Chapter 3: Getting To Know Razor

Early the next day, Razor awoke groggily, feeling the knots in his back pop as he stretched.

'Well, better get ready for school.'

After eating a hearty breakfast, brushing his hair and teeth, and checking to be sure he had what he needed, Razor was ready to face the day. As he exited the boys' dorm, he caught sight of Tsukune, who was still looking a bit tired.

"Morning Tsukune, you ready for school?" Razor grinned.

"I wish; I'm still tired, I'd rather be back in bed." Tsukune yawned.

Razor smiled kindly before pulling a thermos from his bag, pouring out a cup for Tsukune.

"Here, drink this." Razor offered.

Tsukune took it unsurely, swishing the contents a bit.

"Relax Tsukune, it's just coffee, though I did add some French vanilla creamer, and a dash of cinnamon to it." Razor sighed.

Tsukune watched Razor unsurely as he took a small sip.

"Hey, that's pretty good!" Tsukune exclaimed as he downed his drink.

"It isn't anything special, I just prefer to keep some coffee on me in case I get sleepy during the day. Though I have to admit I don't really care for it black." Razor shrugged.

"Think I can have some more?" Tsukune asked unsurely.

"Sure Man, I think you need it more than me." Razor chuckled as he poured Tsukune a second cup.

Soon enough, the two made their way to school, Razor whistling a light tune as Tsukune watched him.

"You seem pretty happy to be going to school." Tsukune observed as Razor kicked a few stones.

"I found out pretty early in life that if you start a day on a happy note, it doesn't go as bad even if something bad happens."

"And that works?" Tsukuen inquired.

"Most of the time." Razor shrugged.

As they neared Youkai, Razor caught sight of Moka, who was looking around and shuffling on the spot.

"Hey there's Moka-san, is she looking for you, Tsukune?"

"Yeah, we usually walk to school together." Tsukune smiled as he rubbed the back of his head embarrassedly.

"Oh, sounds like you two are pretty cozy." Razor smirked as he elbowed Tsukune playfully.

"Hey, cut it out!" Tsukune laughed.

"Oh settle down Tsukune, I'm just messing with you." Razor chuckled.

As soon as the two got closer, Moka smiled broadly before running over to them.

"Good morning…" Razor started, but…



Razor blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't seeing things. As he saw it, the vampire was happily sipping Tsukune's blood, which made Razor blush a bit.

"Tsukune, if I'd known this was your "alone time" with Moka-san, I would have go on ahead." Razor smirked as he covered his eyes.

"I-It isn't like that." Tsukune stammered as Moka withdrew herself.

"Whatever you say Buddy." Razor shrugged.

"Your blood tastes warm and sweet this morning Tsukune, did you have coffee?"

"Huh? Yeah…Razor gave me some this morning."

"I still have some left if you're thirsty Moka-san." Razor offered.

"No thank you, I'm good for now."

"All right, if that's how it is. Then again, you did just suck on Tsukune's blood, which I didn't really need to see." Razor shrugged.

"Why? What's wrong with me sucking Tsukune's blood?"

"Personally I think you should do that in private, not everyone wants to see a girl sucking a boy's neck." Razor explained as he turned his back on them.

"Does that make you uncomfortable?" Moka inquired.

"I just feel like I'm intruding on something…well, intimate, for lack of better words." Razor explained as he made to move forward.

Then a blue and yellow blur flew by his head, causing him to turn back to Moka and Tsukune. Razor blushed so hard he thought he'd permanently be tomato red as he caught sight of Kurumu shoving Tsukune into her bust.

"Don't you succubi have any shame?" Razor growled as he covered his eyes again.

"Oh quit being such a prude. You like this, don't you Tsukune?" Kurumu asked coyly as Tsukune struggled to breathe.

Razor, thinking it wise to save Tsukune from suffocation, quickly grabbed Kurumu about the waist and pulled her off, placing her back on the ground as he rubbed his neck in a manner that said "I really wish I hadn't had to do that."

"Watch those hands Razorback." Kurumu snarled as she glared at him.

Then her eyes were curious as he stepped away from her.

"Why is your nickname Razorback anyway? Seems kind of weird to me."

"You'll find out someday perhaps. Anyway, shouldn't we start for school?" Razor replied as he started for Youkai.

"Hey! Wait up!" Kurumu shouted as she went after him.

Just as Razor was about to set foot on the school grounds, several basins fell from the sky. Razor dodged them with ease, surprisingly light on his feet. As one was coming straight at his face, he quickly ducked down, avoiding it…only it ended up hitting Kurumu in the face instead.

"Ouch! You little brat!" Kurumu screamed as she searched for the witchling.

Yukari laughed nervously as she came out of a bush.

"Sorry, I just wanted to see if Razor-kun could dodge my attacks desu." Yukari explained as Razor smiled.

"It isn't that hard to dodge flying objects, especially when it looks like they'd hurt." Razor chuckled.

"Aren't you just full of yourself." Kurumu growled as she made to hit him.

Razor just caught her wrist and smiled.

"No…I just prefer to avoid pain, like any other sane person."

As Razor let go, he looked back toward the others, his eyes catching sight of purple hair behind a dead tree. He made his way over, smiling widely as Mizore came into view.

"Hey Mizore-chan, why are you hiding here?"

"No reason…do you think it's weird of me?"

"A bit, but I'm more upset at the fact that such a cute girl would hide her face from the world." Razor grinned.

Mizore blushed as Razor rubbed his neck awkwardly.

"Sorry, I guess I said that without thinking." He smiled sheepishly.

"No, it's okay." She smiled back.

Razor chuckled as he held out his hand.

"Shall we head off for a day of education?" He winked as she giggled at his actions.

Mizore took his hand without thinking, smiling inside as she felt his fingers entwine with hers, as if it was normal for the two. As the two came over to the others, Kurumu decided to open her smart mouth.

"How cute, just don't go making out in public you two."

Mizore tossed an ice kunai at Kurumu, clearly not in the mood to listen to the succubus.

"That's pretty cool Mizore-chan, and excellent aim by the way. I have to say, I'm a bit jealous." Razor smirked.

Mizore just looked away from him as he turned his eyes to the others.

"We better go before we're all late."

As soon as that was said, they all dashed inside, not wanting to deal with a lecture. And as the day went on, Razor revealed quite a few things about himself…

"Okay, can anyone solve the problem on the board?" Ririko-sensei asked as she scanned her students.

Mizore sighed as she knew she couldn't answer.

'Razor will probably think I'm an idiot.'

"Miyamoto-san, why don't you try?"

Mizore watched as Razor went to the board, grabbing a piece of chalk before starting to write. Ririko-sensei watched as Razor swiftly wrote out the correct answer, placing down the chalk before returning to his seat.

"Impressive Miyamoto-san, and just how were you able to get the correct answer?"

"Math was one of my best subjects, I can remember most of the formulas without a problem." Razor shrugged as he fiddled with his pencil.

Ririko smiled as she leaned on Razor's desk.

"Really now? Tell me my boy, can you solve this problem?" She asked seductively as she pulled a slip of paper from her shirt.

Razor coughed uncomfortably as he examined the problem. It only took him a few moments to write out the answer and show it to Ririko. The lamia smiled as she patted Razor's hand.

"Very good Razor-san, I have high hopes for you." She breathed in his ear, causing Razor to chuckle nervously.

As soon as she was out of earshot, he turned to Mizore.

"Is she always like that? I've never had a math teacher like her before." Razor gulped as he pulled at his collar.

"It's normal, though most guys would be drooling by now." Mizore stated.

"My mother raised me to respect women…besides, older women are not my type." Razor shuddered, making Mizore smile.

Needless to say Razor was glad when Math came to an end.

"I never want that to happen again. I mean, Ririko-sensei just gave me the creeps." Razor grossed as he made his way to Cooking, Mizore by his side.

"You really are different from most guys, you know that Razor-kun?" Mizore grinned as Razor smiled back.

"I've said it plenty of times, my mother taught me to show respect to those of the fairer sex. Not my fault if it makes me seem weird." Razor frowned.

"I don't think it makes you weird Razor-kun…plenty of girls would prefer a kind gentleman than some of the playboys here." Mizore assured as Razor blushed.

"You think so?"

"I know so." Mizore reassured as she took his hand without thinking.

Razor smiled gently as he walked a little closer to the yuki-onna, causing the others to grin at their display.

"Looks like she found someone special after all, lucky wench." Kurumu giggled.

The others agreed, glad to see their snowy friend happy. Tsukune ran off to wood shop, while the rest headed to cooking. And as Razor was the only boy in class, he was noticed easily by the girls in class.

'Wish they'd stop staring at me.' He thought as he washed his hands.

"Okay class, today we'll be preparing a spicy Indian Dahl, a healthy lentil soup. You'll be working with hot oil, so be careful not to burn yourselves." Ms. Apsara said in her think Indian accent. (Sorry, I actually like this teacher, even if she is curry-crazy :)

Razor smiled as he got to work, washing the vegetables vigorously. Soon enough, some of the other girls were watching as the male chopped the onions he needed with speed and precision, his eyes focused and determined. Even Mizore admired the way he did his work expertly, wondering how he managed to avoid getting a cut.

'Looks like this is something he's used to.'

As he heated up the skillet for the oil he needed, he caught sight of Mizore out of the corner of his eye. The yuki-onna was eyeing the fire from the stove with a bit of fear, and Razor understood immediately.

'Of course, fire is the weakness of all snow women.' "Hey Mizore…"

Mizore looked to Razor, wondering what he wanted. Razor passed her a set of oven mitts, smiling understandingly.

"These should help, if you need anything else, all you need to do is ask." Razor offered before turning back to his workstation.

The snow woman smiled as she slipped on the mitts, determined to show Razor she was willing to face her fear of the fire.

'No way is a little fire going to beat me.'

Soon enough, both of their dishes were completed. Mizore smiled as Razor offered his completed work to Apsara, his work having a wonderful presentation.

"Oh my, this looks delicious Miyamoto-san, but I must test it to see how well you followed the recipe." She smiled before taking a mouthful.

Everyone gasped as she fell flat on her back, twitching ever so slightly. Razor panicked as he helped his sensei sit up.

"I'm so sorry Apsara-sensei, I followed the directions to the letter. I don't understand how I screwed up." He frowned as he hung his head in shame.

"Screwed up? My dear boy, this is the finest Dahl I've ever tasted! Such an explosion of spicyness and flavor, you certainly have talent!" She praised as she leapt to her feet, swallowing the rest of Razor's work.

Razor turned his eyes to the rest of the class, chuckling nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Eh-heh, well…Mom and Dad always did say that my cooking could knock a person off their feet. I just never knew it would happen literally."

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