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-Prologue 2-

SHADOW BROKER FILES – Jensen, Adam (2)

Audio transcript / Presidium

Adam Jensen: Saren's hiding something! Every lead we pursued vanished without a trace. Every call, every extranet search we made was monitored or halted by the Spectres! They even hacked our computers!

Executor Pallin: That's the Spectres for you. I'll say one good thing about them: they look after their own…

Garrus Vakarian: Even when one of theirs is responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians? Even when one is responsible for the death of another?

EP: You two seem to be under the impression that a Spectre causing the deaths of thousands is some kind of dire catastrophe worthy of the history books. For the Spectres, it's a Tuesday. They've gotten plenty of public accusations over the centuries; some of them false, some of them true, and they've learned to deal with them efficiently.

AJ: Are you saying the Spectres are in on-

EP: I didn't say that. I'm saying getting accused of atrocities happens too frequently to the Spectres. After a while, they stopped caring if they're true or not. Defending their own is pretty much a reflex now. They only act against one another at the command of the Council.

GV: Then let us keep investigating! If we find even a small piece of evidence that points to Saren being dirty, they'll gladly help us put his head on the chopping block!

EP: Not possible. The Council has already reviewed the evidence-

AJ: -which currently amounts to zero.

EP: -and they'll make their verdict shortly.

(sounds of footsteps. Three pairs)

GV: Give us more time! Stall them!

EP: Stall the Council? Don't be ridiculous. Your investigation is over, Detectives.

sounds of footsteps, one pair, fading away

silence, 10 seconds

Jun Shepard: So…um. How about those glow in the dark trees…I guess? Also, space.

GV: Commander Shepard?

JS: The one and only.

GV: Garrus Vakarian, I was the officer in charge of the C-Sec investigation into Saren. This is my partner, Adam Jensen.

AJ: Ms. Shepard.

JS: Pleased to meet you both. So, just between you and me, did you find anything that might help me nail him to the wall or at the very least embarrass him in front of his friends?

GV: No. Saren's a Spectre. Anything he touches is classified-

AJ: -That didn't stop me, though.

Kaidan Alenko: You tried to hack into a Spectre's files? Damn.

GV: And that wound up bringing down the wrath of the Spectres on our heads. They thwarted us at every turn. Couldn't find anything solid.

JS: Damn.

KA: I think the Council's ready for us, Commander.

JS: Well, that's my cue. Detectives.

AJ: Ms Shepard.

End of Recording



(tracking subjects: Commander Jun Shepard, Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko, Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams.)

(filtering background noise…done)

Ashley Williams: Holy Mother of…that was him! The Monster!

Jun Shepard: Who in the what now?

AW: The Frankenstein Monster! How can you not know about him?

KA: He was all over the news on Earth back in '75.

JS: Well goshdarnit would you mind explaining to this poor colony farmgirl what this Frankenstein nonsense is about? I swears I can't hardly keep up with all this core-world nonsense of yers!

AW: Well, the Franken-

JS: -I've read Mary Shelley, Chief. I just don't see the connection between a ruggedly handsome cop and a flesh golem animated by lightning.

AW: You've seen his hands, right?

JS: So he's got prosthetic hands. Still not seeing the connection.

AW: He's like this all over! Fake arms, fake legs, fake lungs, fake heart. Even parts of his brains are electronic!

KA: In other words he's mostly synthetic.

AW: Right! What if he's controlled by Saren? What if he's been compromised by the Geth? You've seen those Husks!

JS: He didn't seem particularly overcome with the desire to eat my brains, Chief.

AW: Nobody human modifies himself like that unless he's got a thirst for it. What if Saren offered him more mods?

KA: Well, they don't make augmentations like his anymore… could be tempting.

JS: And you're making assumptions on his character based on…what? A one minute conversation and the fact that he's augmented up the arse? Chief, you realize that me and the LT are augmented, right? Hell, you've got gene mods yourself.

AW: Those gene mods keep me at peak human performance, well within what was meant to be, so that's not the same thing! And your implants are designed to help you manage your natural abilities…

JS: Chief, my abilities are the result of me breathing in too much Eezo as a kid. There's nothing natural about them. And because of those implants I need another one in my skull to remind myself who I am and who I'm supposed to know every once in a while.

AW: You're…?

JS: Yep. And I've yet to sing the praises of Saren.

AW: I'm sorry ma'am, I-I really shouldn't have said anything.

tracking subject Captain David Anderson

DA: Jun!

JS: Sir!

DA: If you're quite done arguing with your subordinates, we've got a meeting with the Council to attend!

(increasing audio volume)

JS: …ver could back down from a fight.

DA: Probably your worst flaw.

JS: Heh, yeah I-urgh.

DA: Jun?

KA: Ma'am?

JS: I'm okay, I'm okay. I'm just overdue for a dose of Neuropozine.

DA: Chakwas didn't give you your dose?

JS: You know what that shit does to me. Need to keep my head on straight…

End of Video


Audio Transcript: Presidium tower elevator

(Muzak playing)

Adam Jensen: I am NOT in the mood for this.

(Sound of Omni Tool activating)


recalibrating mic…done

Garrus Vakarian: …ittle extreme, don't you think?

AJ: Don't want to listen to this crap for the next twenty minutes and get it stuck in my head when I go to sleep.

GV: Off to grab a few winks?

AJ: I've haven't slept in days, so yeah. What about you?

GV: Hm…I still got a few leads I need to check on.

AJ: Not giving up?

GV: …No. I can't. I know Pallin doesn't want me to keep at it…but Saren just rubs me the wrong way. What about you?

AJ: …I'm still in. You need me to tag along?

GV: Nah, I can handle this one by myself. Just get some rest. I'll keep you updated.

AJ: Right.

(Silence, 5 minutes door chime)

GV: Well, this is my stop. Sweet dreams, Jensen.

AJ: Thanks.

(door chime. Silence, 3 minutes)

AJ: (sigh)


Audio file - Phone Call – CSec Dispatch/Adam Jensen's apartment.

Adam Jensen: I'm up, I'm up.

Ishoth Fazzik: Mister Jensen? We have a Code 98 at Aguilar Memorial hospital. Officers have already cordoned off the area. Executor Pallin has ordered your immediate-

AJ: -wait, wait, slow down. There's been a murder? Who's the vic?

IF: An Alliance Marine by the name of…[beeping sounds] Junko Zayne Shepard.

(5 seconds of silence)

IF: Sir? Are you there?

AJ: I'm on my way.

End of Recording

CODEX ENTRY: Augmentation.

Augmentation is a catch-all term for the sciences and technologies meant to improve the physical performance of an organic being through cybernetics, genetics or even simple chemicals.

The legality of augmentation varies from species to species, from method to method. The Citadel, however, strictly restricts biomodification to enhance the existing abilities of a species. Adding new limbs and extra organs would be a violation of these laws.

Salarians happily embrace all forms of augmentations, although they prefer to apply it to more primitive species. Turians are lukewarm to the idea, but are willing to replace limbs with mechanical prosthesis and implant electronics in their soldier's brains to enhance battlefield awareness. Krogan are repulsed by the idea: enhancing themselves is essentially an admission of weakness.

Humanity is a peculiar case. While humans once attempted to embrace mechanical augmentation in the early decades of the 21st century, the social, political and economical turmoil caused by the technology is blamed for the Corporate Wars, the rise of the National Secessionist Forces, the worldwide pandemic called the Gray Death, and finally the Great Worldwide Crash of 2052 (better known as The Collapse). As a result, a deep hatred towards performance enhancing cybernetics still exists on Earth, and its laws on human augmentation reflect this. These laws have been slowly changed due the advent of human biotics, who need electronic implants to manage their abilities or become a hazard to themselves and everyone around them.

On the other hand, shortly after their recovery from The Collapse, humans were all too eager to engage in biomodifying animals and micro-organisms. This has led to the creation of useful medical devices and treatments, such as Medi-Gel, which is now used throughout the galaxy.