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He was handcuffed to the bed blindfolded, rock hard, and shivering with anticipation. HIs chocolate brown hair fanned out around him, the band that normally held it together; gone. Above his lover watched as crimson/onyx eyes drank in the before him: Neji, pale skinned and beautiful, legs spread wide, panting and moaning. It sent a jolt of lust and satisfaction through him and he was only getting started. He settled himself between the younger man's legs and hovered over him, while his hands ran up and down pale sides: caressing his thighs.

The Uchiha's tongue darted out to lick the shell his ear, his hands roamed up the Hyuuga's leanly muscled chest before playing with his hardened nipples. A gasp was drawn from the very willing and plain body under him, smirk curled at his lips. Itachi continued to pay with the hard buds, while he busied his mouth with Neji's. He swooped down covering the lips beneath him with his own, they were soft and full like rose petals and he couldn't get enough of them. Another gasp and he took the invitation to plunder his young lover's cavern with his tongue, savoring Neji's unique taste. His body, however, had other ideas as his hips began a slow rocking motion; their cocks rubbing against each other, precum mixing together.

Itachi was in no hurry at all, he could do this all night or at least for a few more hours; but the brunette under him was different story. He was shaking and writhing, his moans being swallowed by his lover. The raven haired man broke the kiss in need of air, panting lightly he stopped moving his hands, but his hips kept working; they moved a bit faster now, rotating. Neji bucked under him; moaning and gasping, begging and pleading to be taken.

"I-Itachi," a breathless moan, "P-Please, no more teasing!"

The other chuckled dark and deep in the back of his throat.

He murmured an "As you wish" and spread the pale legs apart even farther, thrusting into him in one swift motion burying himself to the hilt inside the tight, lube slicked heat of his lover. He gave him no time to adjust before pulling out agonizingly slow and plunging back in. Neji screamed, his back arching of the bed, legs wrapping themselves around the Uchiha's waist. The pace set was fast and brutally rough. The Hyuuga's scream dissolved into moans and smaller screams, his body thrusting back to match the force and speed of Itachi's movement perfectly.

Then he was being lifted, bent almost in half; with Itachi sinking even deeper into his tight passage, his cock brushing against that small bundle of nerves that had him seeing stars and beams of light behind his closed eyes. They were so close, especially Neji, he older man had had him on edge for hours. The only thing preventing him from cumming was that damn cock ring, and then it was gone and Itachi was pounding into him even faster and harder than before.

He came a few thrust later, his cum painting his chest and his inner walls clamping down like a vise grip around the cock still buried inside him. Itachi's climax ripped through him, his lover's body milking every last drop of cum from his now softening member. They lay together for a while panting and sated, until Itachi moved to uncuff Neji and remove the blind fold. He peered up at him dazed and more than a little blissed out.

Itachi smiled smug, "I told you you'd like being handcuffed and blindfolded."

Neji mumbled a half-hearted shut up before curling up into the other man's side and drifting off. Itachi chuckled again and encircled his arms around the Hyuuga and drifted off as well, they would clean up later.