Tangled Up in You—The REWRITE!

A/N: Welcome to the re-write of Tangled Up in You, and remember, I do not own any of the original characters; though, I do take great pride and credit for mine.

I predict that some may wonder why I am preceding with a full re-write rather than just continue with the original prior to commencing on the full Version 2 edition.

Before I answer this valid question, I thought I might give a little background of where I have been the last two plus months since I posted the original story's Chapter 19. At the time I began the original story, I was a Systems Engineer providing Field Technical Support to the Air Force Reserve in the sunny South Texas city of San Antonio; specifically, the Lockheed-Martin built C-5A Galaxy equipped 433d Airlift Wing at Lackland Air Force Base. These duties allowed me great flexibility in meeting both the needs of the Air Force Reserve, as well as giving me plenty of time to write.

In early September, I learned of an opportunity to return to the production plant in Marietta, Georgia; where I would provide a similar service, under a different job title, in support of the C-5M Super Galaxy production effort. As the culmination of an adult life long affiliation with the C-5 in production, maintenance, operations, and field service, I found that I could not turn down this opportunity. The proximity of most of my family and friends in Georgia also served as an impetus to seek the relocation. I received official notification in late October that I out shined the other candidates and had been selected for the relocation.

The last few days of October through Pearl Harbor Day, 7 December, flew by in a flash as I prepared not only to relocate to Georgia, but also to ensure that the Air Force Reserve did not lack for technical support as I departed prior to the arrival of my replacement. The remainder of December and the beginning of January also flew by in a flash as I completed my relocation as well as my integration into one of two Functional Test Teams, responsible for ensuring the airworthiness of the newly configured Super Galaxy.

In late January after getting my feet somewhat under me as I learned my new duties on the fly, I re-read my Chapter 20 in preparation to finish it and the rest of the story and realized that I had the twin issues of trying to complete a quarter completed chapter and integrating it into the existing story. So, to ensure a good flow, I went back to the beginning of the story and began to re-read. I soon noted, to my chagrin, that there were many inconsistencies in both the plot line and character development. I have also decided to perform a major overhaul of the plot as I better develop my characters, hoping to keep the originals in character as seen in the movie.

I also noted that it might prove very beneficial for the flashbacks to be reconfigured from the current state to one that states specifically how far back they take the reader. In this way, the reader will be able to see the same timeline that I, the writer, do. This is slowly being accomplished and will serve to better tie the story together.

I plan to write an introductory chapter that will serve to introduce many characters that will appear later and as the jumping off place for both the Version 2 story to later appear on , and the Rapunzel based story to appear on under the title Dark Force Rising.

I hope to post chapters bi-weekly up to chapter 19, although I may split some of the existing chapters into smaller and more easily read edits.

I also hope to find the time between work, family, and writing, to get back to reading other author's stories and providing the most constructive reviews I can. So….

Please enjoy, and REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW!