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Will contain Slash; not Sam/Harry but will be Mech/Harry.

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For now though; please enjoy the prologue:

Harry James Potter cringed with the descent of the private jet; the luxury aircraft had been hailed by the American President for his journey towards Washington D.C. For whatever reason; only three months after the War; Harry had been asked to work as the High Ambassador for the British Ministry of Magic in the States as their liaison to the American Wizarding Community. For some inexplicable reason he had been summoned to the White House to meet the President in private just after accepting the offer. Not that Harry wasn't excited; he was finally escaping the clutches of his fame and the people that were trying to tie him down with guilt and duty.

The only thing that he was upset with was the fact that he had to fly to the United States in a private jet supplied by the man himself. The plane in itself was awesome; the crew was friendly but despite Harry's love of heights and flying - this was a different type of flying that left him quite out of sorts with his body. Shaking his head to try and clear the haziness that the flight had caused; Harry was discretely led off of the tarmac and into a state supplied limo. This time; there were no photographers, no reporters vying for his attention and no adoring public that could turn against him in a second. To the young wizard it was pure bliss; one of the quirks of taking this job had been the offer of complete secrecy. No one was to know who he was, where he hailed from and what he was doing here and after being assured that only a few wizards in America knew what he done and who he was it was an easy decision. It had only taken a second of hesitation before he had consented. It was starting anew in a place where his life was no longer dictated by others; it was his own...

"Mr Potter? We'll be arriving at the White House shortly." Harry nodded; his fingers rolling the wand between his fingers of his right hand. It had once belonged to his mentor and grandfather figure; Albus Dumbledore until the final War. After Voldemort's death at the Battle of Hogwarts; Harry had tried to get rid of the Death Hallows but they refused to be broken or stray far from his person. So now here he sat; the unwilling Master of Death who was most likely immortal and going to be lonely for a very long time. But it was a small price for the new chance at life he had been given. On his right ring finger sat the stone of resurrection inlaid in a platinum frame; in his bag was his father's Invisibility Cloak and in his right hand balanced the Elder Wand. He had grown his dark hair out so that it fell over his scar; even though it was still an untameable mess. His frame was still lithe and very small for his age; it looked like the malnourishment at the Dursley's hands would never allow him to grow to his fully intended height.

Shrugging his shoulders; Harry watched the scenery swish by in a rush of colourful blurs. When the gate opened at the towering building Harry had only seen in photographs he was amazed. It was so clean; looked so powerful and even the grass was perfect. Nothing at all like the dark feel of the Ministry back in England. Shaking his head in amusement; the young nineteen year old stepped out of the back seat before the door could be opened for him. He did appreciate the gesture but he could look after himself; thank you very much.

"High Ambassador? If you'll please follow me." Harry said nothing but he felt a little out of place in his neat black pants and his oxford shirt rolled up to his sleeves. On his right hand rested two more rings; the Potter family ring on his thumb and on his index finger was his other heritage to the Black Family. He could still remember staring at the ring on Sirius finger many times before. It was a last memento from his godfather.

"High Ambassador Potter-Black; if you'll sit with Mr Witwicky I'm sure the president will be with you in a moment." Harry shrugged his indifference and sat next to the youth he assumed was 'Mr Witwicky'. A second glance at the teen told him that he didn't feel the usual envy and hate directed at his mere presence; just an understandable touch of curiosity and a wary disposition towards something other than him.

'Such a strange surname...' Both teens shared a single thought in that second without even knowing it. Harry smiled. No one had recognized him yet and for a moment he felt at peace with the world before his electrical green eyes fell on the taller youth and took in distinctive features. Short dark hair; that Harry guessed could have been just as messy as his if it hadn't been kept so short. His tall frame was dressed neatly in a suit and those captivating brown eyes sparkled in a carefree happiness, mischief and something much darker. Why did it feel like they were of a kindred flame? Harry couldn't explain it but he wanted to get to know the teen no matter the cost to his pride.

"Harry Potter - Black." Harry introduced himself after his decision with a small smile. There was nothing stopping him from making friends this time around. There was no expectation of him; no fame following him around and no pressure to be in a place where knew he didn't truly belong. Despite it becoming the only place he had considered home in his younger years.

"Samuel James Witwicky. But please call me Sam." Harry nodded before laughing.

"We share the same middle name." Harry pointed out before the two of them fell into a fit of laughter. How long had it been since Harry had been so carefree? He couldn't even remember.

"Did I just hear wrong or did she call you High Ambassador? How old are you anyways?" Sam asked incredulously. Harry stilled before he chuckled at the way Sam's expression changed to one of curiosity and incredulity at the same time.

"That was just a mistake on her part." Harry lied with a mischievous smile. "I'm nineteen by the way." Harry said almost as an afterthought to Sam's question.

"You're kidding right? You look more like you're sixteen. You don't even look my age." Harry merely shrugged; there was no way he was going to explain the reason why he was so damn short and small for his age. Unless they were to become close friends but not only after meeting the kind teen for the first time.

"Doesn't matter then, I S'posse. Anyway what are you doing here? It's not often that someone so young is in this office." Sam said with a shrug before asking curiously. Yes Harry was definitely going to like Sam.

"Same could be said about you." Harry pointed out calmly. He watched fascinated as something dark ignited in those brown eyes; a kindred understanding passed between them and Harry knew. Knew that despite his carefree looking attitude; he had been through things just like Harry had. The darkness of war, the uncertainty and insecurity in oneself that was flowing freely between them. They had seen things that should never have been seen...

"National Secrecy Act." The both said at the same time.

"Ah; I see you two struck up a friendship?" A deep voice drawled and two sets of surprised eyes looked up to the man standing a few metres away from them. They both fell into compelled silence as Harry felt the powerful aura of the man. It could easily overwhelm him and there wasn't even a shred of magic dormant or active in this person. He was absolutely stunned; just how...

"This makes things a bit easier for me then." The President said with an encouraging smile as he ushered the two youths into the Oval Office. The moment Harry stepped into the office he felt like his heart was fluttering in his chest as the magical wards tickled across his skin. The magical signatures were vast and profound in number. There must have been several hundred if not thousands of witches and wizards who had cast protective wards on the office alone.

"I don't usually split appointments; especially not with people who are so valuable and important assets to our country." Harry turned his green eyes towards the dark skinned man who was speaking calmly. He nodded but didn't protest and a quick look to his right told him that Sam was feeling a bit queasy to actually protest but Harry didn't feel anger or hate directed to him; merely Sam's overwhelming nerves. He chuckled a bit; it was just like he had been at the first task in the Triwizard Tournament. He was about to dig for a calming draught in his pocket when that deep voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Maybe afterwards Mr Potter-Black." Harry nodded in understanding. It would be best to avoid questions.

"Yes, sir. But please call me Harry." Harry pleaded. He hated the way he was so formally addressed. He was standing before the most powerful man in the world and he was being called Mr Potter-Black! They were directed to a comfortable couch that Harry noticed had extra cushioning charms on it. It was meant to calm those who entered the office. It was a good way to relax nervous visitors; he would have to remember that for future reference.

"Harry then; I'll make this brief." The President smiled. "Harry James Potter-Black; you come highly recommended by the Queen and Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt. You have done your country a great service ―" Harry wanted to snort. He had only done it so that he himself wouldn't have to deal with a megalomaniac on his ass all the time. He did not do it for patriotism; it was much more of a request from his mentor and the hope of the Wizarding World pressing on his shoulders that had made him do it. He never wanted anything to do with Voldemort and his rise to power.

"―appreciates your actions. The AWC have been pestering me forever to find a High Ambassador with the British MOM. Before you are sent away into the city I wanted to meet you and welcome you personally. I sincerely hope that you find your work here satisfying. The AWC is on standby to take you to your apartment after this. I hope you find the accommodations to your liking; if not then please let my secretary know and we'll arrange something else." Harry smiled and nodded. He was already looking forward to it and going by the way he was being treated; he knew he wasn't going to have a problem. None at all...

"As for you Mr Witwicky; I also would like to extend my gratitude towards your actions in view of your role in the recent battle in Egypt." Harry's curiosity was peeked; Egypt? He wondered if Bill was still working there as a curse breaker. Maybe he would have an idea of what was going on there.

"In addition to you receiving a medal of honour we wish to request your services as the Head Liaison Officer between the United States and the Autobot Faction." The president laughed softly before he straightened his back. Harry noticed a twinkle in dark eyes that spelled mischief and danger for them both. Oh; God it was like having Albus Dumbledore and his happy twinkling directed back at him.

"Actually it was Lord Prime that had requested it; he says that he would rather only deal with you than another Galloway." Harry had no idea what they were talking about but found the conversation fascinating. Harry watched in amusement as the older looking teen nodded instead of speaking. Harry new the feeling of nervousness in such situations but he was used to standing in the presence of others who were politically powerful and magically inclined; like Kingsley was and how Dumbledore's presence always seemed to steal away his breath for a second.

"That's good. Well then you can leave with your Guardian; Sam. You are by no means restricted only N.E.S.T Headquarters and neither are the Autobots confined to only their base. So if you want to we can set you up in the same apartment suite as Harry in the city. Since the two of you seem to have established a friendship. I think it for the best;" The President said as an afterthought. "Having the top Ambassadors close to another is what we need."

"It'll take some time to settle in but I'm sure you guys can manage." Harry nodded; smiling when Sam also nodded his consent. He didn't mind in fact Harry was feeling slightly giddy at the thought of having a nice roommate for once.

Dark eyes watched the two departing figures with a hidden twinkle and a satisfied smile.

"You know the AWC are not going to be happy about their Ambassador disappearing into N.E.S.T." A feminine voice pointed out with a hint of her own amusement. Dark eyes locked with a set of deep brown and both broke into childish grins.

"It doesn't matter; young Harry needs a drastic change from the stifling Wizarding World and young Sam there needs someone to share the burden of knowing such a big secret. Plus; it's time that new friends and alliances were made." The First Lady chuckled before turning on her heel.

"You are just like that infernal great-grandfather of yours. Albus would be very proud of you."

"Oh my; it's beautiful." Harry exclaimed as he and Sam walked towards the yellow Camero standing in front of the White House doors. After ditching their escorts; Sam and Harry headed out to Sam's car. The moment Harry saw the car; he swore that he fell in love it. The colour, the black racing stripes, the beautifully crafted angles and lines. He had never been a petrol head as he grew up in a world where cars weren't needed as transport. But this car was something else compared to anything Harry had ever seen. Sam had promised that he could take them to their apartment for the time being and there was no need for the stifling escorts. Now Harry was not sorry that he had agreed to it.

"This is Bumblebee." Sam announced proudly and Harry found himself entranced; his fingers teasingly touching the hood of the car. The warm metal literally hummed at his touch; a spark of power touched Harry's fingertips and he found himself smiling at the shock. A calm he hadn't known before rushed over him.

'I've found home.' It whispered across his mind and Harry shuddered in pleasure.

"It's suits him." Harry said absentmindedly as he rested his entire palm against the colourful hood in hopes feeling that spark of recognition again. It was almost as if he was connected to the thrumming heartbeat deep inside the car; no - not 'car' but Bumblebee. Green eyes danced in appreciation before he stepped back. It's aura, it's energy it was like a warm, soothing touch to his cold and tattered soul. He tried to clear his hazy mind from the strange connection he felt with Bumblebee. It was as if he was truly alive and not alive with magic but with something else; something much more powerful. When Harry slid into the passenger seat he hummed in pleasure as it felt like the seats moulded to his form in a soft caress of acceptance and welcome.

"You have got to tell me where I can get one of these." Harry remarked. Jet lagged green eyes dancing in mirth as well as hidden exhaustion. Sam's nervous chuckle reminded him of something. Sticking his hand into the messenger bag he carried with him; Harry performed a silent wand less summoning spell before a touch of cold glass tickled his palm. Before Sam could start Bumblebee Harry pushed the tiny vial into his hand in a silent offering.


"Drink it;" Harry prompted and at the speculative look he rolled his green eyes and adjusted his glasses. "It's something that will help with nerves. I promise." Harry assured; the Draught of Peace disappeared before Harry could say another word.

"Wow! What was that? It's almost like there's nothing but the feeling of ..."

"Peace, acceptance?" Harry asked and Sam nodded. He flashed Sam a knowing grin before taking the empty vial from lax fingers. "It's called the Draught of Peace. One of my Professors invented it in hopes of helping his 'dunderhead' students relax in his frightening presence. It helps to calm nerves and clears one's mind into a relaxed state. He was a genius; it was just a shame he was such an annoying git." Harry finished with exasperation. Dropping the vial back into his bag absentmindedly as Harry swore the seat vibrated against him. Was the car laughing at him?

"Is that how you stayed to calm in there?" Harry chuckled but nodded; he wouldn't admit it but he hadn't actually. He was just used to being put in situations like that. And something about those twinkling eyes of the powerful man had reminded him a little too much of Professor Dumbledore. Harry had felt strangely at ease despite where he was and with who he was.

Over four hours later; Harry was introduced to the rest of the Witwicky family and he could have sworn that Judy was like the American version of Molly Weasley. In a way; Harry felt very sorry for Sam but when he was invited out to join them for a celebration dinner he couldn't find it in himself to say no. The restaurant was a quaint little place with private seating, low lighting and very good food. Much better than some of the Muggle establishments that Harry had visited with Hermione a few times before.

That thought of her struck him deeply as he knew that after the war the Golden Trio had completely split. Hermione working in the Creature Laws and Regulations Department at the Ministry and Ron had gone off to play Quidditch for the Chudley Cannons. Not one of them knew where Harry had gone and neither seemed to care. Harry felt that this new live he was given was perhaps not meant to actually be shared with the painful memories of his past. For the first time it felt as if he was setting out to do something that he truly wanted to do...

"So Harry? How did you meet our Sammy over here? You now he was awarded with the Medal of Honour today!" Judy beamed happily and Harry chuckled at Sam's whine of 'mom'.

"Umm; we actually met at the White House." Harry informed her. "I know Ma'm; I was there when he was awarded with the Medal of Honour." Harry said. "You must be very proud of him."

"Of course we are; saved the world twice already you know...Oops I wasn't supposed to say that."

"Anyway young man what were you doing there?" This time it was Harry's time to groan as Sam spilled his secret. He glared over his shoulder but was only rewarded with a satisfied smile that said - If I'm going to suffer through this, then so are you!' Harry cursed his new friend; he was going to get him back for that and show him what it truly meant to be James Potter's son.

"What's the AWC? And a High Ambassador at such a young age? Is England always filled with such prodigies?"

"I'm not at liberty to say, Ma'm. Under the Supreme Act of Secrecy ― as dictated by MI6 and the MoM ― I have been sworn to complete secrecy." Harry said smugly; 'take that Sam' he thought ruefully. Harry smirked towards his friend who had deflated a bit before perking up at the desserts arrival. Harry said nothing more and retreated into the background of the happy family role. He wasn't used to such close knit families other than the Weasley's and how the Order had been before Sirius' death. That struck a chord of sadness inside of him; green eyes immediately trained on the black family ring on his right hand and he unconsciously twisted the ring as a distraction to his thoughts. His eyes were far away to one of his worst nightmares and memories.

"What are those?" Sam asked him quietly as he gestured to the rings on Harry's fingers. Harry turned towards his new friend with infinitely sad eyes before he splayed his hand out on the table. Thankful that Judy and Ron had left the two boys by themselves a few minutes ago to get home for the night.

"This is the Potter Family ring;" Harry pointed to the ring resting on his thumb. The gold and ruby red stones glittering in the form of his family crest. "It's like the official seal in your country. It means that I'm the sole heir of my father's title and fortune." Harry's eyes flashed passed the Stone of Resurrection before he pointed to the one resting on his index finger.

"This is the Ancient and Noble House of Black's inheritance ring;" Harry continued in a more subdued tone. "It belonged to my godfather Sirius Orion Black before he died when I was fifteen. He named me as his sole hair as he never had children of his own and I was presented with his title and fortune when I reached my age of majority." Harry's tone of voice was startling to Sam but the Autobot Liaison choose not to call attention towards it.

"Is that why you are Harry Potter-Black?" Sam asked and Harry shook his head in denial.

"Actually no; it's why I'm known as Lord Harry James Potter-Black. The inheritance includes several seats in the parliament; noble status and many diplomatic immunity but to me that stuff doesn't matter. I was never interested in taking up the political entitlements after I found out about them."

"And this one? It's such a strange stone; what is it?" Harry shrugged and pulled his hand into his lap; hiding the bane of his sadness from view. "That one was a parting gift from my pseudo-grandfather last year. I have no idea what the stone itself is." Harry lied smoothly.

Six weeks; six weeks of boring work that made Harry's eyes burn with all the tiny writing on parchments he had to go through. As if that wasn't enough Harry now found himself in a very big two room apartment suite that he shared with Sam. Setting down the quill in his individual study Harry trekked down the stairs in search of something to eat. Granted it was way past midnight and he was exhausted; Harry pushed on - he was hungry and briefly wondered if he called Kreacher if he would come all the way here. He stopped at Sam's study and pushed open the door to find his friend on the phone with someone called Lennox; he asked if Sam wanted anything before heading down to the kitchen after a decline. The President had wanted to give them a personal chef but Harry had drawn the line right there. He could look after himself and he could cook so why waste more money on him than they already had? This apartment was already over doing it in Harry's opinion.

'What you got boy is hard to find; I think about it all the time. I'm all strung out my heart is fried...I just can't get you off my mind...' (1*)Harry groaned as he approached the kitchen. Great, just great.

"Sam! You left Bumblebee's radio on again!" Harry yelled up the stairs to his friend. The ground floor suite allowed for a personal garage that Harry had to admit was accommodating to its only tenant ― Bumblebee. Harry didn't know why but he too had begun to see the yellow Camero as a part of the small family that now shared the apartment. Besides the car was a small comfort for Harry when he couldn't sleep at night. He's sometimes talk to it like it understood him. Slipping inside the garage Harry approached the car and opened the door before switching off the radio and the song cut off in the middle of its chorus.

"I swear; if Sam isn't nicer to you by reserving your energy, Bumblebee; then I'm going to have to tie him up and steal you for myself." Harry said as he gently closed the door; his fingers lingering on the yellow door panels a few seconds too long before he retreated back into their shared home. His sharp eyes never catching sight of the metallic creature scurrying into the kitchen before him and red optics following his every move.

"Stupid Muggles; can't even invent a place where the Floo actually works." Harry muttered under his breath. He had yet to find a proper working Floo in all of the magical places he had visited. Maybe they communicated in some other way than the British Wizarding World? Setting about making a quick sandwich with some cheese and ham for himself; Harry never heard the steps coming towards him. But what he did hear was loud metallic screech of an object flying towards him at a fast rate. His Seeker reflexes allowed him to duck just in time before he would have been hit in the face.

"Who the hell are you? Human! What have you done to Sammy-boy? The Big Guy isn't going to be happy ―" Harry froze; his heart nearly stopped at the three feet of metal sentient talking to him in warbled clicks that he could understand and those red optics flaming at him in anger and hate. Shaky fingers curled around the Elder Wand in an impressive pace of his defence reflex. He moved so fast it was a blur of motion to anyone who was watching the scene. In a moment of pure panic; Harry thought he was back on the battlefield with another version of Voldemort on his tail.

"Petrificus Totalus!" The binding spell ripped from his tongue in a rapid fire of uncontrolled magic; frightened green eyes watched as the blue painted 'thing' fell to the floor backward. He hadn't thought that his spell may not have worked but breathed a sigh of relief when 'it' remained still and unmoving. Resting his right hand holding his wand over his heart; Harry tried to calm himself from his panic induced state.

"No, no, no, no! What did you just do?" Another voice startled Harry from his daze and blinked up at Sam owlishly.

"What the fuck is that?" Harry countered. He was struggling to get his breathing back under his control.

"That is Wheelie; Bumblebee's 'pet' of sorts if you put it like that. But I don't care about him right now; what the hell did you just do to him? Is he dead?" Sam walked over to the fallen 'bot; trying to figure out what the hell Harry had just done.

"He's not dead." Harry's voice cracked a bit. "Just stunned."

"Well un-stun him! He's not dangerous!" Harry moved as if on autopilot. A quit whisper of "Finite Incantatem ―" before he fell boneless into a chair he had conjured for himself unknowingly. His energy draining from him in a rush of his breath as his rapid heart rate spiked.

"What the fuck are you? You're not human? Not human? Are you one of Unicron's children? From Cybertron? Harry's head snapped up at the cussing Wheelie and stared into the red optics incredulously.

"Cybertron? Who's Unicron?" Harry asked. Never mind that he was talking to a sentient robot thingy. He also had to deal with the fact that he had just revealed what he wasn't supposed to. He could already feel a head ache building behind his eyes and it had nothing to do with Voldemort coming back. Kingsley was not going to be happy with him but Harry didn't care; there was no way he was going back to England and no way he was going to Obliviate Sam.

"Where they come from." Sam answered for the tiny mech. Taking a provided seat opposite Harry; dark brown eyes observed the green eyed teen with unbelieving eyes.

"I'll tell you everything but Optimus is going to have to debrief you. Not here." Harry nodded numbly. He had no idea who Optimus was or where he was but he had a feeling that Bumblebee was not just a car in the garage.

"What are you though? What did you just do?" Harry sighed and waved the Elder Wand; the dirty dishes from earlier in the day rose into the air as they began washing themselves in a display of magic.

"I'm Harry James Potter - Black; known as the Boy-Who-Lived-Twice - Wizard, youngest Seeker in a century and the Scapegoat of the Ministry of Magic." Harry admitted softly. Painful thoughts exploding behind his eyes. "I apologize; it was a defensive reaction. To be fair; he did scare me and came rushing at me you know. He's just lucky I didn't accidentally use a cutting curse on him. He could have lost his other eye."

Optimus Prime groaned tiredly as he was awoken from his recharge by his comm. pinging him incessantly. For Primus' Sake! He had only just fallen into a comfortable recharge after a day of looking over endless datapads and reports streaming in from the military all over the world. This was not something that he wanted right now; he was considering cutting off the line and falling back into his recharge but the call was coming from Sam and that was enough to make him pause.

"Hello?" He asked; hoping that his exhaustion did not waver his voice.

"Optimus? We have a situation." The Leader of the Autobots sighed; he should have known that getting rest was going to be difficult.

"What is it Sam? Do I need to come?" There was a moment of silence before Sam took a breath.

"No; it's just Wheelie attacked my roommate. He's going to have to know everything." Optimus sighed again; he was going to squish that bot between his servos when he got there. Damn it! Knowing stuff like this puts people at risk and getting another teen into the thick of things was going to be hell.

"I'll let Bumblebee bring us in tomorrow morning. Oh and Optimus; make sure Ratchet is there. He's going to want to see this." Optimus made a noise of affirmation before he shut off the connection and settled back on his wheels and fell back into recharge. His processors shutting down one by one before little rumbles drifted from his Alt form.

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