Chapter 6: Chills, Spills, and Anger Issues

After Razor had managed to dry off, and get Kurumu off his back, the group went into the club room. They immediately set to work, Razor grinning all the while.

"This is nice, just a bunch of great friends working together, right Tsukune?" Razor smiled at the human.

"Working together, yes, great friends…" Tsukune sweatdropped as he looked over his shoulder to the girls.

Razor did the same, laughing nervously as he saw most of the females getting into it.

"Would you stop getting in the way flat chest?" Kurumu growled as she tried to work on her section in peace, but Yukari kept getting in the way.

"You keep out of mine bosom for brains desu!"

"Please you two, can't you get along for a minute?" Moka sighed as she tried to stop the fighting.

The blonde turned to Tsukune, a concerned look in his eye.

"Shouldn't we stop them?"

"Believe me it's wiser to stay out of it." Tsukune sighed as he went back to his duties.

Mizore had decided she didn't want to be in the fray, but she watched curiously as Razor decided it was best to quell the fighting before it got out of hand.

"Uh, ladies, perhaps we should settle down before any mishaps occur?" Razor asked unsurely as he approached.

"You keep out of this!" Kurumu shouted at him, causing the male to cringe.

"No need to shout Kurumu-san. Yukari-san, don't you think you should display your maturity by ending this fight, instead of egging each other on?"

"But she started it desu!"

"I don't think it matters who started it, the best thing to do is to end this quietly, and finish our work. Unless you guys want to mess up our club's first edition and we end up getting in trouble, or worse, our club gets canned?" Razor frowned as he glared at the two.

"And what'll you do if we don't stop fighting?" Kurumu growled as she got in the blonde's face.

Razor growled dangerously, his hand grasping the succubi's wrist tightly.

"Believe me Kurumu-san, you don't want to push me. Bad things happen when I get angry, really bad things." Razor snarled, eyes narrowed threateningly.

"Trust me, he tells no lies. I still remember the last time I got him mad when we were tikes, and I still got a bad scar on my a…" Gin started, but his brother turned his eyes on him.

"Unless you want to keep your tail Gin, I suggest you not finish that sentence." Razor frowned as he released Kurumu's wrist.

"Geez Bro, you having a bad day or something?" Gin asked stupidly.

"Well let's see Brother; I chased a rat all over the classroom in Science, I almost drowned in the pool, I think the math teacher wants to bang me, how else would you describe it!" Razor shouted angrily as he yanked at his hair.

They watched Razor worriedly as he huffed heavily, seeming half-mad in his temper. But he sighed as he collapsed into a nearby chair, rubbing his temples tiredly.

"Forgive me everyone, I just…this is my second day of school, and already it's gone downhill." Razor groaned as he looked at the group apologetically.

Mizore was the first to approach him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Maybe we should go out and get you some fresh air?" She offered, waiting for his reaction.

Razor smiled up at her and nodded.

"That sounds like a good idea. Shall we go Mizore-chan?" He grinned as he took her hand.

"W-wait, when I said 'we,' I meant all of us." She stuttered.

"What's the matter Mizore-chan, afraid to be alone with me?" Razor chuckled as he winked at her.

"No! It's just, I'm sure the others need me here." Mizore tried to reason, though it was a lame excuse.

"Oh no Snowy, we don't need you here, but if you two can pick up a few snacks and drinks at the student store, that'd be great." Kurumu smirked as Mizore glared at her.

"Sure, be glad to." Razor grinned.

"Can't you go with Razor-kun, Gin-sempai?" She inquired, hoping to get out of being alone with the blonde.

"Sorry, but I need to make sure everything gets put together. Just relax, Razor's the perfect gentleman, he won't do anything to you."

'And how do I know that for sure? He may become a pervert as soon as we're alone.'

"Trust me Mizore-chan, I'd never do anything that'd make you uncomfortable. If you desire, I can go by myself, and you can stay here." Razor offered as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well I didn't say I didn't want to go with you. It's just a little hard to believe that you'll behave; you are friends with Gin-sempai after all."

"I'm hurt, and we seemed to get along so well in the forest, and on the rooftop before." Razor sighed, not realizing how his words would be taken.

"The roof? Man Razor, you work faster than I do!" Gin smiled.

"Work fast? What the hell do you…?"

Razor blushed deeply as he glared at his brother.

"That's not what I meant! Brother, you can be so stupid!" Razor shouted as he hit Gin in the back of the head.

"Ow! Do you have to get violent Razor?" Gin whined as he rubbed the bump that was starting to form.

"Well don't make such unsavory accusations Brother, otherwise I'll have to pound the lecherous thoughts out of your head." Razor growled as he punched his fist into the open palm of his other hand.

Mizore smiled as she saw the two brothers arguing.

'Those two are certainly opposites, and it's nice to see someone put Gin in his place for once, that pervert's tortured us enough.' "I suppose I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, since you and Gin-sempai obviously don't follow the same line of thought when it comes to women." She smiled as Razor glared at his brother.

"Of course not, unlike my uncouth brother, I see women as people, and as such they deserve respect. After all, isn't there a saying, "behind every great man there is a greater woman," or something along that line? Of course there are a few exceptions…" Razor smirked as he eyed Kurumu.

"What do you mean by that?" Kurumu growled as Razor chuckled as he made his way out of the classroom.

"I didn't say anything Kurumu-san, you really should learn not to take everything so seriously. Shall we be going Mizore-chan?" He smiled as he opened the door for her.

"Uh, all right." She said quietly, hiding her smile at Razor's little insult toward the succubus of the group.

As soon as the two were out of sight, Kurumu turned on Gin, gripping his shirt collar and shaking him.

"What the hell is he? One minute he seems okay, then the next thing he's acting like a pompous jerk! You better tell me you damn perverted dog!" She shouted angrily.

"I can't tell! Razor would seriously hurt me if I told! He's very sensitive about his monster form!"

"Oh what could be so bad about it?"

Back with Mizore and Razor…

"So how do stand being around all that noise? I mean, do Yukari-san and Kurumu-san normally argue like that?" Razor questioned as they made their way to the store.

"Yeah, but you get used to it." Mizore replied as he stared at her.

"Yeesh, if you've been around that for what, two years, then it's a small miracle you haven't lost your mind." Razor chuckled as he blew a few of his bangs out of his face.

Mizore just giggled back as they finally made it to their destination. Razor once again opened the door, insisting that she go in first.

"Are you always this gentlemanly, or is it because you have a cute girl with you?" Mizore questioned.

"Mother always said to treat a lady in a respectful and gentle manner. Heaven help me if I ever disobeyed." He grinned.

"What would happen if you didn't?"

"She'd skin me alive."

Mizore chuckled as Razor frowned.

"No I'm serious, she would. She doesn't want me to turn into someone like Gin; a guy always looking for his next lay without any thought for the girl's feelings. I mean, no woman wants to be treated like a piece of meat or a toy a guy can throw away without a care, right?" He shrugged, head tilted to one side.

"No, not unless they're into that sort of thing." Mizore smiled unsurely as Razor shivered.

"Ugh, so don't want to touch that subject."

After gathering up what they needed, they made their way to the register. And who do you think was manning it…?

"Hello, and will this all you'll need this evening?" Ruby smiled as Mizore smiled back.

"You're working here again Ruby-san?"

"Oh yes, so much happened…" She sighed wistfully.

Razor stared between the two a moment before clearing his throat.

"I assume you two know each other?"

"Oh yes, and you are?" Ruby inquired as she bagged up their purchase.

"This is Razor Miyamoto, he transferred here from Siberia." Mizore shrugged as Razor smiled in a friendly way.

"Nice to meet you Ruby-san, and you're a witch, correct?" He grinned.

Ruby pulled her wand on Razor, pressing it against his throat.

"And how do you know that? Do you have something against witches? Or perhaps you plan to kill me when I'm not looking?" Ruby pressed as she glared at Razor.

"No, heaven's no! I just have a keen sense of smell. And I have nothing against witches, in fact I feel sorry about how your kind have been treated. You guys can use magic, so that should make you count as a monster, yet almost all monster species say otherwise. And don't get me started on the humans; I mean really, somebody does something amazing like pull a rabbit out of a hat and they burn them at a stake? Talk about jumping the gun. I mean shouldn't we try and get to know people before passing judgment?" He blathered out as he eyed the wand fearfully.

Ruby smiled before withdrawing her wand, Razor letting out a sigh of relief as he rubbed his throat.

"Hmm, he seems to be telling the truth, what does Yukari-chan think of him?" Ruby inquired of the yuki-onna.

"She likes him well enough, since he treats her like an adult, instead of the little kid she is." Mizore shrugged.

"Well I suppose that makes him all right, have a pleasant evening you two, unless you want to keep talking?" Smiled the witch as they made to leave.

Razor waved unsurely as he quickly propped the door open with his foot, holding most of the bags.

"Heh, nice meeting you Ruby-san, and I'd really like to continue this conversation, but we have to get back to the others, right Mizore-chan?" Razor grinned as he looked to Mizore for help.

"Uh yeah, gotta go." Mizore finished lamely as they pretty much slammed the door on the elder witch.

Razor breathed a sigh of relief before looking to Mizore.

"Tell me right now…do you have any more friends like her?" He inquired as he readjusted the bags in his arms.

"No…and are you sure you don't want me to take some of those?"

"I'm fine; besides, a real gentleman should carry the bags for a lady." Razor grinned as he started back for the club room.

The yuki-onna smiled as Razor went ahead, following close behind him.

'So far he's behaved. Maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt, even if he is Gin's so-called brother.'

"Come on Mizore-chan, we probably have plenty of work back at the club room. Pick up the pace a bit, if you would be so kind?" Razor smiled over his shoulder as he readjusted the bags he was carrying.

"Coming; how can you carry all that and not be tired?" Mizore asked curiously.

"My species is known for being hardy and resilient…this is nothing." Razor chuckled softly.

Just as they were passing a few girls in the hallway, one of them, a platinum blonde with pigtails, decided to make a snide remark about Mizore.

"Hey snow freak, did you cause trouble for the newspaper and they decided to send your useless ass on a food run?" She cackled.

Mizore decided to ignore them, but was surprised that Razor spoke up.

"Excuse me, but what right do you have to say that about Mizore-chan?" Razor frowned.

"Why so upset? She your girlfriend or something?"

"No, but I hate snooty, uptight wenches who have nothing better to do than to put down others just to make themselves feel superior." Razor smirked.

"Watch your mouth! Or I'll…!"

"Or you'll what? Scratch me with your nails? Slap me? Please, I've heard better threats from a five-year-old." Razor snickered.

"Don't act so superior, you can't swim you smug bastard. Really, what seventeen-year-old boy can't swim? Talk about pathetic."

Razor hung his head in shame, unable to think of a comeback. But Mizore…

"He has aquaphobia, he can't help it if he's afraid of water. He almost drowned in the pool today because of Saizou, so don't laugh at Razor-kun because he couldn't control his body because of a panic attack." Mizore frowned as Razor looked at her through his bangs.

"Whatever, and what are you going to do about it Snow Bimbo?"

Mizore said nothing as she froze the group without another thought. Razor smiled as he tapped the ice.

"Nice. And judging by the thickness, they'll be here awhile. Good work Mizore-chan."

Mizore looked at him a moment before tilting her head curiously.

"You're not shivering…most would be chattering their teeth about now after I use an ice attack." She stated as Razor shrugged uncaringly.

"I grew up in Siberia, I'm used to the cold. I rather enjoy it actually…the feeling of snow on my face, the bite of the frosty air. Makes me feel at home for a lack of better words, and being around you…well, I guess I just feel at ease since the chill you give off reminds me of Hokkaido."


"Yeah, every winter break my parents would take the family to visit my grandparents. Snowball fights, making angels in the snow, and building snowmen; god how I miss it. But since we've moved back, we'll probably visit Grandpa Dai and Grandma Nana during winter break." Razor sighed wistfully.

"You've got a deep sense of family, don't you?" She smiled as he nodded.

"Yup, I just feel in my heart that family should come first above everything else." Razor chuckled.

"So even if Gin pisses you off, you still love him like a brother?"

"Yeah. Though there are times I do wonder why I see him like a brother when he does some pretty stupid things. But then he wouldn't be the Gin I grew up with if he didn't." Razor chuckled warmly.

"How did you become brothers anyhow?" Mizore inquired of him as they continued their trip back to the others.

"Well, believe it or not, I was pretty timid as a child. One day at school, Gin saved me from some bullies. I was five and new to the school, but Gin was kind to me, and swore he'd look after me since he saw I didn't exactly have the heart of a lion so to speak. We grew close pretty fast, and decided to be brothers. Gin was certainly glad of it, since he's an only child, and I ended up with an older brother who taught me to stand up for myself."

"So you guys look out for each other?"

"Yeah, even if he does something to make me mad, I can't really stay steamed at the big guy. He's my brother, even though we don't share blood, and I'll always love him…until the next time he pisses me off and I have to teach him a lesson anyway." Razor smiled as Mizore giggled at his words.

"You kind of have a love-hate brotherly relationship with Gin then?"

"I guess, he's my brother and I look up to him, but when he does something really dumb, I just want to smack him." Razor frowned, but he quickly smirked at her, "Well we better get going, if my brother's as bad as you're making him out to be, then we better save Moka and the others from his "creativity" with that camera of his."

Mizore smiled as she followed Razor; He was definitely proving to be very different. As soon as they entered the club room, they noticed that the group was gathered around Gin, laughing quietly.

"Hey guys, we're back. What're you laughing at anyway?" Razor asked curiously as he placed his load on a nearby table.

"Oh nothing Razor, just this old photo of you I have. Bet you're glad you got rid of your braces, ey Bro?" Gin chuckled.

"What!" Razor shouted as he sped over to his brother, taking the photo from his hand.

Mizore glanced at the photo as Razor covered his face and groaned. She had to bite her lip as she saw the contents of the picture: It was Razor, maybe 7 or 8 years old, a big smile on his face. But the boy was wearing metal braces, and Razor was none too pleased about his brother showing their friends something so…personal.

"Gin, you promised me that when I gave you this picture when we were kids, that you would never show it to anyone else!"

"Oh come on dude, it's not that embarrassing. So you had crooked teeth back then and needed braces, no need to get angry."

"But this picture is…just…I look like a dork." Razor groaned as he passed the photo back to his brother, "Please put that away and never show it to anyone again. I beg you Brother."

"Aw Razorback, there's no need to be upset. Besides those braces worked didn't they?"

"Well yeah, I got these straightened out, and I've made sure to brush regularly to make sure they stay that way." Razor smiled widely.

"See, no need to be angry. Besides, you were a cute little dork."

"Don't ever say that again." Razor growled.

"Aw, is my baby brother getting cranky?" Gin cooed as he patted Razor's head.

"Don't push me Gin." Razor snarled as he shoved at his brother's chest.

"Oh and what are you going to do? Bite me?" Gin chuckled as Razor's eyes narrowed.

"Oh that's it!" Razor shouted as he made to punch Gin.

But the werewolf moved out of the way, pacing back a few feet.

"Not going to let you win that easily Bro. Not like last time." Gin smirked as Razor glared at him.

"Oh yeah?" Razor smirked back as he crouched down.

The blonde made a flying leap, but Gin just moved out of way, letting Razor crash into a few desks before hitting the floor.

"See? Not gonna fall for that again." Gin laughed as he came to his brother's side.

Razor just moaned in pain as he clutched at his head, curling into a ball.

"Ow my head, I think I got a concussion." He whined as he peered up at the others.

Mizore was the first to check him out, checking his head for injuries.

"Looks like you'll have a pretty nasty bump, but I don't think you have a concussion, Razor-kun." She smiled as she smoothed back his hair.

But as she started to unintentionally stroke his head, an unusual sound came out of Razor's throat. The blonde immediately clamped a hand over his mouth, blushing deeply as he looked up to the rest of the newspaper club.

"What was that?" Kurumu asked as Razor scrambled to his feet.

"Nothing, it was nothing!" Razor exclaimed as he brushed off his shoulders, trying to play it off.

But his brother knew otherwise.

"Razor, dude, did you just purr?" Gin laughed.

"No! W-Why the hell would I do that?" Razor sputtered as he glared at Gin.

"Oh god you did! But then you are a…GAH!" Gin chortled, but it was short-lived as Razor pounced on him, hands around Gin's throat.

"Shut up right now Brother Gin, or else you'll be the first to see the afterlife you fleabag." Razor hissed angrily.

"Gah! Ok…choking, not breathing here. Seriously man, let go!" Gin choked out as Razor shook him.

"Then don't tell them what I am, you hear me Bro?" Razor snarled as he let his claws nick Gin's throat.

"Okay, I'll shut up. Just please Razor…let go, I can't breathe." Gin coughed out as Razor finally decided to let go.

Razor sat back as he allowed Gin a moment to breathe, checking his claws uncaringly before pulling them back into his hands.

"Dude, you can get pretty damn violent when you get pissed off, can't you?" Gin finally said as Razor ran his fingers through his hair.

"Yes, Mother has told me plenty. Now maybe you'll remember not to get me angry, ey Brother?" Razor frowned as he rolled his shoulders.

"Oh yeah; man, I need to remember that you may be my little brother, but you can be pretty menacing."

"Oh too true my brother, too true." Razor smiled, revealing sharp fang tips.

Razor then turned to the others, looking no more threatening than a kitten.

"What do you say we break out the snacks and finish up the newspaper? We need to get it done before we get into trouble." Razor laughed.

All of them agreed as they set to work, Razor having fun despite how strange his new friends were. Afterwards, they settled down and started to get to know each other better. But of course his own curiosity got the better of him…

"So why exactly is Yukari-san included in this "harem" of yours Tsukune, she can't be older than 14 from the looks of things." Razor inquired before sipping his can of green tea.

"Well, the thing of it is…" Tsukune started, but Yukari…

"I'm hoping that someday, Tsukune will let me have a threesome with him and Moka!" She cheered.

Razor did a spit take, his tea ending up all over his brother.

"Aw dude, gross!" Gin complained as Razor coughed, beating his fist into his chest as he tried to regulate his breathing.

"O-okay, did I hear you right Yukari-san? You said you wanted…to have a…a…" Razor blushed as he couldn't get the words out.

"A threesome, yeah. Are you okay?" Yukari asked as Razor rubbed his temples.

"Fine. But let me get this straight…you," He started, pointing at the little witch, "want to do the nasty with both Tsukune," he pointed to the human, "and Moka?" He finished as he pointed to the vampire.


"Okay, so there's nothing wrong with my ears. Pardon my Japanese but…WHAT THE HELL!" Razor shouted as he stared at Yukari.

"What's wrong with that?"

"You don't…but you want…that's not…oh my head." Razor groaned as he rubbed his temples, trying to take in this new bit of info.

He turned suddenly tired eyes to Mizore.

"And how long has this been going on? Is this normal for her?" He questioned as he blew his bangs out of his eyes.

"Yes, since she came here two years ago, at age twelve." Mizore stated as Razor's head hit the wood of the table.

"Oh dear lord in Heaven, what the hell have I gotten myself into?" He moaned as he glanced up at his brother, "And just when were you going to tell me that you made me join an orgy?" Razor growled as he glared at Gin with a twitch in his left eye.

"Whoa there little Razorback, this isn't an orgy, though I wish it were some days, and you wanted to join on your own before you even knew I was here." Gin shot back as his brother rubbed his head.

"And when the hell was this an orgy?" Kurumu demanded of the blonde as he glared at her too.

"Well there isn't any other way to describe this situation; there's Moka-san who sucks Tsukune's neck, you shoving him in your bigger than should be natural boobs, my perverted brother who's taking panty shots of all of the female student population, and now I find out that Yukari-san wants a three-way with the first two. How else are going to explain this club of ours? I'm just glad Mizore-chan isn't included in this weirdness." Razor growled as he turned relieved eyes to the yuki-onna.

Kurumu stifled a laugh as she turned her own eyes on Mizore.

"You didn't tell him, did you snow skank?"

"Shut up Boobzilla." Mizore frowned as Razor glanced between the two.

"Didn't tell me what? Oh please tell me it isn't true." Razor moaned as he rubbed his head; he swore he was getting an aneurysm.

"Oh yeah, this little snow girl has been stalking Tsukune for over two years. Not to mention she's popped up in the weirdest places; air vents, closets, under desks, his own room over summer vaca, we have no clue how she does it." Kurumu smiled as Mizore felt she wanted to disappear.

'Oh great…now Razor-kun is going to think I'm a freak. I really wonder if murdering Kurumu is really all that bad.'

"I see…but I guess I can't be too surprised." Razor shrugged.

That wasn't answer she was expecting, nor any of the others for that matter.

"You're not weirded out by this Bro?" Gin inquired as Razor shook his head.

"Not really; since the yuki-onna are an endangered species, I can see why Mizore would be how she is. For them, finding a mate and having lots of kids is the only way to make sure their kind doesn't disappear from the face of the earth, what with their limited fertility and all. Even if the method includes stalking and well…I won't go into further details." Razor smiled.

"So you're okay with the fact she's a stalker?" Kurumu asked suspiciously of Razor.

"Not so much okay as understanding. Hell, even at one point my species needed to do the same thing, though without the stalking mind you." Razor laughed as he turned understanding eyes to Mizore, "It's not something many take the time to understand. Real shame since the yuki-onna themselves are an exceptional species, really special, though some may not realize it." He winked, making Mizore blush lightly.

Razor then hefted himself out of his seat.

"I better get back to my room, it's getting late."

Kurumu though wasn't ready to let him leave.

"Hold it right there buddy boy. You better tell us what you are right now before I force it out of you." She said as she got in his face.

"Tell you what I am? Uh no, I think I'll just keep that info to myself since it's, oh I don't know, private?" Razor frowned as he tried to move around the succubus.

"No way, I think it's about time you told us." Kurumu pushed as she exposed her long sharp nails.

"I barely know you guys, excluding Gin, so why should I tell you?" Razor argued as he unconsciously unsheathed his own.

"You know what we are, Gin knows what you are, but we're left in the dark! So tell us, what the hell are you?"

"Perhaps you succubi need to learn to respect another's privacy." Razor sneered as he once again tried to get around Kurumu.

"Oh no you don't!" She frowned as she grabbed his shoulders.

"Hey, hands off Boobs for Brains!" Razor snarled as he tried to make Kurumu let go.

As the two wrestled a bit, Razor accidently stepped on a pencil on the floor, loosing his balance. Unfortunately, he took Kurumu with him and…well…

"Ah! Get out of there you pervert!" Kurumu wailed as Razor scrambled to get his face out of Kurumu's bust.

"Gah! Somebody get me some disinfectant or something!" Razor shouted as he pushed himself away from Kurumu, furiously swatting at his own cheeks.

"What is that supposed to mean!" Kurumu shrieked as Razor started rubbing his face with a wet nap that Gin had given him.

"You've put Tsukune in there, so who knows what else you've put in there, you damn harpy." Razor frowned as he tossed the wet wipe away.

"Why you!" Kurumu screamed as she made to slash at Kurumu.

But Razor leapt over her head, grabbed his school bag and sprinted for the doorway.

"I would love to continue this ruckus, but I need to go. We still have school you know, so perhaps we can continue this over the weekend?" Razor smiled playfully as he slid out the door.

"Wait a minute you!" Kurumu demanded as he shut the door.

But Razor had decided to take a "shortcut," otherwise known as jumping from a window on the second floor. He landed easily, not feeling any pain from his jump.

"I better be careful, that succubus is just too damn persistent." Razor noted aloud to himself as he made his way to the boys' dorms.

After finishing his homework, eating dinner, and showering to rid himself of Kurumu's "cooties" as he dubbed them, Razor pulled out a piece of paper, and started to write.

Dear Yukiko

Today went pretty bad, but I'll survive. First day with my new club went…okay. But I hate to say that some of my new friends are weirder than I thought. Gin is worse now than when we were kids, but I suppose he wouldn't be Gin if he weren't, I guess. Though I also like to note that one of new friends, Mizore Shirayuki, is certainly nice. She hasn't made fun of me for how I act, which is a relief, considering I'm a quote-unquote feminist, thanks to Mom. But this school year isn't going to be easy, but I'm a survivor, so I think I'll be okay. How's everything on your end? I hope to hear from you soon, I miss you deeply. Well, I better stop here before I write an essay. Hope you're well, and try to keep your chin up.


Razor Miyamoto

"There, that should do it." Razor smiled as he slipped the letter into an envelope.

After placing it somewhere secure, Razor curled up in his futon, ready to go to sleep. But as he rolled over and stared at the ceiling, his thoughts drifted to his aquaphobia.

'I really hate this, I'm supposed to be able to swim like the rest of my kind. Thanks to Saizou I almost died, but it wouldn't have happened if I could just get over this damned fear! It's just water!'

Razor growled angrily a moment before closing his eyes, calming himself before he did something dumb.

"I guess it can't really be helped. Maybe if I try to learn to get over it…"

But the blonde just shook his head.

"No. I have to face facts, I'm a coward. Even if I try to overcome this by myself, there's no way I can get in the pool again to attempt it. I'd probably just freeze up and…"

He groaned disappointedly as he pulled the covers over his head.

"Just forget it Razor. Got to sleep and forget about it."

Soon he drifted off to sleep, hoping that the following days would be easier. But as this is Youkai Academy, we know it never does get easier, don't we?

Dragonlover71491: There! Sorry for the wait you guys, but what with my full-time job, my youngest brother taking over the computer, and writer's block coming in at the most damn inconvenient times, it's difficult to write. But I hope you've enjoyed this chapter. And just as a little spoiler, Razor's true form will be revealed in one or two more chaps. Hope you guys look forward to it. Bye for now.