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Summary: Throw facts, logic, & sense out and pretend that there is another Lelouch story arc in the anime CODE GEASS Universe. Now imagine the peaceful world Lelouch died to create 10 years after the events of CODE GEASS: LELOUCH OF THE REBELLION R2 is soon to be endangered.

This is my first ever fan fiction. Ultimately, it will not be very long and I don't know how often I'll be updating it (if at all). I'd be interested to know if you like it or can think of way it can be improved.



A few of the Britannian noble families and their personal guards had gone into hiding when Lelouch came into power. Instead of accepting the peace that the world had finally achieved , they resented losing their former power and harbored a grudge against Empress Nunnally for being a weak crippled pacifist. They slowly and secretly bought up weapons gear well as increased their guard. Working together carefully, they quietly built up their own private armies. In a failed attempt to assassinate Nunnally, Suzaku (still disguised as Zero) and Oogi were killed along with numerous others.

One young boy, Victor Realis age 11, was visiting with his dog (Chance) and his mother Claria (one of Nunnally's favorite Ladies Maids) when the surprise attack took place. Claria was killed, her body mostly obliterated. Chance was intact, but dead. Victor was alive but badly dazed and upset when C2 appeared and gave Victor the power of Geass. Victor's geass was the power of resurrection. If the body was complete and didn't die of natural causes, then he could heal the wound and restore life. He was able to resurrect his dog Chance, but his mother was beyond saving. C2 got Victor & Chance away and took care of them. As days turned into weeks and the violence continued to escalate to the point of civil war, Victor looked out upon the world and felt an unquenchable rage burn within his heart.

Desperate for revenge and a way to end the fighting, Victor begs C2 to help him. C2 warns him of the dangers of seeking revenge but decides to help. A few nights later she sneaks him into the secret tomb where the body of Lelouch vi Britannia, 99th Emperor of Britannia rests preserved in a solid block of ice in frozen repose. Victor is nervous about resurrecting Lelouch. The stories Victor heard from Nunnally about him are very different from what he learned in school and overheard from the other adults. C2 assures him that if he wants to stop fighting and get revenge for his mother, bringing Lelouch back to life will be his swiftest and surest way to succeed. C2 points out that Lelouch is a genius, hates the aristocracy, adores his sister, wants Nunnally to be safe and happy, and would willingly crush any threat to the worlds hard won peace. Since all of these things are what Victor also wants, he should use Lelouch as an accomplice to get revenge and stop the fighting. "If you don't have the determination to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, then it's not too late to turn back now," C2 tells Victor.

Victor pushes a button on the machine that maintains the ice holding Lelouch. The ice cracks and quickly melts. He uses his geass. Lelouch awakens.