Author's Note: So I didn't mean for it to turn out into what seems almost like poetry, but it did, so that is what it is I suppose. Of course I think it's much better than what I did in middle school if you have seen my Fantasy poems. Those were always atrocious. Please enjoy and review to let me know what you think.

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It's ironic how many things you miss that happen to be right under your nose.

No matter all the tell tale signs that you see or hear.
No matter all the strange instances that can't be explained.

Everything was connected.

Magic was always there hiding in the corner or in plain sight.
From the moment we first met to the moment I became King.

It's been there and it always will be.

All the times that I faced death.
All the times that I faced a difficult trial and believed it was my end.
All those times I believed I had somehow defied Death's will.
All those times that magic was my savior regardless if I knew or I didn't.

Magic was always by my side

Whether it was some strange creature come to haunt Camelot from the darkest depths of the world.
Whether it was some spirit driven to madness by death.
Whether it was from inside Camelot's very walls.

It's always been there.

Regardless of how I've treated you.
Regardless of the strife you received.
Regardless of the danger.
Regardless if you were dying.
Regardless if your secret would be revealed.
Regardless of your attempts to defy our fate and your destiny

You were always prepared to stay by my side.

How did it work out so easily?
How did you manage to keep it a secret for all this time?
How did you manage to keep me sane through all my encounters and hardships?

And now…

I am to be King with the last Dragon Lord by my side.
I am, despite all my snide remarks, to have one of the people I have always trusted by my side
I am to have the most powerful wizard, Merlin by my side.
I am to have my friend by my side.
I am to have an advisor by my side.
I am to have magic by my side.

What more could I see for the future of Camelot?

I can create a world where ordinary folk do not have to fear magic.
I can create a world where there is peace.
I can create a world where everyone may get along.
I can create a world that the Bards of the future will sing of in Ballads and Tales.

This world will change with my reign for the better.

I am the King.

I am King Arther of Camelot and I will use magic from this day forward to create a better world.

Author's Note: I may add a portion on Merlin's thoughts. We will see. I haven't decided yet on that bit.