Sum: It's Junior Year for Tsukune and the gang, and Mizore finds herself falling in love with a new student! Come and see what happens this year at Youkai Academy as the snow woman finds her heart melting! Mizore/OC and Tsukune/Moka!

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"Mizore in Love!"

Chapter 1: A New Year and A New Face

We start this story in a car heading to Youkai Academy, where a new arrival is busy sketching in an old sketchbook as he makes his way to his first day at a new school.

"So…what's Youkai Academy like? Can you tell me anything Dad?" Asked a young man, pushing a strand of dirt blonde hair back behind his ear.

"Youkai Academy is not for the faint of heart Son, even I had a bit of a tough time when I attended when I was your age." Said the boy's father, similar dirt blonde hair dangling in his dark blue eyes as they drove toward a tunnel.

"I'm sure I'll do well, it can't be any worse than my last school."

"Whatever you say Son."

Now we switch to the grounds just outside of Youkai, where we come upon a scene that's pretty much become the norm…at least for one Tsukune Aono.


"Ah! Moka-san, on the first day?" Tsukune grumbled, rubbing his neck where the vampire has just taken some blood.

"I'm sorry Tsukune, but I missed breakfast this morning, and your blood just smells so sweet." Moka giggled.

"Okay…just please take it easy." Tsukune laughed as he started making his way toward the school.

"Oh! Wait for me Tsukune!"

No sooner did the pair enter through the gate that poor Tsukune was pounced on by one overly endowed succubus.

"Morning Tsukune, did you miss me during the summer?" Cooed Kurumu, shoving Tsukune's face into her generous cleavage enthusiastically.

"Get off of him desu!" Yukari shouted, summoning a basin and letting it bean Kurumu in the head.

"That hurt pipsqueak!"

As Tsukune watched the three girls fight, he took notice of the absence of one member of their group.

"Hey…shouldn't Mizore-chan be here?"

Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari finally took notice of the lack of cold air that typically followed their snow woman companion.

"Tsukune's right, that stalker girl doesn't seem to be here yet." Kurumu said, a little glad at the lack of one rival.

"I wonder where she is, I hope she's okay." Moka sighed worriedly.

"I'm sure we'll see her in class Moka-san…speaking of which, we better get going." Tsukune reassured as he continued into the school.

"Wait for us Tsukune desu!" Yukari cheered, latching onto his arm.

As for Mizore…

"I can't believe I'm late on the first day…I hope I can still get a seat next to Tsukune." Mizore panted lightly, walking briskly toward the school with her signature lollipop in her mouth.

But not looking where she was going, Mizore tripped over an upturned root.


As she closed her eyes and prepared for impact, she felt a warm hand grasp her wrist.

"You should be more careful Miss."

Mizore felt herself being pulled to her feet before her shoulder was being brushed off. She quickly turned around, her ice claws at the ready.

"Who the hell do you think you…are?" She started angrily, but then her voice faded as she got a good look at the guy.

The guy in front of her was in a word…a bishi. He had a similar hairstyle to Mizore, but his tresses were dirt blonde, framing a handsome and gentle face. Dark cerulean eyes were gazing at her calmly, unfazed as he readjusted the collar of his school uniform. She had to admit he wore the uniform well; his was shirt tucked in, but his jacket and pants were worn a bit loose to allow free movement. The guy was taller than her by about two inches, his lean body towering over her a bit as he held out his left hand, school bag in his right with a sketchbook under the same arm.

"Please excuse me Miss, I didn't mean to offend."

"No…it's my fault for being so rash." Mizore apologized, a small almost nonexistent blush on her cheeks.

She hesitantly took his hand, finding the warmth she felt pleasant.

"No harm done…you wouldn't happen to be a student at Youkai Academy, would you?" He chuckled.

"I am, I was on my way there when you stopped me from tripping." Mizore smiled slightly around her lollipop stick.

"Great! I'm a new student and I don't really know the way, could you lead me there?" He asked, eyes looking at her pleadingly.

"Sure…I'd be happy to help."

"Thank you Miss…uh…"

Mizore took his hand and started to pull him along, looking at him over her shoulder.

"Mizore…Shirayuki Mizore."

"Mizore…thank you for the help Mizore-chan." He grinned, holding her a hand a bit tighter.

"You're welcome…so what's your name?"

Mizore felt her heart skip a beat as he smiled charmingly.

"My name is Razor… Miyamoto Razor."

The snow woman smiled back at him as she picked up the pace.

'Razor…that's certainly a unique name.'

As soon as they reached the campus, Razor released Mizore's hand, which saddened her a bit, though she didn't really understand.

"I think I can find my way from here, thanks for the help Mizore-chan. See you around." Razor smiled, waving to her briefly.

"Right…see you around Razor-kun." She sighed, returning the wave.

Mizore lingered a bit longer near the entrance before speeding off to class. She barely managed to make it inside the classroom and find a seat behind Tsukune.

"What took you Stalker?" Kurumu smiled as she sat to Mizore's left near the window.

"I got up late and…I helped a guy on the way." Mizore said softly, fiddling with her stick.

"Helped a guy? What did he look like?" Kurumu inquired interestedly as she leaned over.


"Quiet down class…starting today you are all juniors, but you won't be going through it alone." Announced Nekonome-sensei as the class turned to her, "Today we have a new student joining us for the next year. His family just recently moved here from Siberia, so I want you all to make him feel welcome…" She smiled as the door opened.

Mizore's lollipop almost fell out of her mouth as Razor came in, smiling in her direction as he came to the front.

"Class, please say 'hello' to Razor Miyamoto."

The class murmured a greeting as Razor bowed.

"It's nice to be here everyone, and I hope we can be friends." Razor grinned charmingly.

Mizore looked away, not wanting to make eye contact. Kurumu noticed the snow woman's behavior, not sure what to think as she returned her gaze to the new student.

"Razor-san, please take a seat. You may sit next to Shirayuki-san in the back." Meowed the teacher, ears wiggling.

"Yes Sensei."

Razor took his seat without another word, smiling at Mizore again as she avoided eye contact.

"It's wonderful to see you again Mizore-chan." Razor grinned.

"…Nice to see you too." Mizore whispered, barely audible to everyone else.

Class continued on, Mizore trying to ignore the boy next to her. As soon as class ended though, Nekonome-sensei had something else to say.

"Now…I need someone to give Razor-san a tour around the grounds after school. Would anyone like to volunteer?"

Razor however, went over to the feline teacher, tapping her on the shoulder gently.

"Actually Sensei, I'd like Mizore-chan to show me around if it's possible."

Mizore felt a tiny blush bloom into place as Nekonome-sensei smiled at the idea.

"Wonderful! Shirayuki-san, please be sure to help him, you two can meet back here for the tour."

"But…but I…"

"No buts!"

So the rest of the day passed by, and unfortunately…Razor had all the same classes as her and her friends. He even had Cooking with them too, and Kurumu kept poking fun at her as well.

"Seems you have a stalker of your own now, Ice freak."

"Shut up you milk cow."

At the end of the day, Mizore reluctantly went back to homeroom, nervous about being alone with Razor.

'Why am I nervous being alone with him? He's just another guy…just another guy.'

"Good to see you Mizore-chan." Razor smiled as she approached.

"It's nice to see you too. Are you ready for the tour?" Mizore asked dully.

"Indeed…so where are we going first?" Razor asked eagerly.

"How about we start with the main building?" Mizore said unsurely.

"Cool, that sounds like fun." Razor smiled as he took Mizore's hand.

"W-What are you doing?" Mizore stuttered as Razor entwined their fingers together.

"I don't want to get lost." Razor laughed.

Mizore smiled a little as she led him, feeling strangely at ease with the stranger.

'I've never felt this way with Tsukune…can this be… love?'

After a bit of walking, Razor smiled at Mizore as she ended their tour.

"So…that's all there is to Youkai Academy." Mizore shrugged.

"Thanks a lot Mizore-chan, this really helps." Razor smiled toothily.

"You're…welcome Razor-kun." Mizore bowed before she started to leave.

"Where're you going Mizore-chan?" Razor questioned.

"I'm a member of the Newspaper Club, everyone else is probably in the club room waiting for me."

"The school's paper? Think I could join you? I'd really like to hang out with you more."

"Sure, Gin-sempai is always happy to add new members." Mizore smiled as she gestured Razor to follow her.

"This is going to be fantastic, I've never been part of a club before."


"Well, at my old school, I was pretty much the school outcast." Razor grinned.

"Let me guess, they thought you were weird?"

Razor gave her a small, sad smile.

"Yeah, I went to a human school before; my parents thought I would be able to learn how to act like a regular person if I was around other people. But I was picked on a lot because of how I looked, and once or twice I almost revealed what I truly was to the students. After that, they decided to move us back to Japan and transferred me here."

Mizore felt sorry for Razor; people could be so cruel and thoughtless, excluding Tsukune of course. Razor felt a cold hand on his shoulder. He looked down to see Mizore staring at him sadly.

"You've had your fair share of pain, but you seem so cheerful." She muttered.

"If I had focused on the pain, I probably wouldn't be able to appreciate the things I have now. The past is what makes us who we are, but what we do with ourselves now is what counts." Razor smiled as he took Mizore's hand.

Mizore said nothing as she led Razor to the club's room, smiling as she felt his fingers close around hers gently. But once the two entered…well…

"What happened Stalker? You finally give up on Tsukune, so you kidnapped the new guy?" Kurumu smirked as the pair walked in.

"No, actually I was wondering if I could join." Razor grinned as he let go of Mizore's hand.

"Oh really, and why's that? Did you want to join because you know I'm a part of the newspaper club?" Kurumu grinned as she jiggled her chest.

"Uh…no, I just thought it would give me something fun to do. I have few ideas that might get you guys a few more readers." Razor frowned as he completely ignored Kurumu's behavior.

"We could do with more readers desu." Yukari piped in.

"And we could use a few more hands on deck." Tsukune smiled as he shook hands with Razor.

"Welcome to the Newspaper Club, Razor-san." Moka smiled as she clapped her hands together.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Announced the voice of Gin as he sauntered into the club room.

"We just found ourselves a new member." Kurumu smiled as she pointed at Razor.

Gin scrutinized the newcomer before smiling broadly.

"No way, little Razorback, is that you?" He chuckled as he hugged the new boy.

"Big brother Gin?" Razor grinned as he let the werewolf noogie him affectionately.

The rest of the group just stared at the two boys, shocked by their show of affection toward one another, unsure of what to say. Except Kurumu…

"What the hell just happened?"

Dragonlover71491: And there you have it, the start of my first RV fic. Hope you like it, please leave me a review! As for what Razor is, you'll find out later. The least I can tell you is that he's not a werewolf like Gin.