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Blaine rushed into the hospital, running over to Kurt instantly "Sorry! I'm sorry I'm late baby! Did I miss it?"

Kurt shook his head "It's okay. She's not fully ready to give birth yet. The nurses said we can get you in scrubs once you arrive, and then you can go in."

Blaine let out a breath of relief and then beamed "We're going to be fathers."

Kurt grinned back at him "Yeah, we are."

Ten minutes later, they were back in the delivery room, Kurt holding onto one of Rachel's hands, Blaine hovering by his side, bouncing excitedly.

Rachel huffed, gripping onto Kurt's hand tighter "It's a good job I love you too so much."

Kurt stroked his thumb over the back of her hand "And we appreciate this, so much."

Rachel huffed out another breathe, clinging onto Kurt's hand tightly.

The doctor stood up "Ten centimetres dilated. Time to start pushing, Mrs Hudson."

Fourty minutes later, their baby was pushed into the world.

Rachel slumped against the bed, panting.

Kurt kissed her forehead, and Blaine squeezed her hand, both of them tearing up "Thank you."

Rachel nodded tiredly, her eyes closed, muttering "You're worth it."

Blaine and Kurt turned to watch as their baby started screaming, watching as the umbilical cord was clamped at cut.

They laced their fingers together tightly; they finally had their baby.

Half an hour later Kurt was sat in a chair, cradling their baby in his arms, while Blaine sat on the arm of the chair, watching their newly born daughter.

They had already decided if they had a girl they would name her Emily Sophia - the Sophia part of the name coming from Kurt's late mother.

Both of them were cooing over her, smiling, their eyes wet with tears.

Kurt leaned up, looking at Blaine, giving him a watery smile. Blaine leaned down, giving him a soft kiss.

They finally had everything they wanted from life.

And if you had asked them ten years ago at the beginning of high school, it was everything they thought they would never get.

And then a chance encounter on a stairway changed their lives.

And things were never the same again.

They both looked back at their daughter, unable to look away for more than a minute.

Things were finally perfect.