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Legend of The Kamikaze Assassin

Prologue: The Beginning

Konohagakure no Sato, the fabled village of Shinobi and titled strongest among the 5 top shinobi villages was a place of what a civilian would call a heaven on earth or a paradise even, a village that had been built during and after The Great Clan War's and the victor among the three Shinobi Wars, a village that had survived a mysterious attack only 3 year's ago by a bijuu of monstrous power, the bijuu itself was none other then the Kyuubi no Kitsune undoubtedly strongest of the nine bijuu, the Harbinger of anarchy and destruction and bringer of natural disasters.

With only a swing of one of its tails the Kyuubi could have leveled Konoha to the ground, bringing forth earthquakes, conjure tsunamis or bringing down a maelstrom of death and fire from the very skies itself. As the Legends say it was a beast of unprecedented power undefeated, an indestructible mass of chakra given form spoken as the avatar of chaos of all life. There have only been two people in history that have been able to face the almighty powerful bijuu in battle and come out near death but, alive nonetheless.

But now there may be one more added to the history books who's name was called Namikaze Minato Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure who had done the impossible for he hadn't controlled the beast or calmed it down like the last two shinobi in the past had done. He'd done something no mortal should have ever done yet he did it anyway fulfilling his duty as the villages protector and leader.

The man had summoned a being of power that no being be it mortal or bijuu could possibly understand, the Kyuubi had been frightened, terrified even as it faced this entity of power that it could only dream of. This entity, deity to be accurate had been none other then the Shinigami itself, the Deity over death had been summoned and by a mortal no less. Minato had done the deed, forgoing the consequences with his actions, he from what the teachers of the Shinobi Academy and those that alive today saw that night said Minato, their infamous and seemingly unstoppable leader had asked the death god to dispose of the Kyuubi and in return his life be taken.

Just as they were ordered to say...to never unveil the dark hidden truth of what truly transpired on that day...

The day one newborn child's life had been changed forever...


'Sniff' 'Sniff'

The sounds of small sniffles and chocked back sobs could be heard, deep within a small room unfit for any living person, in the very attic of the orphanage could there be seen a small child sitting against a mattress with no frame to keep it up. The child of what looked to be only 3 or 4 years old sat on a rundown mattress with tears evident in the little child's eyes. It was a girl with long golden hair, smudged with dirt and grime, her violet eyes however were glistening with tears which fell from her face. Her face though was one thing that would make the majority of Konoha's citizens recognize and soon become hateful for their was on both her cheeks faint like whiskers.

This little girl was Uzumaki Naruko, orphaned child of the 3 year ago Kyuubi Rampage and reasons unknown to her the village pariah of Konohagakure. As far she she could remember which was good considering she was only a toddler, people had always seemed to hate or despise her giving her these looks of hate or anger or outright loathing. Everyone seemed to just hate her, the adults hated her, their kids hated her and even the matron of the orphanage hated her.

And she had no idea why...

Her little hand went up to her cheek red from the recent slap she received from the matron of the orphanage, she felt it burn and sting making her flinch, how or why she had been hit was all because she had asked for the smallest morsel of food from the elder woman as she was barely even fed. Like many other times she was barely fed, bathed, was cut off from the other orphaned kids and locked up in the attic which was her official room, kept away from parents that wished to adopt as the last time she was there they had run off.

'Can't have a monster like you stopping other kids from being adopted the matron'had said before throwing her into the attic and locking it from the outside...

She'd cried all day and night that day...

Now she once again sat on her makeshift bed trying to stop her tears that never seemed to stop for her, for a 3 coming close to 4 year old Naruko was smart, not a genius but, she was smart to know that everyone in the village seemed to loathe her very existence. She continued to sob however and in this moment through her racking sobs did she hear something.


A soft almost silent soft thump yet with her unusually high hearing she heard it, she stilled and slowly she peeked through her arms only for her violet eyes to widen before her face gained a smile so wide it would have threatened to split her face. Her sadness completely vanished as she spotted the one thing she loved out of her life.

''Tenshi-nii-chan!'' she said happily at the sight before her, it was something she'd grown accustom to and every time she saw it made her feel as if everything she'd suffered be blown away and replaced with this one thing. This person called, tenshi was a figure, a boy possibly 2 years older then herself stood there closing the window behind him stopping the access winter wind from coming in. She marveled the boy as he turned around, his white robes hiding his body and while a white hood shadowed his face.

This was something she only knew but, ever since she was small she'd always see beyond the people that hated her and abused her was this person in white watching over her, she didn't know what or who they were but, she only knew they protected her, kept her safe even when she didn't know it. She could remember one time when she'd been attacked by a few villagers that as those people in animal masks sat and watched from the rooftops did she remember only a blur of white before waking back up to the sight of her sleeping in her bed thinking it was a dream.

In time she'd come to call them tenshi's that watched over her...and this one in particular...she'd come to see as her Guardian Angel.

The tenshi turned toward her, and only to her could she see his mouth form into a small smile, he walked toward her without making a sound and with it Naruko scoot back enough for the older boy to kneel at her bedside only for a blond blur to appear and soon enough Naruko could be seen hugging the older boy with a big smile on her tear streaked face.

''Your finally here tenshi-nii-chan...'' she mumbled, her words muffled by the white robed fabric of the person she hugged with all the strength she had in her little arms. Soon she felt the tenshi wrap his arms around her small fragile body, her smile could have lit the room if it was able as the coldness she felt from the cold coming winter was replaced by the warmth of this one boy whom she'd come to see as her Guardian Angel.

She could smell him however, the scent of ink, books and the strangely the smell of iron invaded her nostrils but, she didn't care for she just felt content in the arms of the white robed boy before her. That is however till he pulled back making her pout slightly at the detachment still she remained in his arms as the two now sat on the small mattress of her rundown room.

''Sorry I'm late Naruko-chan I got held up with something...it won't happen again..'' he said, his words carried of with a amused tone, the boy let out a small chuckle when Naruko looked at him with an angry pout which only made her seemed less intimidating. His chest rumbled as he chuckled more when Naruko only gave a small childish huff before she leaned into his arms more.

''Mmm as long as your here, I'm fine with that...'' she mumbled missing the growing of his smile, that is until the sound of a small rumble could be heard between the two. Looking down the white robed boy saw the embarrassed flush and sheepish smile on Naruko's whiskered face and upon further inspection did he see the giant red mark on her cheek making the boys eyes hidden beneath the shadows of his hood narrow.

''Hehe sorry...I'm a little hungry...'' she said with a nervous expression, yet the white robed boy kept looking down at her making the girl fidget slightly.

''How long has it been since you've eaten...Naruko-chan?'' his voice impassive did carry a slight edge to it that the young girl didn't pick up on and unable to see the boys eyes kept his eyes solely on the red mark on her cheek. Naruko on the other hand looked down shyly as she felt the tenshi holding her tense up, his firm tone even if it was on the level of a child's voice it still made her feel like she was being spoken to by an adult.

''W-well...I tried to get something to eat...I had some bread and water...that's about it...I tried to ask for some food like the other kids were having...but...but...the matron...smacked me and threw me up here...again saying I didn't deserve anymore food...'' the golden haired girl mumbled with her face hidden further in the fabric of her tenshi's robes. Doing this she missed, the boy's right unattended hand twitch as beneath his white hood a dual flash of a golden hue with not a sign of a pupil.

''I see...'' she didn't catch it, the strain of his voice nor the tensing of his muscles for she could only hum in content in the arms of her tenshi. That is until she felt him loosen his arms slightly making her look up at the boy curiously, her eyes met the dark hidden gaze of the boy, in that moment he spoke as he ran his hand through her hair.

''Naruko-chan stay here and I'll go get you some food...alright?'' he spoke as the young girl could only give him a confused expression, her eyes scrunched up as was her nose making her look more like a kitling kitsune. The boy smiled slightly at this before he just pat her head gently making her smile before he placed her on her mattress stood up and walked toward the attic doorway. Doing so with his back turned Naruko never saw a thin steel blade slide silently from the folds of his robes in a silent click.

Nor the pair of dual ruthless golden orbs glowing from the shadows of the boys cowl...

A few minutes passed and Naruko was already feeling a bit nervous as her tenshi had disappeared but, when she heard the sound of her attic door creaking did she instinctively hide under moth eaten sheets. Doing so she she missed the white hooded boy come back up his right arm strangely coated crimson but, in his other hand was a plate full of food. Two pieces of bread, a glass of water and a bowl of vegetable soup still warm from the stove pot.

He walked quietly and without a sound and when he turned to Naruko after closing the attic door did he frown when seeing her hiding under her sheets and even from he was he could see her body was trembling. The sight itself made his mouth form into a very thin line with no expression on his lower face, only the slight shift of his head to his crimson colored right forearm. Silently the robed hooded boy walked to Naruko's bed, kneeled at her bedside and gently spoke as he laid the tray of food down.

''Naruko-chan its okay...I'm back...'' his words were gentle soft to the young girl whom had stopped her trembling and slowly peaked a violet eye from under her sheets and only when she saw the shadowed face of the 2 year older boy did she come out from under her sheets and when her eyes landed on the food at his side did they widen. More so when the white robed boy picked up the tray placed it infront of her.

Hungrily she eyes the food as if she hadn't eaten a full meal in forever which could be true due to how malnourished she was...

Slowly he picked up the bowl of soup held the spoon and spoke, ''Now eat up...'' he said as he lifted up a a spoon full of soup, now Naruko pouted slightly at knowing she was being fed she was a big girl ttebane! Still she smiled as she ate in a comfortable silence as she was fed from her mysterious tenshi, forever cherishing these moments she had with him, and it was to this end that Naruko after eating all the soup and the before drinking the glass of water did she start to have a drowsy expression on her face.


She let out a small adorable yawn before she looked to her white robed friend and saw the slight quirk of his mouth which she only returned with a wide smile.

''Thank you Tenshi-nii-chan...'' she said in a shy almost meek tone, looking toward the robed boy she saw him tilt his head slightly before he leaned forth and lightly pressed his forehead against her own with only his hood stopping her from feeling his skin off his forehead. She heard him speak but, she could only sigh when she felt his hand run through her hair once more.

''Your welcome Naruko-chan and remember your not alone and if you ever need me just whistle and I'll be there...now...I have to go...have a good night sleep Naruko-chan...'' he said in a soothing manner, the little girl could only give a soft nod as her head drifted from his forehead into the crook of his neck. Her soft snores made him smile before he laid her to bed before covering her up. Taking the tray of her finished food, he turned away from the sleeping Naruko and walked the window sill only for him to stop in mid stride when he heard Naruko speak again.

''Goodnight...Tenshi-kun...'' she mumbled on, the robed boy though only took one look over his shoulder before looking away as he strolled to the window and as he opened it with a soft click did he take one step out only for his body to meet the called coming winter winds of the incoming winter. One more glance to the sleeping Naruko as he did before he gently closed the window behind him then with a sudden spin he jumped from the wall and landed in a soft thump. Turning to the trash cans he dropped the tray of utensils into the metal container before he turned around once more.

Only now as his robed fluttered in the cold wind from the shadows of his eyes could a pair of frigid pools of liquid azure stare out into the village of Konoha with a glow of disgust within his orbs. He walked stepping over the bodies of the dead anbu before him, 4 in total with their ways of death simple yet deadly all the same. Boar with his neck twisted, Gecko with his throat slit open, Lion with his neck crushed and Deer with senbon stabbed through his temple.

The boy walked forth, ignoring the dead anbu behind him, his right forearm coated in crimson, droplets of blood fell from his right hand as the body of a certain Senior Nurse laid dead in her own bed.

'This village...is corrupted to the very core of its foundations...Naruko-chan...shall not suffer for them any longer...not while I still breath...'

Hidden Location

The soft silent gusts of wind echoed within a cave, pitch black with only a small trail of light from the caves entrance could be sign, droppings of water could be heard deep within this cave. From the caves entrance the sound of rushing water was evident and whats more was the sounds of life from the outside. One may have called this cave a bear's den for the coming hibernation but, that was not it was, not even close.

Suddenly the soft patter of feet walking among the ground sounded, up to the entrance of the cave came a small figure of a boy possibly 6 years old. The sound of his leather made boots hitting the ground of the cave with each step was quiet and swift as he walked forth with stride. With a raise of his arm did he merely snap his finger before the cave's entrance closed from behind him before the inner darkness enveloped completely.

That is until the boy spoke once more as he walked further seemingly through the darkness...


Lights erupted within, illuminating the entire cave in a flash of fire, torches running along the caves walls flickered to life from the entrance of said cave on down the seemingly endless hallway as they did so, the boy however kept walking through the cave as the torches lit up lighting up his appearance. His white robes with small outlines of crimson with a black sash wrapped around his waist, his white cowl shadowed his features from the word but, one can only wonder what this boy of such young age was thinking or even doing out in the wilderness.

Simply put this child wasn't normal by any means...

He walked however with the posture a child shouldn't have, the balance of a predator yet the grace of a gazelle, his steps were slow and soft as his body posture was guarded ready for the smallest sound or sense of hostility. His arms fell to his sides, his right forearm once coated crimson now cleanly washed away from the waters on the outside. He walked, his form passing through the caves endless hall of rock until he came to the end showing a pitch black chamber with no signs of light anywhere. This didn't stop however as he lightly pressed his left hand against the wall to his left into a strange marking did the part he press on go into the rock formations and with it did the lights flare up.

The chamber of darkness was illuminated to reveal a chamber of massive size, torches flickered on in from the boy's left and right each coming to life as he strolled forth down the steps as he did so. As the last of the torches lit up could the chamber be fully revealed of what its contents were, simple yet strange all the same was things not seen in the Elemental Countries, flags and banners bearing a strange insignia.

The insignia was that of a triangle that went down with both ends curving as they did however before the triangles completion was it cut off to see just below the triangle was a curved design that went from one side to the other with it rising into the below part of the triangle. Insignia's of these in similar shape yet different style hung all around the chamber as did many other objects of great mystery.

Statues of people stood proudly in the corners of the chamber all of which had a banner hanging above them all bearing the same insignia of different styles, fur rugs and pelts of animals hung among the chamber and were laid out among the flat level of the chamber. In the inner part of the chamber directly where the boy headed to was in the for corners states of what looked to be of an eagle spreading out its wings. So much more of the content was hidden however in the back as more halls spread back from the chamber showing there was more to the chamber then there was to be seen.

However all that mattered to this boy, at a young six years of age was the object of his attention that stood their proudly among the many objects within said chamber. This object was strange yet oddly beautiful in its own way, for it was massive statue of not people or of an eagle but of the same insignia among the flags only it carried etching's at the base of it's statue of what looked to be names of people. The names couldn't be counted due to how many their were but, two in particular was all the boy cared for.

He stopped a foot away from the statue before he kneeled before it, his eyes scanned the many names with his gloved leather hand running over the many names etched into the giant statue all of which bore names similar to others and some none at all. He did stop however at two names just at the lowest part of the statue's base, the names were different but, the last surnames were all the same.

Those two names were Masaki Kamikaze and Arashi Kamikaze...

''Hello kaa-san...tou-san...I have returned...how are you two...fine I hope...yes...hime is safe...I am keeping my promise...no...I have not found the ones who killed you but, I will you have my word...don't worry I won't let my vengeance consume me nor compromise our clan. Yes, I have been keeping my skill's top notch and I've been training...I did pay hime a visit today...and doing so the Saru had his guard dogs there again...had to dispatch them...and I had to take the life of a civilian...she wasn't innocent...she was...discriminate...she had abused hime...that in itself is a death sentence of our very clan.'' he said, as if he was speaking directly to his parents.

A strange wind circled him ruffling his white robes yet he kept his impassive expression all the same.

''She's doing okay...I'll see her tomorrow during the day...and visit her at night...the village however has been hurting her through mental or physical means and Sarutobi has done nothing to stop it...your theories on him are becoming more accurate by the day...No I will stay my blade until the time is right...until then I can only protect hime during this...''he said once more and again a strange wind rushed around him only now it felt more like the embrace of a mother and father.

The boys lips quirked slightly upwards at this...

''Yes...I am doing fine as well...the loss of you two...and the rest of the clan...its painful but, you all died doing what our clan did best...fighting to find the truth...it's an ever lasting battle...of which I am to soon join...and hopefully...finish...in my generation. No I will not sacrifice myself needlessly, hime's safety is my top priority at the moment...I have been scouting and uncovered some information but, not enough for me to act right now but, I will soon.'' he said .

This time the wind was silent as if waiting for him to finish, sensing that he had more to speak of...

''Your silence is understandable...mother and father...I am continuing your work as I protect hime...don't worry kaa-san...she will be safe, I stake my life on it...'' he said and this time the boy felt the wind slowly circle around him in a more comforting breeze.

''Don't worry...I will keep to my training...I will become strong...not for myself...but, for the clan...and the safety of hime...I will visit again kaa-san...tou-san...but I must go for now...Goodbye...Mother...Father...'' he said and just like that the end that seemed to be alive went silence once more. The boy stood up and turned away from the statue and as he walked up from the inner section of the chamber did he turn and walk behind the statue and toward the three tunnels leading out from the chamber.

As he walked into the middle tunnel did a pair of azure orbs shine through the shadows of his white cowl.

'Infiltrate Shinobi Academy...starts tomorrow...'

Next Day-Shinobi Academy

Uzumaki Naruko was a girl that was known to be eccentric, enthusiastic, a golden ball of sunshine and energy that no child could compare, despite being the pariah of Konoha she was always a girl that tried her best to be happy despite being ignored in ways that would make any other person go insane. Despite being an orphan and being ostracized by the majority of Konoha's population she had determination that spoke levels.

However as the little 4 year old stood before the gates of the Shinobi Academy twiddling her fingers before it's almost imposing gates with numerous others around the gates made her nervous. Especially with all that had happened early this morning at the orphanage when the lead matron had been found killed in her room and those people with animal masks had been found dead being picked clean by scavenger crows. Many of the people thought she was the reason but, the shinobi who come to investigate threw off their foolish suspicions as it was done by what they had said by a professional.

Still it didn't help the many stares at her form, the glares and whispers spoken behind her back made her flinch at the hateful spiteful words spoken about her and involving the incident at the orphanage. The many kids that stood their with their parents with some belonging to those famous clan's she'd heard about like the Inuzuka clan, a boy with spiky brown hair with a small white pup with the boys mother, a tall imposing woman with spiked out brown hair. Or the Uchiha Clan with a boy with hair shaped as a duck's rear end with another older boy standing at his side wearing a chunin vest.

There was many more clan heads and their children hear and being around them made her feel a little uneasy more then she already was after all this would be her first time joining the academy two years early, why she had no idea but, someone had considered her to join the Academy without her knowing who that was she could only wonder as she found out only by a shinobi delivering her a letter of recommendation by a man called the Hokage.

Who that was she had not the faintest clue...

Though as the whispers continued did Naruko not see someone walked to her side until the person was directly beside her.

''Hey are you okay?'' a voice spoke making the nervous female Uzumaki flinch slightly before she looked to her left only to see something that made her blink. It was a boy possibly two years older then herself standing beside her, he stood almost a head taller then herself, his golden spiky locks fell past his ears and shadowed his eyes. His face set in a curious expression,his skin tone was surprisingly tan for one so young however she couldn't say as she too was unnaturally tan for her age. His eyes however was what captured her, violet orbs stared back into two twin pools of azure, never before had she seen such as and now looking into them she thought them to be the most pretty pair of eyes she's ever seen.

The boy wore simple clothing, a white T-shirt with black sorts and a pair of black sandals simple civilian clothing but, she couldn't help but feel as if she knew this boy.

''Hey...um are you alright?'' he said again and this time Naruko shook her head, her cheeks brightened up into a pink embarrassed hue as she was caught staring. Looking down shyly Naruko spoke.

''G-gomen...Yes I'm...okay it's that I'm a little...nervous'' she said only when she looked up at the boy she saw him giving her a smile which strangely made her feel a lot better.

''Nervous? Don't worry, its your first time here like many of us here...but you'll do okay by the way names Naruto, whats yours?'' the boy, called Naruto said as he stretched his hand out to the surprised Naruko whom could only look at him and to his hand. That is until she too gained a smile as she slowly grabbed his hand with her own smaller ones.

''Naruko...my name is Naruko...nice to meet you Naruto...'' she said returning the gesture thus making Naruto smile a bit more, which only made the younger girl flush all the more. Now as the two talked more did they not notice the stares they were getting from the rest of those around them among them being a few Clan Heads and a teenage Uchiha Itachi who's ebony orbs bore into the 6 year old Naruto with a look of study.


The civilian families on the other hand were staring at the scene with disgust as most saw this act of kindness between the boy and the one they despised as an act to spite them.

''What is that kid doing...consulting with that...thing...''

''I know...who were his parents...does he even have any...to let a child be near that...monster...''

''He must not know then...of what that...thing is...''

More of these whispers spread out among the civilians watching the scene only they didn't know that they were heard by both the Clan heads of whom some glared at them while others look impassive to it while the other person was a golden spiky haired Naruko who's ear twitched at the whispers. He smiled and laughed as Naruko pouted at him as she made an expression fit for a kit. His azure eyes hidden by amusement held a cold sharp edge as they slightly moved to the civilians and they narrowed slightly.

'Stupid fools all of them...'

''A-ano...will...you be my friend...Naruto?'' Naruko's voice shook him of his thoughts before the blonde glanced toward Naruko only for him to give the violet eyed girl a smile in return of her question. Grasping her hand he gave a grin showing his pearly white teeth as he spoke with both a conviction rare to see in a child.

''Of course I will Naruko-chan I'll be your friend..''

'And anyone who says otherwise will meet their end...when they least expect it..'

That seemed to make Naruko the little girl break from her shy shell and in a surprising blur of gold did she tackled the older boy with a wide grin, her violet eyes twinkled in happiness as she now hugged her new friend besides her tenshi from last night. ''Thank you Naruto-kun!'' she squealed as said golden spiky haired boy only chuckled at her reaction.

''Heh your welcome Naruko-chan...'' he said as he pat the girl on the head with a smile.

'Time at this academy will be...eventful to say the least..'


Sitting in the classroom amongst the other students was both Naruko and Naruto sitting side by side on the far left side of the classroom, the younger of the two blinked rapidly as she looked from left to right as she memorized the classroom, she didn't pay no heed to the other of the classroom as she was too awed by the walls that weren't chipped away like old paint like the attic in the orphanage of the classroom, the smell of clean floors and pristine floors.

However she looked to her left and saw her new friend, naruto sitting straight up ignoring the classes whispers and excited conversations, he sat their with an almost emotionless expression staring straight toward the room with his azure eyes dull as if he wasn't connected to his body. She looked at him some more and now that she did Naruko felt a smile crawl up her face before she too did the same he did as she blocked out the classes bantering as it was already getting on her nerves as well.

They sat and waited for their classes sensei to show up and doing so it paid off as in 5 minutes later the door opened up and like a light switch the entire class went dead silent. The people that came in was two chunin with one that had brown hair in a ponytail, he had brown eyes and a scar going over the side of his face and over the bridge of his nose. While the other person was a man with loose white hair with a tint of blue while his eyes were green.

As the two chunin walked up to the middle of the classroom the one with a scar over his nose spoke first, ''Hello class and let me be the first to welcome you to your first day at the Shinobi Academy where here we will forge your path for the future for you all to become hopeful shinobi of Konoha. Let me introduce ourselves, my name is Umino Iruka...and this is Kigaraki Mizuki and from today onwards till graduation we will be your sensei's, teachers in the arts of being a shinobi. Now to get know each and everyone of you we will be calling you all by name in alphabetical order.'' at this Naruto discreetly shook his head.

'More like have information on them in the future in case one of them went rogue...' Naruto thought that is until he caught the sight of Mizuki's green eyes scanning the room until they landed on Naruko and when he saw him glaring at the girl he could only narrow his eyes slightly on the chunin knowing he would have to keep an eye on that man.

Thus as each student went by in order, most of them being kids from civilian families and some clan heirs but, none were even of interest to him. None of this was really, all the boy cared about was his task at hand and the protection of the girl at his side.

''Uh...is a Naruto here?'' iruka said as he looked out to the students, said golden haired boy stood up silently ignoring the stares he got form the other students. ''Right here Sensei...'' the boy said in a impassive tone. Said chunin looked at the boy with a confused expression before he shrugged.

''Alright Naruto, please tell us about yourself if you will...'' the scarred chunnin said

Naruto didn't waste time at this as he only placed his hands behind his back, straightening his posture the boy spoke, ''Names Naruto no surname, I don't have any likes besides my friend Naruko-chan, and no dislikes. I have only but, one goal and no dream. My goal is to become a suitable shinobi and nothing more...'' and with that naruto sat down neither caring or showing an expression. He ignored the incredulous stares he received from both the majority of the students and from both Iruka and Mizuki.

He did however feel Naruko's eyes looking at him and looki9ng her way did he only give the girl a smile which she returned in full force.

''Uhhh okay next up is Uzumaki Naruko?'' Iruka finished with his voice now becoming more firm before he looked up to see said girl sitting right beside Naruto. His face tensed up as he looked toward the golden haired violet eyes 4 year old, already he could feel the urge to scowl at the young girl but, he remained impassive.

Naruko on the other hand stood up and glancing to Naruto who gave her a smile and a nod did she give out a grin so wide one would think it have split her face if possible. ''Hey! Names Uzumaki Naruko, my likes are ramen, my friend Naruto-kun and most of all angels!'' she said this making most of the students look at her as if she was crazy but discreetly Naruto's lip twitched upwards.

''What I dislike is people treating me unfairly, my goals or dreams...I don't know...'' she ended with a rather confused expression. At this Naruko sat back down and feeling a hand on her shoulder she looked to see Naruto giving her a nod and smiling Naruko did the same.

Iruka stood there for a moment before he gained his bearings, ''Ahem I see, well since we're done let's begin class shall we?'' Grabbing a piece of chalk the chunin went up to the board and started writing, in just a few minutes he placed the chalk down and turn to the class displaying what he wrote to them all.

''As you see classes will go in this order until graduation year, then we have you all take a final assessment test to determine where you rank up. Classes are as followed:

History and Human Anatomy through 7:00 A.M to 8:30 A.M

Basics of Jutsu Theory: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu through 8:30 A.M to 11:30

Break/Lunch from 11:30 A.M to 12:30 P.M

Weaponry Practice: Shuriken, Kunai and Senbon from 12:35 P.M to 1:30 P.M

Physical Conditioning and Taijutsu Practice through 1:30 P.M to 2:30 P.M

Trap Making and Survival Exercises from 2:30 P.M to 3:30 P.M

Then school ends for the day, from today onwards this will be how class schedule goes..now let's begin, pull out your books from under your desks and turn to page 4...''

As naruto did this did he give a glance to Naruko before his eyes quickly scanned the room till his eyes landed on another girl, the girl called Hyuga Hinata and right then his eyes narrowed when he remebered what tomorrow would be.

'Tomorrow will be when Kumo sends an ambassador to sign a Peace treaty...though knowing the current Raikage...' with that current thought Naruto just read the passage instructed to him but, his mind went elsewhere.

Next Day-Street's of Konoha

Naruto P.O.V

I dashed to where my target resided, I had my task and it was my job to complete it to my fullest capabilities no matter the circumstance, my leather boots pattered against the rooftops and I jumped from one building to the next swiftly and quietly, I ran to my destination without making a sound bypassing the Anbu and disarming every trap that was in my path. I had my target and nothing would stop me from carrying it out.

It was how I was trained, since childhood my days as a child was spent training till I dropped and even then I never stopped training, it was intergrained in me to become stronger not for myself but, for my clan. My parents were my teacher's, my sensei's, they taught me everything they knew, trained me the best they could and I took it all in stride because I knew the reason. My clan was and still is an important part of history, we were infamous for being the ultimate killer's, the greatest warriors of shadow.

We thrived in it, we were apart of it, we lived in the darkness, our goal as a clan was to find the truth but, there were those that tried to take the truth and use it for their own gains. I don't how far back it went, my clans history was one that was older then the Legendary Rikudo Sennin himself. We were an old clan, an old order that was formed before the sundering of the second human kingdom far back when humanity thrived in a technological wonder.

We lived through that apocalyptic event however and we continued to exist, we lived on with our order becoming a Clan, we grew in fame for our deeds, we were know by many names. Phantoms, ghosts of white, Assassin's of the Sky and many other titles. From what I know so far, my clan had grown to gain an ally in one clan of Fuinjutsu master's and descendants of the Rikudo Sennin called the Uzumaki Clan. They had at the time made an alliance, a pact that we would protect the clan from the shadows from all threats if they would give us shelter and teach us the art of Fuinjutsu.

This relationship grew to where my clan had intergrained Fuinjutsu into our arsenal among other things but, we were the Uzumaki's poison coated dagger, we were the Ultimate Assassin's and shinobi on the Elemental Countries could not deny that. Ninja however grew to become our enemy, they feared us and rightfully so, we were what they wished to be warriors that work from the shadows, they were only more a fancier version of plain old mercenaries.

It was almost humorous when they thought they were our equal when we had time and time again proven how wrong they were...

The Death of the Nidaime Mizukage, The Assassination of Nidamoru Nida 3rd Damiyo of Iwa no Kuni, The massacre of over 20,000 Iwa Shinobi in Death Valley in Oni no Kuni along with it's leading General. Many more of these historic events were by our hands alone and all done from the shadows, the massacre itself had been an ambush by our people and rained down on them a storm of arrows.

They never stood a chance...

However in my generation my clan had become so feared that we had made an enemy of almost every shinobi village on the Elemental Countries, they wanted our power, our techniques and we wouldn't let them, it would be the same situation when a child didn't get what it asked for, a child would cry, scream and sulk. The shinobi did the same thing only in a more hostile manner, they tried to take us out which didn't work out too well for them.

We retaliated in a way that marked us as the most dangerous clan alive...we had picked up intel that the shinobi were forming a coalition to take us out and in turn we sabotaged each of their villages in ways that it would have taken decades for them to heal.

Since then my clan had been hunted while our pact with the Uzumaki was still an active one we had been cut off from communication by them when they joined up with Konohagakure. We were hunted by shinobi left and right, we held our ground though even amongst the numbers we faced. This is where I come in, I was born 3 years as these hunts continued and during that time a small pocket of my clan was all that was left. I witnessed things no child should have at a tender age the deaths of countless clansmen all at the hands of shinobi, I had been trained and bred to kill since before I could walk.

My parents at the time were hesitant to train me but, they had no choice as we were in a desperate attempt to fight off those that came for us, the shinobi that hated us. It was bloody but, in the end all I can remember form those days was just trying to survive with my mother and father while we lost an assassin each day. We had moved safely within the confinement of a hollowed out cave within Hi no Kuni. It was then we had come across a message from someone we thought to have lost in the fires of the Second Shinobi War when it was said the Uzumaki Clan had fallen.

Another Uzumaki was alive, her name was Uzumaki Kushina and it was said in her letter that she knew of us, our pact with her clan and that she had kept it a secret from everyone as it was told to her by Uzumaki Mito whom said that should she need help was to seek us out, she seeked us out, I met the woman beautiful as could be but, her strength was one to be feared.

I can still feel my spine tingle just by remembering when she almost snapped it in half when she hugged me...

But I get off track after we met Kushina, we had received word that she was pregnant and that she wished to have her child be protected by us and our clan should something happen to her. That was the day I made a promise to the woman that I would take care of her child should anything possibly happen to her, a blood oath I made with her.

That was the day I made my promise to protect the last Uzumaki to both Kushina and to my parents ...the child of whom that man called Namikaze Minato had sealed the Kyuubi into, even to me a mere child I could tell the man was too idealistic and thus couldn't foresee his last wish would be ignored in favor for Konoha's hate and discrimination on the newborn. However what bugged me on that night was we couldn't find Kushina's body that day to lay to rest with the rest of her clan or the fact Sarutobi the old man had revealed to everyone whom Naruko was, the Jinchurriki of the Kyuubi.

That was the first time I ever lost my cool, the first time I let my anger control me...good thing tou-san stopped me from doing something foolish...

But on later that night...we were attacked, my parents were ambushed by a man with a orange spiral mask, he was strange unorthodox but, his abilities were to be known, every attack seemed to phase right through him. It was on that day, I watched as both my mother and father were killed before my very eyes all I could remember after that was anger filling me and me losing control of my body.

Then all went black...

I had woken up a few days later in the middle of a giant crater my clothes torn to shreds and my weapons all broken beyond repair, I had to get back to our safe house and I did...knowing I had lost my parents and the thought knowing I was the last of my clan...and our great order. Since that day I had threw myself into training as I kept to my duties to watch over the last Uzumaki, the child called Naruko, protecting her when she least expected it. From killing civilians to shinobi that all tried to hurt her, assassinating the anbu that aided in one of her beatings and even displaying the corpse of one uchiha to the rest of the clan.

As a warning...

Those attacks stopped after that, since then I frequently visit her at the orphanage making sure she was okay and safe, well fed like the night before last even if it came with the death of the Orphanages matron. Physically abusing Naruko and the Uzumaki Heiress at that is a immediate death sentence in my book, I kept up with my training reading books from my clans library, working and training myself harder then ever before. I still do to this day to further advance myself so I can one day bring my clan back from the depths and bring it back to its former honor.

Unlike shinobi we still had our honor and integrity intact...

My name is Kamikaze Naruto, last of the Kamikaze Clan and last Assassin of the Assassin Order and I hunt the enemies of my order and that of my clan, the Templar's ….

And this is my life...

Naruto P.O.V End

''Gah...'' the sound of a painful grunt sounded the hotel room as the Kumo ambassador fell to the floor with a blade slide out from his neck before it withdrew into a hidden steel compartment placed upon the right forearm of one Kamikaze Naruto whom stood of the dead kumo ambassador with a impassive expression over his shadowed face. His white and black robes evident as was his signature hood that shadowed his face.

He crouched down as he turned the dead body off before he placed his leather gloved hand palms face down and with it did he close his eyes briefly, ''Kurieitā no ude no naka de yasuraka ni kyūsoku (Rest in Peace in the arms of the Creator)'' and with a downward swipe of his palm did he forever close the eyes of his latest kill. Looking toward the scroll in the man's pockets did he take it and upon seeing the Kumo Raikage's sigil emblem did he find what he was looking for.

Unrolling it did Naruto scan the contents of the scroll.

Mission SS-Rank

Objective: Pose as our Ambassador for Kumo and get into Konohagakure's walls to sign a peace treaty, once inside you are to infiltrate the Hyuuga Clan Compound and take the first and if possible second Heiress of the Clan and you are to return to Kumogakure within the next 3 days after completing the objective. I can't tell you how important this mission is or the delicacy it poses to Kumo's stability if this mission goes wrong.

Secondary Objective: Sabotage Key Locations of Konoha's Militaristic Foundries: The Academy, Library, Armory, Food Stock, Water Towers and Communication Network. I will have an envoy ready for you upon your return when your mission is complete.

Remember for the Glory of Kumogakure no Sato


Yondaime Raikage, A

Rolling the scroll back up and placing it atop the dead body did heturn around and head straight toward the window, opening it did naruto jump out not giving a second glance. Free falling from the top floor of the hotel did Naruto flip forward before he landed in a graceful crouch before he vanished into the dark streets of Konoha. He ran through the darkness, sliding under fruit wagons and jumping through closed stalls.

He had one more destination in mind, he heard the news already as did the entire village, with the deaths at the Orphanage the children were taken away from said building to be placed in another Orphanage on another sector of Konoha but, only one child was refused this new home and he knew the only child to be refused the offer was none other then his own protege whether she knew it or not.

Uzumaki Naruko

He knew the Hokage wouldn't let her, Konoha's resident Jinchurriki live on the streets when he heard the news, the old man would have given her a new home and it wouldn't be out of his good graces of that naruto was sure of. He had met the man only once and even though he portrayed himself to be a peace loving man his position as the Hokage came first so to did his loyalty to Konoha and as such the last Kamikaze was sure the man had a plan ready to laid out with this act.

Idly as Naruto ran through the alleyways he grabbed a few apples and banana's before tossing them into a cloth bag before he ran up a building before hopping to Naruko's new home. He knew of her location, her home was in the most glum part of Konoha a place that only a kage would place a Jinchurriki, the village pariah.

The Red Light District...

Now one may have called this place unfit for a child to live in and Naruto would agree on this but, the Hokage had made the mistake of placing Naruko in this district for this part of Konoha, this place of sin and lust was also his own stomping grounds. As a tenet of his Order was to hide in plain sight so to did the poor and abandoned of the Red Light District, the ones that were seen but were unseen at the same time, ignored by the more gifted population they would see and hear everything and be ignored at the same time.

It was his residential information circle...

Money was what made the world go round and this would be the same thing, flash a little coin and people talk of the things they see and hear. Pay off the homeless and they give you information others would have found invaluable, conversations between shinobi and recent activities of the Ninja System within Konoha. Or paying off the Courtesans gave him a valuable resource of the women at the clubs to keep their ears and eyes open while they did business, it's been a way of gaining information, a tactic his clan used since long ago.

But now as he dropped to the window sill of Naruko's apartment did he think on the new possible ways of keeping her protected, unlike the majority of Konoha those of the red light district held no hate for Naruko of that he made sure of when visiting the district to gain information from time to time. As he slipped into Naruko's apartment however and walking toward her bedroom and when he saw Naruko fast asleep in her new bed, a bed that wasn't exactly falling apart unlike her one at her previous home at the Orphanage but, besides that the rest of her apartment was practically rundown as the attic itself, mold on the walls, and the floor itself looked ready to fall through.

Naruto's face tightened at this before he walked over to Naruko's bedside and as he placed the bag of fruit on her nightstand did he looked toward the Uzumaki Heiress and when he saw the feather clutched her hands did he give a brief smile. Quietly he crouched down as he ran a hand through her hair now free of the dark smudges of dirt and grime from before as he looked toward her and the feather clutched ever so fiercely in her hands.

It was a feather but, not just any feather it was the feather of an eagle he had given her the first they met, as a way for her to remember him when he wasn't nearby. Her chuckled slightly when he remebered her reaction to his small gift, Naruko certainly did inherit Kushina's strength that was for sure cause he knew he heard his spine pop at the hug he received.

Knowing he shouldn't linger Naruto leaned down and whispered as he closed Naruko's hands around the eagle feather held in her hands, ''Goodnight Naruko-hime...I'll see you tomorrow...sweet dreams hime...'' and without wasting time Naruto spun around and walked towards the window just before giving Naruko's sleeping form one more glance did crawl out her window sill closing it behind him and with a leap did he vanish once more into the streets of Konoha.

If he would had stayed longer he would have heard Naruko mutter something in her sleep.


Next Day-Hokage Tower

Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage, the nicknamed Kami no Shinobi or The Professor sighed in exhaustion as he once again read the reports on his desk relating to the events of late last night. Every time he did so he found it harder for him to realize how much his security of Konoha was lacking, he read the scroll written by his top interrogator Ibiki Morino lead officer of the T&I Division and once more he found himself holding back the incoming migraine.

Reading the scroll once more Hiruzen frowned,


We've investigated the area of the Kumo ambassador's death, the hotel room was secure all the traps were in place and we had anbu stationed all corners of the area but, whoever did this bypassed them all without making a sound. Whoever this person was, they knew what they were doing no evidence of a struggle and no DNA can be found for our researchers to analyze potential suspects. Hokage-sama this person was a professional, he bypassed veteran Anbu, disarmed traps made by the best trap makers we have but, this man infiltrated and bypassed them all and literally seemed to have just walked right in and killed the man.

But we did find one thing, the death of this man was similar to the death's of our anbu and the head matron of the Orphanage, the ways of death are linked as one Anbu had an insertion in the neck pierced by a thin blade as did this Kumo-nin. With this little evidence we have I suspect whoever killed this man was our the person whom killed the Anbu and the Matron.

Me, Anko and Inoichi will be looking further into this matter and will contact you when and if we find anymore evidence that could link to these deaths.


Morino Ibiki, Tokubetsu Jounin, Head Officer of the Torture and Interrogation Force

Finished with the scroll Hiruzen rubbed his temples that is before he looked up at the person standing before him, this person was none other than Hiashi Hyuga, Clan head of the Hyuga and Father of both Hinata and Hanabi Hyuga. Said man was looking at another scroll which was found rest atop the Kumo-nin's corpse and the purpose of his meeting with the Hokage.

''Hokage-sama what are you planning to do about this, Kumogakure was willing to kidnap one of my daughters and heiresses to the Hyuga Clan. They used this peace treaty as a ruse for them to try this act of kidnapping, they must suffer the repercussions of trying this and seeing as this is an authentic order given by the Raikage they can not deny the claims against them.'' Hiashi said, though his face was impassive as ever the anger in his tone was clear. He may not have showed the love for his daughter's, especially his first daughter Hinata but, he did love them as any true father should.

Hiruzen only gave Hiashi a small nod before he stood up from his desk, ''Yes Hiashi they will pay in full, I will bring this to the Fire Damiyo so he can organize a meeting with the Raikage and the Lightning Damiyo to discuss the charges against them. They cannot discredit this, as the stamp of approval is the true sigil of the Raikage. Don't worry they will regret this and with your permission I will send an envy of Anbu to guard the surrounding area of the Clan Compound.'' the hokage said.

''Granted, now about this mysterious person who killed the Kumo-nin...'' Hiashi trailed off thus making Hiruzen shake his head before he turned to the window's of his office, he overlooked the village from the hokage tower. Doing so he thought about the recent killings happening around his village, they weren't the first of that he knew for there was others before them. They were minor at best but, he still after 3 years figure out how these killing's were related, some were his own shinobi found dead in the alley with reaked of sake while the majority were civilians killed by either a slit to their throats or a senbon to a vital point.

Hiruzen still after 3 years had been unable to find this mysterious killer even with all his resources as hand, and the additional resources given to him by the civilian council to find this person and have him executed. Thing was there were no traces of this mysterious vigilante, not a single trace of evidence could have been found on him beside that all those that were killed had similar insertions of a blade like puncture wound.

''I don't know Hiashi, to tell the truth I don't know if this person whoever it may be is our ally or enemy, this person has avoided all detection and still kept these killings around. We do know this person was responsible for the killing s at the Orphanage but, now evidence of the Kumo-nin's death points to this exact person. For 3 years this person has eluded us, our best trackers, the Inuzuka's best hounds and even your best scouts have been unable to find this mysterious killer.'' Hiruzen said as he gazed out the village with his back turned to the Hyuga Clan head.

''...I see...to speak freely hokage-sama, this person whoever it was has done nothing against me or my clan to hurt us in anyway. This unknown vigilante has done my clan a favor in ridding that Kumo-nin intentionally or not so he or she has our gratitude, especially my wife. However seeing as he is also Konoha's number one enemy besides Orochimaru himself we will still keep an eye out for the person and report any suspicious activity to you personally.'' he finished to where Hiruzen could only nod slightly.

''Good and thank you for you and your clans assistance in this matter...'' Hiruzen said and thus after Hiashi nodded and the man walked out of the room did Hiruzen narrow his eyes as he looked over his village from his own viewpoint. His thoughts went to a completely different direction, his mind now thinking about Konoha's resident Jinchurriki, shying away from this business he'd heard of Naruko being refused shelter into the new Orphanage and he'd given her a new home at the Red Light District. As a means to keep an eye on her and to also further his own plan concerning the jinchurriki. However what caught his attention was that on the girls first day at the academy after recommending her to be a shinobi did he find out the girl had actually made a friend.

A boy named Naruto, he looked up the boy and found documents detailing he was a refugee from a recent mercenary attack on his home in Hi no Kuni and was brought into Konoha. Perhaps he could use that boy to his advantage concerning Naruko and her loyalty to Konoha.

''I'll have to keep an eye on that boy...''


''Um Naruto-kun...can I ask you something?'' Naruko spoke as she and Naruto sat against a tree in the academies courtyard it was lunchtime and they had been led to the courtyard to eat and spend their break outside. Naruto sitting beside her as he took a bite of his apple looked her way swallowing the golden haired boy.

''Yeah what's up Naruko-chan?'' he asked watching as she sipped her apple juice, then the violet eyed girl looked at him with an expression that Naruto would have thought to be a serious one. Seeing she was unusually quiet Naruto paid her his full attention. It wasn't as if she was gonna ask him something completely and utterly out of the ordinary, right?

''Can you teach me how to fight?'' she said in a rather blunt manner, she watched as her friend went wide eyed as he looked at her with a surprised expression. Out of all the things for her to ask him, she wanted to know how to fight, that is until he remebered the times when she was instructed in Taijutsu practice by their classes sensei's. His eyes only narrowed when he remebered the specific stances they had her in.

'They were teaching her the wrong stance...she must have caught onto that or at the least felt something was off when she saw the others doing it completely differently.' he thought before he look to Naruko with a questioning expression.

''I see and why exactly do you want me to teach you?'' in response the girl flushed shyly but, kept looking at him with a determined glaze in her violet orbs. Orbs that reminded him so much of Naruko's mother that it was almost painful. ''...Because...I feel like the sensei's are...lying to me and teaching me differently...and I trust you...besides I've seen you fight in taijutsu practice, you did land a hit on Mizuki-sensei's jaw knocking him out cold!'' she pointed out making the spiky blonde look away for a moment that is before he sighed.

His practice with Mizuki was more along the lines the sensei trying to assess his combat prowess, he underestimated Naruto and when he let his guard down Naruto delivered a punch to his chin knocking him out cold unconscious to the floor. Since then he'd gained looks of shock from iruka and the other students and the envy of most of the boys while the other girls had looked at him as if he was a piece of meat.

He shuddered at that, they were still kids even himself and already they were acting like hormonial teenagers...

He looked back at Naruko only to gain a slight twitch of his brow when he saw the girl giving him that look, the oh so dreaded look that could bring many powerful men to their knees in submission. Her violet eyes glistening, wide as could be, her lower lip quivering with both her hands grasped together and try as he might Naruto couldn't fight it.

Naruko was giving him the puppy dog look...


''Fine...fine I'll teach you...'' he said and in turn did Naruko only glomp his arm with her signature grin, her whiskered face grinning in victory as she won over Naruto's usual impassiveness.

''Thank you Naruto-kun!'' she said in glee as Naruto just pat her head with a emotionless expression on his face, though his ears twitched when he heard the sound of steps coming near them, he glanced to the direction only to sigh when he saw a mop of brown spiky hair and a small white fluff ball sitting on the boys head.

'Great the Inuzuka...'

''Oi teme! Fight me!'' the boy called Kiba, clan heir of the Inuzuka clan shouted while pointing to said blond,sitting against the tree, his pet ninken Akamaru barked in confirmation. Naruto however just stared at Kiba with a bored look even as Naruko looked at Kiba then to naruto with a curious expression. Naruto only looked at the boy with a uninterested gaze before looking back to Naruko.

''No...'' at his response Kiba went slack jawed at the blunt refusal of his challenge whilst Naruko looked up at Naruto with a curious expression. That is until Kiba's eyes narrowed into slits as he glared at the bored Naruto. Gritting his teeth the Inuzuka heir yelled, ''Why, you scared or something?'' he said trying to taunt or goad Naruto but, the little interaction was gaining the attention of the other classmates.

Including one Uchiha...

Naruto didn't even spare Kiba a glance when he spoke his next words, ''No it's because your an annoyance...and fighting you would a waste of time...'' said the golden spiky haired boy, doing this and insulted a clan heir so nonchalantly did Naruto ignore the shocked looks from the other classmates or the slight widening of Sasuke's eyes as he too watched the scene with interest. Though he did see Naruko's awed expression at how he showed blatant disrespect to a clan heir like the Inuzuka clan.

''An annoyance! At least I have a family unlike you who doesn't even have a surname, your an orphan like the blond tomato faced loser with you!'' the boy shouted, his words however didn't affect naruto the slightest what did though was when Naruko flinched at his side thus making his azure eyes narrow slightly. Looking toward Kiba Naruto spoke after a long tense silence.

''Your like your namesake dictates, your a mutt Inuzuka, you have a loud bark but, I wonder if you have the bite to back up your bark...'' Kiba let out a feral growl at Naruto's words and this time the spiky haired blond slowly stood up though when he felt a tightening on his arm did he look down to Naruko to see her having a worried expression. Giving the younger girl a smile he just grasped her hand from his arm and looking at her for a minute did her worry dissolve and be replaced with a grin.

''Kick his butt Naruto-kun...'' said azure eyed boy gave her a nod before he turned to Kiba, his smile gone and replaced with a stoic expression. He let his arms hang at his sides as he just walked forward a bit till he was standing a few feet away from the Inuzuka. He ignored the students crowding around them as he just stared boringly at the Inuzuka.

''Well let's get this over with...'' and with that Kiba didn't waste time., he crouched before charging toward Naruto, his fist reared back, did he come yelling his way toward the unmoving azure eyed Naruto. ''Take this!'' when he got close to Naruto swung his fist expecting it to slam into naruto's face. Instead before it was an inch away from Naruto did the last Kamikaze release a sigh.



''Agh!'' Kiba's face instantly met the ground as Naruto simply dodged his first attack, grabbed his forearm before flipping the boy over his shoulder before throwing him to the ground. Swift and quick, Naruto then kneeled down and grabbed the boy by the hair and yanked him up so he could look at Kiba face to face. Doing show he showed no sympathy when the boy showed he was about to cry.

''This is your first and only warning Inuzuka, you can insult me, you can kick me and you can even spit on me but, insult Naruko and you won't be spared...the next time you shoot off your mouth I'll be there to beat you within an inch of your pathetic life, and to silence you completely, am I understood?'' he said, his words alone made the kids around him shiver from the cold ruthless tone in his voice. His face and eyes showed no remorse even as Kiba looked ready to piss himself whilst he was already on the verge of crying.


''Good...'' and with that Naruto let go of Kiba's hair making the dog boy kiss the ground with a soft thump and stepping over the boys body did he walk back to where he was before. Only now he was a bit worried to how Naruko would have reacted to what he did, boy was he surprised when he suddenly found himself glomped by said violet eyed girl.

''That was so awesome Naruto-kun!'' she said almost squealed in glee as she had watched the entire thing and while some others didn't catch it she saw the only thing, between him simply dodging Kiba's attack before literally grabbing and flipping the boy before throwing him to the ground. She had watched the entire thing and it just made her tremble in excitement to know that naruto would be teaching her how to fight.

And to do that kind of stuff made her all the more giddy...

Though the another reason she was so happy was the way Naruto defended her, she wasn't in the least disturbed with the way he publicly embarrassed Kiba but, with how he protected her and defended her was more then enough for her to completely and fully trust Naruto. Unlike most she only trusted one other person as much and that was her tenshi, her smile could have out lit the sun itself with out bright it was.

Looking up at Naruto as the two walked away from the other students did she speak, ''And thanks for defending me...'' she said to where Naruto only gave her a nod as they once again sat against the tree. Naruto leaned his head to Naruko and whispered in her ear whilst the commotion with the other students went on.

''Anything for my friend, anyway to begin your lessons...,meet me at training ground 1 and from there I'll start instructing you on the correct stances for the Academy style Taijutsu, alright?'' he said only for Naruko to look at him with a smile before giving a nod then quickly she just returned to leaning on his shoulder and without thinking bout it too much Naruto returned to just sitting against the tree basking in the comfortable silence.

He knew the future for him was gonna be eventful of that he knew without a doubt now...


Well that ends this prologue and WOW...that was long...longer then I thought it would be, anyway yes to answer a few questions naruto is NOT related to Minato or Kushina, he is the last of his clan and last of the Assassin Order. Some may think Naruto is too strong or something like that but, keep in mind that the anime Naruto has pretty much gone down the path of godlike beings.

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