After narrowly escaping capture in St. Lucy's he was exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I almost lost her, my whole world, my méi-mei. Simon thought horrified.

As soon as he could Simon had gone into the infirmary loaded the memory tab into the small computer and began immediately scanning the information.

He discovered that along with stripping River's amygdala, her reflexes were enhanced much more than normal.

The scan also showed deep penetrating scars on her brain, from what he could tell River's brain had been put through the ringer.

He was shocked that his sister was able to survive for as long as she did in the Academy.

Don't worry méi-mei I'll set everything right again... somehow. Simon thought determinedly.

Studying the scan closer he turned on his encyclopedia and searched the types of medications that the crew had taken from St. Lucy's.

Along with this he tried to match the drugs they took from the hospital and looked them up one by one to see if any were right for treating mental illness and sleep problems.

Simon quickly came to the conclusion that his treatment of River would have to be trial in error, his medical studies only certified him in trauma he had never thought of studying any other branches of medicine.

He knew that his sister's recovery would be just as slow as his liberation of her from the Academy.

Oh well nothing else so far as been easy why did I think this would be? Simon thought sarcastically

He found to his relief that quite a few of the drugs they took treated not only mental illness but also sleep disorders.

He took a breath and began to mix a cocktail of the drugs he found that could be helpful and placed them into a hypo for River.

Simon knew this wasn't a cure but he was certain that the mixture would at least alleviate his sister from her horrible nightmares and give her some stability during the day.

Needle and alcohol swab in hand Simon made his way once again to River's bunk.

He knocked on his sister's door and slid it open.

She was on the floor drawing in a peach satin silk nightgown one of the many hand-me-downs Inara had given to her.

Her raven waved hair was wet and he remembered that Inara had taken her into her shuttle to bathe a few minutes after they had returned from St. Lucy's.

Simon smiled he crouched down near her and asked warmly "Hey, what are you doing?"

River looked up at him once again with inquisitive eyes.

She grinned softly and replied whimsically "Drawing, it seemed like the right activity after all of the hǔnluàn today."

Simon sat down across from her and studied her drawing more closely.

It was a exact replica of earth-that-was Russian nesting dolls they were colorful and drawn very well.

He smiled again and said approvingly "That is dà zhēn River, de hěn bàng."

She looked up at him again her eyes immediately zoned in on the needle in his right hand.

River asked guarded "What are you doing this evening?"

Simon acknowledged the needle he spun it around slowly in his hands.

Taking a breath he replied softly "Well.. I.. uh brought some medicine with me, do you remember why we were at the hospital?"

River nodded her eyes became clouded with sadness.

She asked stoically "Simon it's time to go to sleep again isn't it?"

Simon took her right hand and held it softly in his own, using his right arm he pulled her into a warm and comforting hug.

She curled in on him and whispered softly "We almost went away today, away from the crew, away from Serenity."

Simon squeezed her and said reassuringly "I know méi-mei, but we didn't the Captain and Jayne unbelievably kept us safe."

He gently released her but held onto her right hand.

Swabbing her right forearm he prepped the needle.

Simon looked at River and replied resolutely "It's finally time for you wake up, méi-mei ."

With that he injected the medicine he hoped would give his sister some relief.

The drugs began to take instantaneous effect Simon saw her eyelids begin to droop.

Before she fell asleep River whispered softly "Stay with me."

Simon smiled and said lovingly "Of course méi-mei, I'll stay for as long as you want."

Drowsily River climbed into her bed and Simon made sure she didn't fall.

He tucked her in and caressed her right hand as she drifted off into unconsciousness.

I never thought I would feel hopeful but seeing her like this I am. Simon thought optimistically.

Simon continued to watch his sister sleep.

He was astounded when two hours passed and she didn't awaken screaming form a nightmare as was the norm when he administrated a normal sleeping smoother.

After two more hours went by Simon was confident he could leave.

Delicately as possible he slid his hand out of his sisters and quietly left her bunk.

However that didn't mean the next day he wouldn't worry about her.

He was her big brother and that was his job to worry and take care of her.

Now I finally feel that after today I am really and truly doing that job right. He thought happily.

For the first time in a long while Simon was able to sleep his thoughts clear of anxiety.

Mandarin Translations

Hǔnluàn- Chaos

Dà zhēn, de hěn bàng- Great, really great