A Pink Bracket Buster 6: Every Team for Themselves – Chapter 5

A/N: Alright everyone this is it, the final chapter of PBB 6. A champion has been crowded, as have winners in both the pools and it time to see who is winning some famous prizes (including so newly thought of ones for the Ranger teams). I usually separate Final Four weekend reaction and winners into two separate chapters but due to a busy life they will be combined into this one chapter. I hope everyone enjoys chapter 5.

Summary: It's once again time for the Angel Grove/Reefside Madness Tournament, and this year it comes with a new twist, its every Ranger team for itself. The non-Rangers have their own pool as well, with an amazing prize at stake for them.

Couples: Tommy/Kim, Jason/Hayley, Zack/Trini, Rocky/Aisha, Billy/Kat, Adam/Tanya, Andros/Ashley, Zhane/Karone, Carlos/Cassie, Trent/Kira, Conner/OC (Chelsea), Ethan/OC (Jen), Justin/OC (Lindsey), TJ/OC (Crystal), Cassidy/Devin

Alma Maters: UCLA (Tommy, Jason, Rocky, Aisha), Florida (Kimberly), USC (Zack, Trini, Adam, Tanya), Stanford (Hayley, Billy, Kat, Justin, Ethan), UNLV (Andros, Ashley, Zhane, Karone), Oregon (Carlos, Cassie), Washington State (TJ), Gonzaga (Crystal), BYU (Lindsey), Nevada (Trent, Kira), Long Beach State (Conner), San Diego (Chelsea), Cal State Fullerton (Jen), Cornell (Anton), St. Mary's (Elsa), San Diego State (Cassidy, Devin), Syracuse (Ernie), Arizona State (Stone), New Mexico (Bulk), Maryland (Skull), Arizona (Eric, Wes), Bowling Green (Phil).

Disclaimer: As always, I only own my original characters (Phil Savitt, Jen Jackson, Chelsea Matthews, Lindsey Stewart, and Crystal Johnson). Everything else I DO NOT OWN

Saturday March 31, 2012

Ernie's Gym and Juice Bar – Angel Grove Youth Center; Angel Grove, California

"Good evening everyone and welcome to the Superdome here in New Orleans, Louisiana for the 2012 edition of the Final Four. It will be a bluegrass battle here in game number one, as the top overall seed Kentucky Wildcats do battle with in-state rival the Louisville Cardinals and that will be followed by the Ohio State Buckeyes facing the Kansas Jayhawks

Six teams remained in the hunt for a top three spot in the Ranger pool (top three would become important with mystery prizes to be revealed later in the week for the top three). Only the teams with schools left in the pool (Originals, Dino Thunder and Time Force) could walk away with the top prize. The three teams that saw their school lose in the Elite Eight (Lost Galaxy, New Era, and Ninja Storm) still had a shot at finishing in third, but all needed help that would end hope for the other. LG would finish third if Kentucky defeated Kansas in the title game, the New Era could take third place in Ohio State defeated Kentucky in the title game, while NS could finish third if Kansas defeated Kentucky in the final, all scenarios were funny because the latter three teams had to now root for the school that ended their pick's season. A Louisville win over Kentucky would also give those teams a shot at finishing in second place.

Of the Ranger teams still left in the pool Dino Thunder was sitting the most pretty because of the fact that no one had Kentucky's Final Four opponent Louisville. Even if Kentucky lost to Louisville they could win the pool with a Louisville win. The Ohio State/Kansas loser would be eliminated from being able to win the top prize, and the national title game no matter what would be Dino Thunder vs. the team that had Kentucky's opponent, winner take all The loser from Kansas/Ohio State would then need to hope the scenario that would knock them out of third place did not happen.

As for the non-Rangers everything was bunched up between the five left – Hayley, Phil, Skull, Elsa, and Bulk. If Ohio State made the title game Skull could take control of things since he was the only person pick Ohio State in the non-Ranger pool. An Ohio State title would give him the win, OSU making the title game would ensure him a top thee finish. Kansas making the title game would eliminate Skull, while Kentucky losing would eliminate Elsa and Bulk, meaning who won the tiebreaker between Hayley and Phil would decide the pool if the final was Louisville vs. Kansas. A Kentucky Kansas final would have Elsa, Bulk, Phil, and Hayley all in contention, with tiebreakers most likely deciding everything.

Kentucky was up first, and while Bulk and Elsa needed the UK win, the Dino Thunder team was at ease, they had picked so well in previous rounds that this game really didn't matter for them.

"While this game may not matter to you guys for the pool, you still have to root for Kentucky," Bulk said to the four.

"Yeah, if we want to have a chance to win the non-Ranger pool we need UK to win," Elsa added.

"Don't worry, we are still pulling for UK," Ethan said.

"Yeah we still want the school we picked to win the whole thing, makes victory even sweeter," Kira said.

"Plus we want a dominating victory once the trophy is ours," Conner added.

"Good, just don't get too cocky guys," Elsa said.

"You know us, we won't," Trent responded.

"Well all of us but Conner," Kira add laughing.

Two hours later

"Kentucky is on to the National Championship game as they defeat Louisville 69-61."

"Alright we are still guaranteed a shot to win this thing," Elsa said happily before sharing a high five with Bulk.

"Pulling for you all the way honey," Anton said as he came over and gave his wife a kiss.

"Thank you dear, I've always wanted to be a Ranger and kick Mesogog's butt, and now I'm this close," Elsa responded to her husband.

"I don't blame you at all," Anton said.

"Alright Bulkie, its Buckeye time now, right guys," Skull said in the direction of Eric and Wes while talking to Bulk.

"O-H," Eric yelled.

"I-O," Wes yelled.

"Hey bud its do or die for you, so you better have more attention towards Hayley and Phil.

"And he will not let Kentucky vs. Ohio State for the title happen," Hayley said pointing to Phil, who could only nod his head.

"Do or die for us too spelling boys," Zack said as the originals met up with Wes and Eric.

"And we got the person you want on your side in do or die situations," Jason added, pointing at his sister in everything but blood.

Eric and Wes could only respond with a just bring it gesture.

"We are going to be seeing that a lot the next two days," Billy said with a laugh as the others agreed, knowing it would be true.

Two hours later

"It will be Kentucky vs. Kansas Monday for the title, what a comeback for the Jayhawks as they stun the Buckeyes 64-62."

"Just as we practiced guys," a very very very happy Phil Savitt said to the originals and Hayley.

"O-H," the six yelled.

"OH-NO," Phil yelled back.

"O-H," the six yelled again.

"OH-NO," Phil yelled back again.

"Skull I told you they would let you down again," Bulk said to his best friend.

"I thought this would finally be the year they put it together," Skull said.

"You have to stop trusting those damn Ohio teams," Bulk responded.

"He is absolutely right, trust me," Phil added.

"It would come down to you guys vs. the Dino Thunder kids," Tommy said to his wife.

"You had three choices, and the two you didn't pick will meet for the title," Kim said.

"Thanks for the reminder beautiful," Tommy responded as Kim kissed him on the cheek.

"Bro, your bad sports picks better not ruin tomorrow," Jason said to his best friend, referring to Wrestlemania the next night and the huge Rock vs. Cena match.

"So Dr. O who are you siding with," the Dino Thunder team asked their mentor.

After looking at both teams back and forth Tommy got a big smile on his face.

"Neither," he said.

"WHAT," his nine former teammates responded.

"Whoever loses will say I jinxed them so I'm siding with neither," Tommy said with a smile before walking away to talk to others at Ernie's.

"That reminds me, I need to make a call," Jason said pulling out his phone.

"Who are you calling," Hayley asked.

"Cody, Bailey, and the kids," her husband responded.

"Oh yeah, they are in New Orleans," Billy responded.

"Lucky them," Zack added.

"Hello?" Jason heard Bailey say.

"You should see some of the faces here in the aftermath of what just happened," Jason responed as he looked around Ernie's.

"What do you mean?" Bailey said.

"Well, you've got Phil jumping up and down because you kept him from his nightmare of an Ohio State/Kentucky final, you've got us originals who are grinning from ear to ear and most of all you have Eric, Wes and Skull who are shocked beyond belief."

"I kept warning them all week that Ohio State would choke…it's what they do," Bailey said. "But no, they wouldn't listen to me. This KU team never gives up."

"Even if you guys lose Monday night, you have to consider this year a roaring success," Zack said. "Who would have thought?"

"Oh I considered it a success to win the Big 12 and make sure Missouri didn't," Bailey said. "To be in the finals against Kentucky is not something I could have ever imagined with this team. It's the icing on the cake. We're a perfectly flawed team…but one that finds a way every single night."

"It sucks that you're going to have to watch this thing from an apartment Monday night," Trini said.

"Yep, stupid, stupid school gets in the way," Bailey said. "Rest assured though I want to beat these Kentucky guys more than anything in the world. Phil warned us about their arrogance…oh my God they think they are God's gift to basketball. Besides, it will hurt if we lose…second place is the first loser."

"Unfortunately yes, you are right. But you have to admit it would hurt Kentucky a lot more if the Wildcats lose. KU is not expected to win," Kim said. "Sure it's going to hurt if you lose…for about an hour. They will be jumping off bridges in Lexington if they lose."

"Hey listen, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow…flight back then WrestleMania tomorrow night at the bar in New Haven," Bailey said. "So we'd better sign off for now. Promise me that all of you will text during Mania?"

"We will," Kim said. "We've been waiting to see Rocky kick Cena's ass for years now. This WrestleMania will be something special."

Speaking of Wrestlemania

Sunday April 1, 2012

Hayley's Cyberspace Café; Reefside, California

"Cena with a second AA on Rock, here is the cover, one, two, and kick out just before three! What a matchup this has been, amazing indeed, The Rock has kicked out of two AA's and Cena is stunned, it's like he doesn't know what to do to beat the People's Champion. Oh wait, what is he doing now, you have to be kidding me, Cena is standing above The Rock's head and just took off a wrist band and tossed it into the crowd."

"You have got to be kidding me," Justin said as he saw what was unfolding on the TV, as the Rangers main group (think PBB story 2, just minus Anton and Elsa plus Ernie, Phil, and Stone) were watching WrestleMania at Hayley's.

"I will hate Cena forever, even if he turns heel, if he hits this," stated Phil, who like most of the guys in the group were fans of the heels.

"Uh if he hits this I'm done watching wrestling forever," Chelsea added. While most of the girls were fans of the faces, they all hated Cena (though much to their husband or boyfriend's chagrin they did find him sexy and loved teasing the boys when Cena took his shirt off, saying it was the only good thing he ever did). The dislike of Cena was the one sports thing that the whole group could agree on.

"I just can't believe they are gonna let Cena disrespect The Rock for a third time," Rocky said.

"Cena is trying for the most electrifying move in sports entertainment. Cena leaps over The Rock and bounces off the rope, but The Rock is up, he catches Cena and hits the Rock Bottom! The cover, one, two three, it's over! The Rock has done it; The Rock has defeated John Cena!"

As soon as the count was official Hayley's erupted into cheers, just as it would the next night when someone won the Rangers pool.

"Holy shit that was an amazing finish," TJ said.

"I know, the match started slow, but once they got started it turned out to be a great one," Kat said.

"The match is always a great one when the great one is in it," Adam said, getting a few laughs from the crowd.

"I must say, best Wrestlemania since 24," Phil said, as many others agreed.

"Even though D. Bryan and Jericho lost," Lindsey responded in an attempt to tease the boys.

"May not have been a lot of heel wins, but the matches were still very good," Carlos said.

"And even though Bryan lost so quickly, the crowd behind him the whole time made it so funny and worth it," Zack said as the guys agreed with him.

"Amazing crowd tonight too, into everything," Stone added.

"I loved that they chanted Bryan's name in almost every match," Ashley said.

"Well now that WWE's WrestleMania is over its time for ours," Conner said.

"It's on kids," Trini said to the four.

"Just bring it," the other four originals added.

Monday April 2, 2012

Hayley's Cyberspace Café; Reefside, California

"And for the first time since 1998 Kentucky is the kings of college basketball, the Wildcats are your 2012 National Champions."

The eruption of cheers happened again at Hayley's, though this time it wasn't as loud, just six people compared to the entire place the night before.

"Congrats guys," Kim said as she and the originals walked over to the celebrating Dino Thunder team.

"We couldn't ask for better opponents to face off against for the pool championship," Ethan responded.

"Hey," the members of the New Era and second Turbo/Space members yelled causing the nine along with the non-Rangers to laugh.

"Just don't say that Friday when the other teams are with us at Bulk's," Jen said to her fiancée.

"Hey I rather have beaten you guys," Conner said in the direction of the New Era Rangers.

"Yeah beating Dr. O would be sweet," Trent added as the nine laughed.

"Good thing I can't punish you guys anymore," Tommy responded.

"His words do not represent mine," Conner said to his boss as Tommy could only laugh and shake his head.

"Guess it's now down to the tiebreakers," Phil said as he, Hayley, Bulk, and Elsa gathered up.

"Yeah four way tie, who would have thought," Hayley added.

"It was that Missouri lose that killed us, I know we each had them losing in the Sweet Sixteen and both you had them losing to Florida in round two," Elsa said.

"That's what Missouri does to you, I'm glad to know you'll be on their hater bandwagon if you don't win the pool," Hayley responded.

"I'll be driving it if I miss out on being a Ranger," Bulk said.

"So, finally get some redemption babe," Kira asked her husband.

"Yup, it took four years, but I think I finally got it," Trent said before kissing Kira.

Friday April 6, 2012

Bulkmeier's Bar & Night Club; Angel Grove, California

Just like Selection Sunday it was another largest gathering of Rangers in one place for the Angel Grove/Reefside Madness Tournament wrap up party. Bulk and Skull's place had become the regular wrap up party site because of how large the establishment was; having a pool didn't hurt either. The pool is where everyone started until it was time to eat. Once dinner was done the top three for each pool would be named before everyone would head inside to have more fun.

Bulk, Skull, Rocky, Jason, and Tommy were in charge of dinner, as they were grilling out at poolside, and once everything was ready it was like a stampede to get to the food. Once everyone was full, dried off, and changed it was time to hear who the big winners was, it was known in the Ranger pool, but the top three were about to get the surprises of a lifetime, while the non-Rangers would finally know their results.

"Alright you non-Rangers, we will have your results first," Jen said as she and Lindsey took their place in front of the group.

"It was an amazing four way tie for first place, and luckily it featured four different tiebreaker scores to break things up nicely," Lindsey added.

"Taking home $60 in third place is Bulk," Jen said as everyone clapped as Bulk went up and accepted his money.

"Can't win that green picking Ohio State," Bulk teased Skull, who responded by pushing his friend in the pool, causing everyone to laugh.

"Second place and $150 belongs to Elsa," Lindsey announced.

"Congrats dear," Anton said before kissing his wife.

"I never thought I would do this good ever, this is amazing," Elsa said to Anton before going to get her money.

Once Elsa had her money Hayley and Phil got next to each other, awaiting who would win as Billy joined the girls on stage.

"And the winner of the non-Ranger pool, who will get to experience being a Power Ranger, is…. Hayley," Billy said.

Phil immediately hugged Hayley to congratulate her as all Hayley could do was scream. After the scream came a kiss from Jason as she then made her way towards Billy.

"Well Hayley tell us your plan for when you get to experience the ultimate simulation," Billy asked.

"I've seen with my own two eyes Mesogog's defeat, and I got to help in that, but I want to fight someone I've heard so much about, I want Lord Zedd's candy ass," Hayley responded

"What color," Kim yelled from the crowd.

"Nothing against my girls in pink, but I think yellow is the color for me," Hayley said, getting approving cheers from Trini, Aisha, Tanya, Ashley, Maya, Kelsey, Taylor, Kira, Ronnie, Lily, and Emily.

"What about else," Chip and Dustin asked as everyone just laughed as Tommy and Jason took the stage.

"Alright time for the Rangers, though we already know the winners, we will do a top three," Tommy said.

"Lost Galaxy ended up in third place with the Originals coming in second," Jason announced as those groups cheered.

"And coming in first, the team that learned how to pick so well because of my mentoring of them, Dino Thunder," Tommy announced as the four made their way up as everyone cheered.

"Had what Dr. O said been true we wouldn't have won because his picks are never good," Conner said as everyone laughed.

"Remember who your boss is there kid," Jason said teasing Conner who quickly shut up as Tommy handed the group he mentored the trophy that Kira held up proudly as Hayley and Ernie then made their way in front of everyone.

"Ok everyone we have some surprise prizes for Ranger teams that only those who came up with them know about," Ernie announced as that got everyone quiet, not expecting this.

"For your third place finish Lost Galaxy you guys all get free smoothies for two whole months, one month of free smoothies at Ernie's and one month at my place," Hayley announced.

"I think that is much better than a trophy," Leo said as he and the rest of the Lost Galaxy team celebrated as now TJ and Justin joined Lindsey in front of everyone.

"Originals for your second place finish you six will receive an order of Ducks season tickets for next season for you guys to split amongst yourselves," TJ announced.

"Alright that is awesome," Trini said.

"Thank you so much guys," Billy said as he went up and accepted for the group, taking the pack from Lindsey and Justin.

"Hey, what about else," Trent asked.

"Yeah we did win this thing, that stuff sounds better then a trophy," Ethan complained.

"Don't worry guys I got you covered," Chelsea responded. "For your victory and thanks to the sports PR firm I work for, you four have won a meet and greet with the one and only, the great one, the people's champion, THE ROCK!"

Unlike Hayley, who let out a huge scream after her win, the Dino Thunder four were absolutely silent, they had no idea how to react, but it didn't matter, they were meeting The Rock. Everyone else there went to congratulate the group, who gave hugs and high five, but still didn't have any words they could say from the shock, well that was until Tommy came up to them.

"I'm so sorry I ditched you guys for this, I'm really sorry, can I please, please, please, please, please come to meet The Rock," Tommy asked his former students.

The grouped then huddled for a few seconds before finally saying something for the first time in about five minutes.

"NO!" They all said at the same time before laughing.

"But Hayley can come," Kira then added.

"Best day ever," Hayley said to Jason before kissing her husband and then thanking Kira and the rest of the Dino Thunder team.

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