethan). UNLV (Andros, Ashley, Zhane, Karone). Oregon (Carlos, Cassie). Washington State (TJ). Gonzaga (Crystal). BYU (Lindsey). Nevada (Trent, Kira). Long Beach State (Conner). San Diego (Chelsea). Cal State Fullerton (Jen). Cornell (Anton). St. Mary's (Elsa). San Diego State (Cassidy, Devin). Syracuse (Ernie). Arizona State (Stone). New Mexico (Bulk). Maryland (Skull). Arizona (Eric, Wes). Bowling Green (Phil).

Disclaimer: As always, I only own my original characters (Phil Savitt, Jen Jackson, Chelsea Matthews, Lindsey Stewart, and Crystal Johnson). Everything else I DO NOT OWN

Sunday March 11, 2012

Bulkmeier's Bar & Night Club; Angel Grove, California; 3pm (PDT)

"CBS Sports Presents the 2012 NCAA Tournament Selection Show"

"Everyone it's on," yelled Bulk and Skull, the owners of Bulkmeier's, as a stampede of eighty seven, yes eighty seven people, stormed from all around the club into the main area with all the TV's to catch the 2012 version of the selection show. The amount of people was due to the fact that this was the largest gathering of Ranger teams in the history of the Power Rangers, leading to a whole new twist to this year's Angel Grove/Reefside Madness Tournament.

Among the main group of the pool a lot had changed over the year, starting with Trent and Kira joining the ranks of the married couples, and it was a star studded wedding with many a famous person from the art and music world, and of course Tanya and Kim being the entertainment for the reception, while Ethan and Jen replaced them as the engaged couple of the group, with Ethan asking the question at a gaming tournament since they had met at one. The biggest change was that there was a new principal at Reefside High School, Reefside's superintendent had retired and Elsa was able to successfully get the job, and her first order of business was a new principal at the high school, and she knew there was only one person for the job, Dr. Tommy Oliver. Tommy's first order of business was to hire his replacement, and luckily for him he had a friend who was a science teacher, and that friend had married one of his other friends, and both were looking to move closer to the rest of their friends and their jobs, so Tommy couldn't say no when Crystal Johnson applied to be the new science teacher at Reefside, as she and TJ had now moved there, as did Connor and Chelsea. Unfortunately for Connor his pro soccer career was cut short by injury, meaning he would have to now rely on his education degree from Long Beach State. Connor had always loved Social Studies, and that's why he went to school to be a social studies teacher if something ended his soccer playing days, and luckily for him the new principal at Reefside needed a social studies teacher and head soccer game. To say everyone was stunned Connor was now a teacher, at Reefside of all places working for Tommy, was an understatement.

"Good evening everyone and welcome to the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament selection show, I'm Greg Gumbel with my partners Greg Anthony and Seth Davis, and we are here to reveal the field for the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. Let's first reveal the number one seeds in this year's tournament. No surprise here the overall number seed is the Kentucky Wildcats and they are in the South Region. Heading to the East Region as the second number one seed the Syracuse Orange. The North Carolina Tar Heels are your third number one seed and they will be in the Midwest Region. Rounding out the number one seeds are the Michigan State Spartans, the winner of today's Big Ten Tournament Championship game, as they are the top seed out West."

"I must say I'm surprised Missouri didn't get one of the number one seeds," Kira, Kim, and Tanya's manager Phil Savitt.

"I'm right there with you, first 30 game winner from a power league not to get one, a huge surprise," Jason responded.

"It just amazes me that three of the four lost their final game, so much for show me what you have done lately," Devin said.

"I think you have to look at the whole body of work, but that surprises me too, especially the Missouri point," Adam added.

"I think a lose going in could end up being a good thing," Ernie said, clearly referring to his beloved Syracuse Orange.

"First region to be revealed tonight will be the South Region, its finals at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, site of next year's Final Four. These Thursday/Saturday games will be played in Louisville, and as mentioned Kentucky is the number one seed in this region, and they will meet the winner of a First Four game played on Tuesday between the Sun Belt Conference champion Western Kentucky Hilltoppers and Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils of the SWAC. Iowa State's Cyclones return to the tournament for the first time since 2005 as the eight seed and they will meet the defending National Champions, nine seed UConn. These Thursday/Saturday games are set for Portland, Oregon the five seed Wheat Shockers of Wichita State meet last season's darling the VCU Rams, while the Indiana Hoosiers return to the dance as a four seed set to meet the champions of the WAC, thirteen seed New Mexico State. Bottom half of the South sees these Friday/Sunday games in Greensboro, North Carolina, where Duke's Blue Devils are the two seed, and they will meet the fifteen seed Mountain Hawks of Lehigh University, while the Norte Dame Fighting Irish are the seven seed and they will meet out of the Atlantic Ten Conference tenth seeded Xavier. Finally its Thursday/Saturday games to be played in Albuquerque. New Mexico, Baylor is the three seed and they will meet fourteen seed champions of the Summit League South Dakota State, first tournament appearance in school history for the Jackrabbits, and the six seed is the Runnin' Rebels of UNLV, and they will meet the Colorado Buffaloes, the eleven seed after winning the Pac-12 tournament in their first year in the conference."

The mention of the Pac-12 tournament champions made all the other Pac-12 alums sneer, all were upset that the newcomers to the conference had won the event.

"I smell another sweet sixteen run for the Rebels," Andros said excitedly.

"And beyond," Zhane added as the two did their world famous chest bump.

"So that's what you were talking about," said some of the other Ranger teams to Ashley and Karone, they had heard of Andros and Zhane's routine, but other than Karone's Lost Galaxy teammates no one else outside of the group had seen it.

"So boys, will we be seeing the Rebs since they are so close," Ashley asked the two.

"Of course," both Andros and Zhane said.

"If you need to know some good places to stay or eat let me know, I know that place by heart," Bulk told the four, as the New Mexico graduate had spent many a fine year in Albuquerque.

"Our next region is the West Region, with the regional final set for Phoenix, Arizona. These Friday/Sunday games will be played in Columbus, Ohio and that's where we find the top seed Spartans of Michigan State, and they will meet the sixteen seed LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds, regular season and tournament champions of the Northeast Conference for a second straight season, while the eight seed Conference USA champion Memphis Tigers meet former CUSA member the St. Louis Billikens, the nine seed making their first trip since 2000. Portland is the site for these Thursday/Saturday games, and the five seed is the New Mexico Lobos, second tournament in three years for Steve Alford's team and they will take on the battle tested Long Beach State 49ers from the Big West, and the Big East tournament champion Louisville Cardinals are the four seed, and they will meet from the Southern Conference thirteen seed Davidson. Off to Omaha for these Friday/Sunday games on the bottom half of the bracket, Missouri, off its best season is school history with 30 regular seasons wins, is the two seed and they meet fifteen seeded Norfolk State, first trip ever for the Spartans, and the 06 and 07 National Champion Florida Gators are the seven seed and the will meet tenth seeded Virginia from the ACC. Thursday/Saturday action back in Louisville will see the third seed Marquette Golden Eagles take on a First Four winner from Tuesday in either the BYU Cougars or the Iona Gaels, and the 30-1 Murray State Racers are the six seed out west, awaiting them in Louisville the Colorado State Rams of the Mountain West, their first appearance since 2003."

The West Region brought a battle of alma maters, as Bulk turned his attention from the UNLV to Conner.

"Seems we are at an impasse," Conner said as he met with Bulk.

"You guys have a good team, just don't do what you did the last time Long Beach was a twelve seed," Bulk said with an evil smirk. Chills went down Conner's spine, remembering the beat down Long Beach got from Tennessee the last time his school was a 12 seed, and the fact that he picked them to win it all that year in the pool.

"You can have Thursday and Friday off since the games are in Portland to go with Bulk and Skull, I'll find a sub," Tommy whispered to Conner.

"Thanks Dr. O," Conner said back.

"Missouri thinks so are so high and mighty now cause they are headed to the SEC, I hope someone knocks them on their ass," Hayley said out loud. While a Stanford grad she was from Oklahoma, and was not to happy with what had happened to her home state's conference and how Missouri was leaving and playing so well in their final year there.

"Don't worry girl, Florida will end them early in round two," Kim said with a smile.

"I hate to side with Florida, but I must, conference realignment for football purposes is ruining basketball traditions," Rocky said as everyone else there nodded in agreement.

"Everyone thought BYU was a shoe in, now they got to play a First Four game," Lindsey complained to her husband Justin.

"Maybe that move to the WCC wasn't the best idea," Justin said.

"Yes it was," Elsa and Crystal said back, smiling at Lindsey.

"Not helping," Lindsey said when she turned back to Justin.

"Hey VCU last year went First Four to Final Four, maybe BYU can too," Justin responded trying to not upset his wife anymore.

"You are so lucky you remembered that," Lindsey said with a smile before kissing Justin.

"Up next is the East Region, Boston's TD Garden the site for the regional rounds, and the top seed is the Syracuse Orange, last time the Final Four was in New Orleans the Cuse won it all they will look to do that again and their journey begins in Pittsburgh Thursday against the sixteen Bulldogs of UNC Asheville, while Frank Martin has Kansas State dancing again, the eight seed Wildcats will meet ninth seeded Southern Mississippi of Conference USA, dancing for the third time in school history are the Golden Eagles, first time since 1991. More Thursday/Saturday games, these in Albuquerque, Vanderbilt is the five seed after winning the SEC Tournament, and they will meet the twelve seed Ivy League champ, Harvard, so close a year ago but now the Crimson are dancing for the first time since 1946, also in Albuquerque are the fourth seed Wisconsin Badgers, awaiting them are the Big Sky Champion Grizzles of Montana the thirteen seed. More Thursday/Sunday games set for Pittsburgh will see Ohio State as the two seed and they will matchup with the Greyhounds of Loyola Maryland, second trip in school history for the fifteen seed from the MAAC, while Gonzaga is the seven seed, fourteenth straight year in the tournament for Mark Few's club as they take on tenth seeded West Virginia. Nashville will be the site for these Friday/Sunday games as the ACC Tournament champions Florida State are the three seed and they will meet from the Atlantic Ten the tournament champion Bonnies from St. Bonaventure, their first trip since 2000, while Cincinnati's Bearcats are in for the second straight year, and they are a six seed again as they meet Rick Barnes' Texas Longhorns the eleven seed."

"Not a fan of the draw Ernie," Jerome Stone asked his best friend, he could see on Ernie's face he didn't look pleased.

"That has to be the toughest bracket so far, those potential opponents can do a lot of things that can hurt Syracuse," Ernie said.

"But Syracuse has that two three zone, unlike Big East schools teams in the tourney don't see it all the time," Zack said as he came over to the two.

"Good point, I just hope another Final Four in New Orleans brings up another trophy," Ernie added.

"Gonzaga is headed back to the Elite Eight this year babe," Crystal said happily to TJ.

"I can see it, especially if you get by Ohio State, which is possible if they have a bad night," TJ said.

"I do not like the fact that they have to travel east again like they did in 08, to play a team so close to its home," Crystal added.

"Hey fans don't win the games, the players do, if the Zags show up at their best they can beat anyone," TJ responded before kissing his wife.

"Final region of the night is the Midwest Region, St. Louis the site for its regional finals. North Carolina is the top seed, they will see Friday/Sunday action in Greensboro and meet the winner from a Wednesday First Four Game between the Lamar Cardinals of the Southland or the Vermont Catamounts of the America East, meanwhile the sensational Doug McDermott leads Creighton in as an eight seed and they will take on Alabama, one of the first teams out last year now in as a nine seed. Nashville is the site for these Friday/Sunday games as the fifth seeded Temple Owls will await a Wednesday First Four winner as well, either the Cal Golden Bears or the South Florida Bulls, Stan Heath's team in for the first time in twenty years, and Michigan is the four seed, and awaiting them is the thirteen seed Ohio Bobcats of head coach John Groce, they upset Georgetown two years ago in their last trip to the tournament. Bottom of the bracket has Friday and Sunday games in Omaha, Kansas is the two seed and their second round matchup has them against the fifteen seed Titans of Detroit, while the seven seed champs of the WCC St. Mary's will battle the Big Ten's Purdue Boilermakers. Finally it's off to Columbus, Ohio for Friday/Sunday games as Georgetown's Hoyas are the three seed in the Midwest and they'll meet the fourteen seed champions of the Atlantic Sun, the always dangerous Belmont Bruins, and San Diego State, the Aztecs of Steve Fisher are the six seed and their opponent will be the eleven seed Wolfpack of North Carolina State, Mark Gottfried's first year in Raleigh and he has the pack dancing for the first time since 2006.

"That is ridiculous, how is St. Mary's the same seed as Gonzaga, we beat them two out of three times, and our road is tougher then theirs as a seven," a steamed Elsa said to Anton.

"If the Gaels do what we know they are capable of doing the seed won't matter, they will make a run again," Anton said before kissing his wife.

"Do you guys get to cover San Diego State again like you did last year," Kira asked Cassidy and Devin once the Aztecs were revealed.

"Yes we do," Devin responded.

"And with so many SDSU alums in the LA area as well we get to do it for our current LA station along with our old channel down in San Diego," Cassidy said excitedly.

"I just wish we would have gotten a better starting place, Columbus, Ohio equals boring, no offense Phil," Devin said as the other Dino Thunder Rangers laughed.

"None taken, because it's true, I'll take Cincy any day of the week," Phil added with a smile.

As everyone continued to talk Tommy and Jason went to print off twenty seven brackets. While a low number compared to any other year everyone knew why it was the case this year, this would be a team competition for the Rangers, and the ultimate bragging rights were on the line.

"Welcome everyone to the 2012 Angel Grove/Reefside Madness Tournament. We have our most participants ever competing this year, so much so that there are two pools," Tommy said.

"Us Power Rangers are all about competition, and this year is no different, this is the ultimate Ranger pool, every Ranger team for itself," Tommy said as all the other teams, grouped together, smiled.

"Because of crossover between the Zordon era it will be split into three teams," Jason announced.

"I will join Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Kat, and Tanya on the New Era team," Tommy said.

"I'm with the original team, Kim, Billy, Zack and Trini, and the second Turbo and Space guys are their own team, competing against all the other teams that featured no crossovers," Jason finished.

"While the numbers may not be equal that may be a good thing, because each team must work together to pick their one bracket and win this," Tommy said as he took the cover off what was sitting next to him and Jason on a table as the other Rangers stared in awe.

It was a beautiful trophy that looked just like the trophy the team winning the NCAA tournament got, with various moments in Ranger history on the trophy, with the nameplate just saying The Best Ranger Team at Picking the Big Dance.

As the other Rangers stared in awe at the trophy, Lindsey and Jen joined Tommy and Jason on the stage.

"Now since the Rangers are having their bragging rights tournament us non-Rangers are also having a pool, and we are playing for good old fashion money unlike our Ranger friends this year," Jen said.

"With fourteen of us we upped the ante to 15 dollars per bracket, the third place bracket wins 60 dollars and second place takes home 150," Lindsey said.

"What about first," Ernie asked.

"I'll take that question," Billy answered. "The winner of your pool will get the ultimate experience, something all us Rangers have experienced. You will get to feel the power course through your veins like all of us have. The winner of your pool gets to be a Power Ranger for a day thanks to an amazing simulator I have been working on with some of the other Rangers," Billy said, as the non-Rangers were now in awe.

"Alright everyone come and get your brackets," Tommy and Jason said, breaking everyone out of their awe as they came to get the brackets, with the Ranger separating into their teams and the non-Rangers getting into groups.

A/N: That is chapter one I hope you enjoyed it. Chapter two will be up Wednesday with everyone's picks and the first round details for the picks and alma maters that made the field.