Elizabeth smiled as she was wheeled into the recovery room, her newborn baby boy in her arms. He was wrapped in a blue blanket, tufts of curly black hair sticking out of the blanket, and he was fast asleep.

Across the room was another lady, her brunette baby laid on her chest, making small noises and waving his arms as he tugged on his mother's long her.

Sophia looked up at Elizabeth with a smile "Hi. It looks like we're room mates. I'm Sophia Hummel, and this is my baby boy, Kurt."

Elizabeth smiled back warmly "Hi. I'm Elizabeth. And this is my Blaine."

Burt walked back into the room "Hey, Sophia. I brought you your coffee."

He turned to Elizabeth and smiled "Hi. I'm Burt."

Elizabeth smiled "I'm Elizabeth."

Over the course of the next few hours the three chatted happily. Blaine's father showed up after collecting their other son from school, a six year old Cooper, Burt and Michael broke of to talk about football. Cooper was sat by his mother, cooing over his newborn brother.

Sophia had now moved across the room in a wheelchair and was sat by Elizabeth's bed, Kurt still in her arms.

Elizabeth smiled "Lets let the boys meet. Blaine has woken up now."

Sophia nodded and Elizabeth crossed her legs, laying Blaine out on the bed in front of her. Sophia slowly moved Kurt so he was lying side by side with Blaine.

Kurt and Blaine both turned their heads to look at each other, eyes wide and curious; after all, they were still learning about the world.

They both moved their arms a little, gurgling happily as they looked at each other.

They watched each other with wide eyes, watching each other's movements, and then their hands touched.

Elizabeth and Sophia both smiled at each other, then went back to watching their boys curious looks.

When it was time for them both to leave the hospital, they exchanged numbers, vowing to stay in touch.

And they did; Elizabeth watched Kurt grow up, forming a fast friendship with Blaine. She watched Sophia get sick, and watched Kurt have to mature faster than he should. She watched their boys grow closer, and start dating. And she and Michael were there when Burt started dating Carole. They comforted him when he was unsure whether to propose or not, and Elizabeth helped him pick the ring.

The two families remained firm friends forever. And, on their son's wedding day, their families were bonded, forever.