This is 2nd fanfic this one involving Twilight Sparkle, if you read my first one I'll hint at my first story a little, the worlds won't line up exactly though.

It was an early Saturday morning and rain was pattering on the window in a sadish sweetish rhythm. Twilight woke up tired and alone again. She had never really thought of waking up alone it had become an enigmatic custom developed over the years from morning after morning of repeating the practice, but in recent days some hole had seemed to catch her by the heel and she started contemplating whether or not her self-imposed loneliness was the wrong decision. It wasn't that she had intended to wake up every morning alone but with her studies and duties she had simply passed up on chances to change her status. Maybe it was just jealousy, Pinkie had been so happy recently that there had to be something in it, but she was still young it wasn't like her clock was ticking away the menacing specter of being an old mare was still a very distant prospect. Comforting herself with this thought she climbed out of bed and made her way to the breakfast table where Spike was already setting out a plate of food.

"Morning Spike, you're up early."

"I couldn't sleep so I figured I might as well get up, it's a shame 'cause it's always nice to sleep in when it rains. How'd you sleep?"

"Fine," she lied.

The melancholy taping of the rain was starting to be a bother so she turned on the radio to try and tune it out.

To lead a better life a need my love to be here…

Here, making each day of the year

Changing my life with the wave of her hand

Nobody can deny that there's something there.

Christ even the radio was trying to dampen her spirits.

"Spike, would you say I'm lonely?"

"Of course not you've got lots of friends I mean how many people do you really need?"

"Maybe one more wouldn't hurt."

With that she finished eating and returned to her studies. It was often tedious work piling through thousands of pages, but it always seemed worthwhile when she found herself able to perform some new or better trick, even if it was small. And as is a common occurrence when dealing with the written word she often found things that were simply wonderful to read, like that novel by Clyde Zukowski published a few days before he died last December. It was after a few hours of work that Spike spat out a small green flame and an official looking letter stamped and sealed from the desk of the princess herself. She would receive mail from the princess often enough, but this letter seemed to weigh some special significance with the way it was adorned. She opened it and a series of small sparks and a gentle trumpeting sound erupted from the page, the princess was seldom so flashy, she set the paper down on the table and began to read.

My dearest student, I am pleased to inform you that my son Coat-of-Arms, heir to the throne, will be married on the 13th day of March in the castle garden and you are welcomed as my own personal guest. Furthermore I request that you and your friends, who are also invited, arrive in Canterlot a week prior to the wedding to celebrate and assist in the preparations. As always I look forward to seeing you your teacher


"Well now even the princess is rubbing it in." Still it would be nice to visit Canterlot and maybe get her mind away from this place for a while, yes she would be there.

"Spike I need you to take down a note, let the princess know I'll make it to Canterlot a week early." That meant she would have to leave in a few days. She set own the letter and returned to her studies.

If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?

I must be traveling on now, cause there's too many places I must see.

"Are you listening to that old music again?"

"Yes mother, it helps me concentrate when I write, besides I'm grown man I think I can decide on whether or not I'll listen to music when I write." He didn't know who he was kidding his decisions weren't his own they seldom ever were, but that's the life of a prisoner.

"Well you need to come down, your brothers fiancée is being introduced to the royal family and he insists you be there."

"I'm not a member of the royal family."

"Whether you consider yourself a member or not your brother wants you there."

"I'll go down there for him for a little while and that's all; don't expect me to stay long, but then again you wouldn't want me to." He was maybe the most affluent and least appreciated prisoner you could find, that maybe made it all the sadder.

Oooooh I can't change, why don't you flyyyy free bird.

Twilight was riding the early morning train to Canterlot, the rain had yet to subside and a mist was gracefully entrenching itself on the window pane.

"I don't need a stallion I mean what was I thinking, Spike's right I've got plenty of people who care about me." But that small voice in the back of her mind kept singing quietly but persistently wouldn't it be lovely to have someone smart and sweet, we both know it would be. She did her best to ignore it.

She arrived in Canterlot half past twelve, the rain had ceased but dark clouds hung overhead promising more at any moment, a chauffeur was waiting for her with a carriage to take her the short walk to the castle grounds.

"The princess certainly didn't spare any expenses, hopefully she won't overdo it but then again she did ask for Rarities help which isn't a good sign."

When they arrived at the castle grounds Twilight was amazed at the effort being put into every detail, every corner, every archway, every blade of grass was either adorned or in pristine order.

"My favorite pupil, it's so good to see you again." Twilight turned to see the benign face of Equestria's sovereign.

"It's good to see you too princess; I hope we can take some time to catch up while I'm here."

"That would be quite nice; I'll be rather busy with wedding preparations but I'll make sure we'll have time to talk. But first let me show you your room I made sure you had a suite while staying here and your bags are already on their way up."

"Well thank you that's very kind I'm pretty tired after the train ride."

"Don't mention it, oh and there's going to be a small quiet celebration tonight if you're interested."

"I'll make sure I attend, see you then."

Some hours later she entered the ballroom where the main theatre of the Gala was held every year, like the princess had said she was expecting a relatively quiet evening casual evening, she was wearing the yellow dress Rarity had made for her birthday last year and she strolled nonchalantly in. The princess had stretched the truth somewhat, there had to be a hundred or more people in the room at least half of them drunk the music was loud and terrible and the princess was occupied at the table of the royal family with her son, who couldn't have been older than eighteen, and the soon to be princess. After five minutes and a lot of discomfort she left the party to maybe find some peace at her old sanctuary the library. It was a bit of a walk, half a mile or more but after what she had just come from it was well worth it, she opened the carved mahogany doors and was enticed by the familiar air. The ancient sent of parchment and dried ink, the musty air that was also so fresh, the beautiful sight of page upon page stacked in concerted glory, and something new, a sweet sound that was being carried through the room. Beethoven Moonlight Sonata calm and perfect caressing her ear and at a table a young unicorn had his eyes closed was alternating between swaying gently to the sound and writing. He was a dark blue unicorn with a neatly cropped black mane his cutie mark was a bird with a pen in one claw and parchment in the other, utterly lost in his work and his music.


He looked up quickly and set the pen down.

"Hi, I'm sorry if I was bothering you with the music I just use it to help concentrate."

"Oh I don't mind it's a beautiful piece, I enjoy listening to Beethoven when I study."

"Alright but I have to warn you it's liable to change to Lynyrd Skinner or the Rolling Stones."

"Who's that?"

"Oh boy I have some things to teach you."

"What's your name by the way?"

"Twilight Sparkle, I came to the library to get away from the noise of the party."

"You're Twilight Sparkle, I heard a lot about you." "Really?"

"Well yeah the princess is always talking about you."

"You know the princess?" "Well I certainly hope so."

"What's your name?"

"I guess you could say I don't have one, at least legally."

"How's that, I mean what do people call you?"

"Well when I was a day old my mother, she didn't exactly abandon me but sort of relinquished me to the care of Priest without a name or the knowledge of where I came from. Father O'Conner was his name, he raised me most of my life and I've always considered him to be my real father. Anyway she left me there and I was never officially given a name, to this day I still don't have one."

"But how do people talk to you?"

"Well Father O'Conner used to kind of tease me by calling me Samson, I was really small for my age, my mother started to reclaimed me gradually when I was about five and when she finally took me back at around age twelve everyone called me Cross on account of my being raised by a priest, so I just go by that."

"Well Cross it's nice to meet you, can I ask why you're in the library usually folks aren't allowed in after dark?"

"I pretty much have access to everything in the castle, and I was getting tired of Coat's party, he usually isn't interested in those kinds of things."

"You know the prince?"

"Well yeah I've known him since he was two days old." Twilight was slightly shocked by this."

"How's that you couldn't be that much older than he his maybe six seven years."

"Six years two hundred and thirty-seven days." Twilight was starting to piece it together.

"I'm his older brother, well half-brother at least."

"But how could the princess not have told anyone about you and how come your brother's the heir if you're older?"

"Well my mother doesn't like people knowing about me on account of my being the bastard son."

Well that's how it starts, I'll try to elaborate in my next few chapters. Please review.