I don't know if this is my last chapter or not.

"So what exactly do you plan to do?"

"Well I'm not entirely sure, I guess I just plan to not leave beyond that I don't know."

"I don't think you can just say you're not leaving and expect them to just turn around and leave."

"You worry too much, I mean are they going to drag me back by the tail."

"They might, and I think you worry too little." Strangely enough he laughed.

"I'm too lazy to worry" This time Twilight giggled.

"I guess that's a good way to be, it reminds me a little of Pinkie Pie."

They were silent for a minute or two as if they had decided to make this their farewell address. Maybe it was because it sounded something like a farewell address that Cross spoke up.

"You know if I had a normal life I probably would never have met you. So I guess everything sort of happened for the best; the strangest situations always seem to end up for the best."

"No, we would have ended up together anyway. I don't know exactly how but we would have."

"You said you didn't believe in any of that written in the stars crap."

"I don't but I'm still sure, I just kind of know. Honestly I think I just have hard time imagining not knowing you. And didn't you say you'd never forgive your mother for taking you away from a normal life."

"I did, but there's no reason for me to be angry if it is ending today."

"I love you"

"I love you too"

To lead a better life a need my love to be here…

Here, making each day of the year

Changing my life with the wave of her hand

Nobody can deny that there's something there

I need her everywhere

And when she's beside me I know I need never fear

But to love her is to need her everywhere

Knowing that love is to share…

A Chariot was rounding the bend, they both knew who was in it but they kept on singing. It drove up on front of them and stopped abruptly kicking up a large amount of dust and the singing stopped. The princess stepped out her face was wrought with indifference which was more intimidating than anger would have been.

"So here you are."

"Here I am."

"Do you have anything to say to me?"

"I have no regrets other than not doing it sooner and I'm not going to leave."

"Is that so?"

"It is."

"Do you know how you've affected your family how hurt everyone is?"

"I can imagine most of the folks at the castle are relieved and as for my family it's right here." He wrapped his arm tighter around Twilight's shoulder.

"And you my faithful student what do you have to say."

"The only thing I have to say that I didn't say that night is that I'm not just going to stand by this time. I'm not going to let you separate us."

"I suppose there's nothing left to say then." And with that she turned around entered her chariot and left without another word, it was at this time that Cross noticed she had come alone there weren't any guards. They waited for several minutes expecting hell to rain from the sky, but the world was still save a warm breeze. Then it was over finally, in one brief exchange all the years of his life had been swept away and a promising new world stood in front of him in front of them both.

Several days later a letter reached Twilight's door, it was from the princess.

My dearest student,

This is both my letter of apology and blessing. I have always believed in freedom and it was my own pride that caused me to turn my back on this an in the process harm two people I should care about the most. I therefore relinquish my son Cross I won't bother either of you again. I meant it when I said I wanted what was best for him, I came to your home that day to see for myself how strongly you two love one another and I was not disappointed. It was then that I realized what was best for the both of you was to be together and it is not my place to interfere. I do not have long as you will understand sooner than later and I knew that I had to right this wrong. I conclude with my deepest apologies and my love you both

Sincerely, your teacher

Twilight showed Cross the letter and he went silent for a minute. Then he hugged Twilight tightly and they both laughed to the point of tears.

It's been awhile since then, not too long of course just long enough for it to not be fresh anymore. I heard a rumor that Cross bought her one hell of a ring for her but hasn't quite had the guts to give it to her yet. I heard another rumor that there's going to be a new unicorn in ponyville before too long. I can't really say if either of those are true maybe both or maybe neither it doesn't matter really. It doesn't matter because one thing that is the truth is that they're in it for the long hall they've got something really special that most folks can only imagine it's comforting to know love like that exists somewhere out there. It's the kind of thing most folks only see on paper or in movies but once in a while something really good comes around and you know it's going to end well no matter what happens. Alright so maybe that stuff only does exist in fairy tales but there isn't any reason it has to you just need to know where to look.

That's the end of that one. I'm sorry it's a brief conclusion but I was having a hard time thinking of any conclusion at all and this was the best I could do. I hope you enjoyed it and if you like my work I had another kind of crazy idea about an hour before I wrote this that goes back to my original OC and Pinkie Pie. Until next time.