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The resident CMO was not a happy Autobot. Ratchet was busy contemplating offlining his Leader at that moment in time; Optimus Prime had gotten himself into a skirmish between a soul less piece of scrap metal that earth called a 'vehicle'. Not a Decepticon; no it was a stupid SUV with no damn Spark. This wasn't the first time that Ratchet had to repair minor and annoying damages that got stuck on their Alt forms. Hell it even happened to Bumblebee a few times even Ironhide when he wasn't careful.

A mere scratch here, a small dent there and fragging bend in Optimus' passenger door panel. What had Optimus day dreaming enough so that he could be caught in a fragging fender bender? Ratchet wanted a vacation away from base; he wanted to stay as far away as possible for as long as possible so that the others would know what it was like without him there. Maybe, just maybe then they would appreciate what he does around this fragging base. Ratchet was having a hard time holding his insults back; he could use this as black mail at a later date to get Optimus back into the Medbay but would that even do him any good? Optimus was the most notorious of all Cybertronians for leaving his injuries and grievances until the last possible―.

"Just how fast were you slagging driving? Damn it Optimus! Earthly vehicles don't usually do much damage to us but this? I swear I am going to put you in stasis lock and you better hope you survive it by mere luck!" Ratchet swore vigorously; his favourite wrench waving dangerously close to the hood of the semi truck looking a little too innocent in his Medbay. He was tempted to take a swing at Optimus but he just barely managed to restrain himself; knowing that it was going to him to bang out the dents later. True it would give him immediate satisfaction but he was sure that Optimus wouldn't be very happy with him and he'd rather stay away from his Leader's wrath if at all possible.

"I apologize Ratchet." Optimus' deep baritone drifted through the vast space in an apology but Ratchet just grumbled as he set back to work. He was tired; he lacked a good recharge himself and the only reason why he usually caught his patients out of their recharge berths was because he himself could hardly ever rest peacefully. There was always something niggling at the back of his processor that never allowed him true rest; a touch of paranoia maybe or a constant concern that he would lose another friend when the next confrontation broke out. It was a never ending revolution of emotions and calculations.

"Don't apologize to me Prime;" Ratchet voice softened suddenly. "Apologize to young Harry." He pointed out. A day ago it had been decided that Optimus was supposed to take Harry back to the boys' shared apartment for his meeting with the Minister. Now that Optimus was incapacitated until Ratchet could fix the dents in his armour and actually make him look presentable again, everything was going wrong at once. It would not do to have the diplomatic leader of the group looking as if he had just had a fight with an inanimate object and lost quite spectacularly. Another sigh vented through the Medic's intakes. There were sometimes when he wondered just why he was stuck with a bunch of Sparklings.

The silence after Ratchet's statement seemed to stretch several long minutes of awkwardness. In those moments Ratchet's fuming converted into something completely different. Ratchet was now extremely concerned that Optimus had gotten himself into that accident. The only possible reasons that he could come up with was because Optimus had slipped into immediate recharge without noticing or his sensor systems had been damaged. After a while of contemplation; there was only one possible answer. The Autobot Chief Medical Officer knew very well that Optimus hadn't been able to recharge his systems in quite a while; why that was Ratchet could only guess but it also left the Medic with a sense of dread. He was once again going to have to forcibly put Prime in recharge wasn't he? Just like when Optimus had been in the height of the war and they were still contemplating launching the All Spark into the vast emptiness of space. A Cybertronian Leader, no a Prime, with frazzled emotional circuits was not something to take lightly. It could affect those gathered around him negatively and increase the tensions that war caused. It was frankly unneeded. Something else that fell unwittingly on the CMO's shoulder plates.

The only sound that now drifted through the Medbay was the screech and bangs of tools as Ratchet worked; his processors in a different place all together with his spark when overwhelming worry settled around him in a cloak of uncertainty. Added to that was the new presence around the base. Ratchet was grateful for the little Wizard that seemed to have taken so well to their kind and young Harry seemed to be a great source of entertainment for the rest of the Autobots; especially those thrice damned twins. Even if only a few of their faction knew who he truly was; the kid just seemed to take everything in stride just like Sam had done with the new arrivals. Ratchet could also detect a keen yearning from Harry for their companionship. It was almost as if he never wanted to leave again. That wasn't something he would ever suspect from someone so young as Harry. Then again there were other things that worried the Medic about young Harry as well. He had yet to speak the young Wizard about his past injuries again. Ratchet had never met a human with so many life threatening injuries, broken, but healed over bones, high stress levels and frantic fluttering emotions. The resident Chief Medical Officer could easily diagnose Harry with PTSD and leave it at that but he was the CMO and having such a fragile being under his care made him worry incessantly especially―.

"Ratchet?" The lime green and red Hummer Rescue Unit started from his thoughts at Optimus' quiet and subdued voice. Shaking his head to clear his processor; Ratchet was surprised when his own emotional circuits hadn't been fried with all this frazzled thinking.

"Hmmm?" He hummed curiously; his servos curling around his wrench so that he could tighten a bolt that seemed to want to fall off. "I know I don't usually send you out on missions. Your presence here is always needed the most. But for now I am ordering you to take my place and escort young Harry home for the week. Take a few days and spend it with the child; Ratchet. It would do you good to get away from here for a while." Ratchet froze; bright blue optics lifting in surprise as he just stared at the Semi's Alt mode in what seemed to be shock.

"What? What happens if someone is injured? The inbound Autobots could be injured and we're expecting them soon. I can't just leave Optimus no matter how much I want t―"

"It was not a request Ratchet." Optimus reprimanded in a stern voice. "Since Bumblebee and Sam are staying here for a while; Harry will be alone in that apartment suite and I'm worried that he will be discovered for both of his secrets. There is a garage available at the apartment suite and you can take a break away from here for once." Ratchet immediately stilled; his wrench being put down before it could fall to the floor from lax servos. He just stared in disbelief at what he had just been told. Never before had he ever been offered a break away from his duties; it was both a frightening and welcoming concept.

"Who is―"

"You worry too much old friend. It is a long time coming that I worry about you for once. All this running around can't be good for your spark and neither can all your emotional turmoil." Optimus pointed out calmly and Ratchet bristled.

"Don't call upon my emotional turmoil Prime! That's very hypocritical of you, you glorified toaster. You're worse than me for Primus' sake!" Ratchet hissed in anger. Never before had anyone called him out because of his incessant concerns about his patients and now he felt betrayed; if he wasn't constantly worrying then his patients would be the ones suffering and he would not be the best Medic of the entire Cybertronian race.

"Touché Ratchet, but you're still going. My decision is final." Optimus cited with finality in his voice that brooked no form of argument. Ratchet just nodded. This time making sure to pull on a few sensitive wires ― a grin of satisfaction splitting his faceplates when Optimus yowled quite loudly in pain.

"Oh suck it up you big sparkling." Ratchet warned with glee. His payback was far from over. Granted he was being given a short holiday away from base but that didn't mean he had to be happy with how Optimus had asked him to go, more like told him to go despite his presence being needed at the base. He did not worry too much damn it!

"You know for a little Wizard you can do quite a bit of damage; I don't want to be a Decepticon on the end of your wand." Robert Epps said in surprise. Harry just shrugged, the Elder Wand now resting on his thigh as he observed the damage he had done at the long gun range. A single 'Reducto' had demolished three targets with a single aim; Harry himself was also in bit of shock at that. He had known that the Elder Wand was powerful but he himself had never tested it out to that extent. The dwindling amounts of debris were still frozen in the air where he had cast a quick hover charm to keep them from rebounding back towards the two soldiers, Sam, him, Bumblebee and strangely Ironhide.

"Are you sure you are alright?" Harry cast a sideways glance at the large Weapons Specialist. A repeat of a few days before had yet to be initiated but he was still worried. When the large Autobot had come to him and asked him to show him how some of that magic worked Harry had been hesitant at first but after Epps and Will's encouragement he had finally relented with little protest. Even Harry couldn't deny the slight touch of excitement that had travelled up his spine at that bit of freedom. Now, as he stared up at the GMC Top Kick he was worried there was going to be another toppling 'bot onto the ground but instead Harry found himself on the end of two very gleeful optics and a smile that said 'I want to keep you here forever'. Harry turned towards Will for some guidance and saw the older man merely snort at his guardian's behaviour.

"Don't worry Harry, he's just found a new friend to demolish the gun range with. Indulge him a bit. I think he's forgiven you." Will said in a mock stage whisper. Harry frowned but nodded eventually; he was never going to understand Cybertronian customs. Just this morning Ironhide was still wary of his presence but now ― according to Will ― they were friends? Harry's mind was spinning at the sudden change but he supposed it wasn't that bad. He had all the time in the world to learn everything about their race and eventually their culture as well.

Talking quietly to Sam as the two of them made their way back towards the main hanger where the rest of the team was. Harry was surprised that there were so many Cybertronians present on the base; he had come in contact with at least twelve of them including two sets of twins. Skids and Mudflap were a complete mystery to the young Wizard but Sunstreaker and Sideswipe were like kindled friends. Maybe even copies of Fred and George before the war. He had been entertained by many stories that they told and it seemed to Harry that it was usually Ratchet that had to deal with all the damage control. In a way Harry felt very sorry for the Hummer Rescue Unit but also in a way he was lucky that they had not discovered Harry's own hidden 'pranking' side. If he was roped into one of their schemes he didn't want to know what magic could do to aid in their trouble making. Granted, only four Autobots knew of his talents but Harry wasn't so sure that he would be able to keep his devious side from rearing its head once in a while when called upon.

Snickering to himself at the thought of just what he could do; Harry's footsteps unknowingly carried him closer to their destination. A quick look at his watch told him that half the day had wandered away since he had been commandeered to meet the rest of the human support teams, Autobots before getting acquainted with the vast gun range. The sound of two deep voices drifted through the Medbay as Harry entered with Sam and Bumblebee not far behind.

"Hey Optimus!" Harry yelled and waved when he spotted the large Semi's Alt mode resting on a berth. "Wha? What happened to you?" He asked frantically when he notice the large bend in Optimus' side panelling that Ratchet was busy fixing.

"Fender-bender with a slagging piece of scrap metal;" Ratchet's voice grumbled and Harry chuckled but wisely made no further comment. He could already feel the embarrassment coming off of the large truck in waves of uncertainty. There was also something else in the semi's voice that made Harry stall. He knew that he was supposed to return to his apartment with Optimus but seeing and hearing the Autobot Leader so tired and worn made him think it would be better if someone else took him back or if he simply Apparated back. As if reading his mind; Optimus informed him that Ratchet would take him back and would stay with him for that week, or weeks it Harry needed it. Ratchet was now Harry's unofficial guardian.

Harry had been offered a place amongst the Autobots and he decided that he would be coming back to base soon. He smiled up at the large lime green and red Autobot before he left with the rest of the humans towards the mess hall for a late afternoon lunch. Something about the arrangement made Harry very happy.

"This is the first time I've heard of Ratchet actively leaving the base whilst the others stay behind." Epps mentioned matter of factly.

"Why?" Harry asked with a frown. He didn't like that the Autobots had to be cooped up at the base, in fact even the President had mentioned that they need not actually stay there all the time. He felt a pang worm its way into his heart ― no one deserved to be kept here as prisoners least of all the Medic.

"I have no idea but Ratchet is very protective of his patients. I hardly think anyone noticed the way he fell into depression after being unable to save Jazz's spark." This time it was Sam who had spoken.

"You know right before Megatron fell to the All Spark Jazz was ripped in two. His spark completely destroyed and Ratchet tried to bring him back to life for four days afterwards and when he finally announced there was nothing more he could do, he disappeared into his Medbay that was still under construction at that time and didn't come out until Jazz was taken away to be buried in the Marianna Trench. The scene Ratchet caused that day was not one I would easily forget." Sam finished, his brown eyes flickering in remembrance. He could easily recall that it had been Ratchet that had been affected the most out of all the Autobots. Granted everyone dealt with grief in different ways. Sam knew that very well but even now ― several years after Jazz's death ― the smallest of mentions of the SIC's name would have the Medic cringing and shying away from contact.

"Wow who knew that out resident Autobot Medic had such a soft spark." Epps whistled in amazement and something about that comment irked Harry to no end. There was nothing wrong with having compassion! Absolutely nothing and having it whilst being a Medic in the middle of a war was even more admiring! Harry however, chose to say nothing. His only indication of discontentment at the comment was his fingers curling into fists at his side. His mouth set in a thinned line of disappointment. Why Harry was suddenly feeling so protective of Ratchet? Strangely enough he didn't want that feeling to go away, it was just in the way the older 'bot had whispered 'hush child; I'm not going to hurt you' his first day here that left Harry feeling very comfortable around the Medic. More so than the others.

No one had ever said that to him when he had been afraid, no one had bothered to try and sooth his emotions when he watched someone die before his very eyes. Harry was always thrust into something unknown and frightening; the implications of such a situation enough to scare him into an early heart attack. But mostly Harry realized it was that no one had ever been so gentle and kind with him. Now a Cybertronian from the planet Cybertron had given him just a glimpse of what it felt like to be truly cared about.

"Are you ready Ratchet?" Harry asked his new companion, outside several of the Autobots and personnel had gathered to wish them a safe trip home. He leaned against the grill of the Rescue Hummer with a hum of satisfaction, his head leant back to observe the play of the clouds above him. He longed to get on his broom again but pushed it aside. The wind's chilly effects immediately falling away at the warmth from the Alt form right behind him. He chuckled a bit when he was nudged forward, not enough to cause him to stumble but more of an incessant nudge to get in. He turned around and glared at Ratchet rather bemused with the action; in retaliation the headlights blinked at him ― further urging him on. With a small pat to the hood of the lime green and red Hummer; Harry quickly said his final goodbyes with a little wave. Sam told him that he would maybe come through sometime later in the week with Bumblebee. Why Harry didn't know but it wasn't as if he was actually leaving the base behind. He just needed to get all his affairs in order, official letters to Gringgots, his resignation from the AWC, informing Kingsley and being there for his visit. There were many things to be done but so little time.

In the end Harry just nodded in acknowledgement. After a quick nod to Optimus and a new cell phone in his pocket for other's from the base to get a hold of him Harry turned back to the Hummer Rescue Unit that seemed to be sinking on his wheels in impatience. Patting the door panel in slight comfort and apology for his time wasting, Harry attentively pulled himself into the cab.

"Sorry." He apologized sincerely. Ratchet's engine just revved slightly as a noncommittal grunt drifted from the radio. Harry found himself marvelling at the leather interior of Ratchet's Alt form, it was just as comforting and soft as Bumblebee's had been. The young Wizard settled back into the drivers with a long happy sigh. His long sleeve shirt and jeans now transfigured into the outfit of a Rescue Personnel. It would not do to sit inside a Rescue Vehicle whilst wearing civilian clothes. In fact Harry was sure the authorities would pull him off the road before they got very far. Take into account the three hour drive back to the apartment it was a long road. The hum of Ratchet's engine was welcoming to Harry's uneasiness. It didn't have to do with being inside Ratchet but more having to face Kingsley with his subsequent disappearance into the American Government.

"Do you have everything you need?" Ratchet's voice drifted in the cab and Harry opened his eyes a crack. He made a soft mumbled reply before stiffening when a seatbelt slid over his torso firmly but not too tight. Chuckling at the action Harry hummed to himself softly. Truth be told, he was feeling strangely lazy and content in the Hummer. The warmth inside Ratchet and the sinking sun was making him extremely lazy. In England the sun rarely shone so much and the sun's rays was warm against his skin and pleasantly welcome. Stray fingers petted the soft leather of the seats before resting on the steering wheel before him. Harry felt as content as the Autobot's purring engine.

"I guess I've got everything and if I've forgotten something I can always come get it at a later date." Harry assured Ratchet when they had yet to move from the spot when he had gotten in. There was a final grunt in affirmation before the vehicle started moving forward slowly. Harry found it strange to be sitting in the driver seat whilst the car drove itself. Closing his eyes against the glare of the late afternoon sun Harry settled back and tried to relax his tense nerves. Harry didn't mind the comfortable silence that settled over them but he knew Ratchet wanted to say something. He'd been avoiding the Medic since their first encounter, afraid of what would happen.

"Ratchet?" Harry asked tentatively; almost afraid to start this conversation.

"Hmm?" The CMO inquired, his frame rocking slightly on the road to a rhythm only the Autobot knew.

"I'm sorry for avoiding you. I know you have questions but I-I don't think I can answer them right now..." At his unsure apology Harry chewed on his lower lip in hopes of settling the sudden explosion of stress that attacked his once steady heartbeat. The sound and feeling of a rush of air from the air vents startled Harry immensely but at Ratchet's chuckle he froze.

"As if you're my first patient to run from me;" Ratchet snorted. "I am well aware you omitted things from your debriefing the other day and I also know that it takes trust in order to reveal all the things you went through. I hope that one day you will trust me enough." Ratchet's voice softened at the stress his patient was exhibiting. He could feel the young Wizard freeze at his admission before relaxing into his driver's seat again.

"Thank you." The gratitude was so soft that Ratchet almost missed it.

"Your welcome, now why don't you get some rest. I know you haven't been sleeping well." Harry sighed softly and nodded. A soft tune started playing over the radio and Harry let the music overwhelm him. It was a soft lullaby that had Harry completely entranced ― it wasn't any type of music that he knew and the rising and falling sounds in harmony was enough to make the reverberating sounds effect the beat of his heart. It was calming, generous and gently soothing. Head lolling to the side Harry smiled. There was no recognizable musical instrument; it was a clever composition of different sounds, clicks, warbles and electronically composed rises in harmony. No matter its origins for Harry all that mattered was the haunting and melancholic mood that it set. Even Harry could detect the sudden shift in mood between him and Ratchet.

"Ratch? Where is that from?" Harry asked softly, afraid to break the hush that had settled over both of them.

"It's a Praxian Lullaby." Ratchet's haunting voice drifted over the song as it faded into the background. "It was a popular when I was still a Sparkling." The CMO admitted softly. "It was composed during The Golden Age of Cybertron. That era was the height of Art and Musical advancements and the age of peace and prosperity before the war. Sets like these were specifically composed to sooth both spark and processor of younglings and was popular in all castes of Praxus. I have more on file if you would like to listen to them." Ratchet murmured. He had sensed the effectiveness of the music on the little human and he was finally seeming to calm. When Ratchet had sensed Harry's solemn mood his processor and spark sought to calm him in any way possible. However in hindsight of choosing that particular set he had unofficially opened his own spark to the sorrow of his lost home.

"Praxus? I know Optimus has explained this to me but he didn't tell me names of places that were destroyed in the war before the launch of the All Spark but can you tell me a little more? If I'm not intruding on painful memories as it is." Harry whispered sincerely. The sudden blow of air through the air vents startled him a bit but Harry said nothing, just adjusted his seatbelt so that he could rub a comforting palm over Ratchet steering wheel as he had seen Sam do to Bumblebee when he was in distress.

"Optimus doesn't like to talk about Cybertron because of the painful memories it holds for him. For me, Cybertron before the war was just as much of a nightmare as you saw it in the holoprojection that Optimus used. I'm a medic, Harry. I've seen things much worse then what Optimus has. In fact he was a data clerk confined to the Tower of Iacon before he was chosen as the next Prime. But I guess that's not really the point." Ratchet's voice rumbled and already Harry was engrossed in listening to the story. His attention was now fully on the Autobot Medic.

"In the Golden Age of Prosperity, Cybertron was more beautiful than earth. The glittering Tower of Iacon, the Helix Gardens of Polihex and of course the Crystal City of Praxus. Praxus was the ebb and flow of the Medical, Academic, Clerical and Arts communities. The far reaching politics of that time never got to Praxus as the Crystal City had their own ideals that were unreachable and untouchable by preaching revolutionaries. 1953 Vorns ago or 500 Stellar Cycles ago ― when the revolutionary acts against the castes broke out ― Praxus was inevitably the first city to fall after Tyger Pax and the Towers. It was after all the hub of information, medical facilities and high nobles." Ratchet paused for a bit to gather all his data files on the Crystal City.

"Almost everything was lost those few orns of air attacks. The city in itself wasn't big; it only housed the places of Higher Educations, several merchant shops and several Energon refineries. Perhaps a bit bigger in size than London but no more. I was an intern at the Crystal Hospital then, freshly graduated to fully trained Medic when the disaster struck. The underground sectors of the hospital was soon converted into makeshift shelters to treat the wounded. Out of the population of several thousand, more than a hundred Cybertronians died on my operating table alone. At the end of a five orn assault I'm sure there were even more in total. Three quarters of the city was destroyed and so was most of the population."

"Praxus was then known as the second biggest tragedy after the Tyger Pax. It was eventually under Prime's orders that the survivors were retrieved and taken to shelter into cities that were deemed safe." Ratchet paused for a bit to navigate through the large stretch of road and slow cars. Instead of doing that he was using it as a distraction to his overwhelming memories of Praxus. It was still haunting his memory banks.

"After the All Spark was launched many vorns of fighting later ― only four Cybertronian citizens of Praxus remained. One lost to the fall of Cybertron and the other two were not far behind us when we reached earth a few years ago. They were a mere solar system away. I'm sure you'll get to meet the two of them soon. We're expecting Prowl and his brother Bluestreak in the next few months. If you're still curious about Praxus then Prowl will be able to tell you more about it. They know more of the significant history that I do and the origins of the city was ingrained into their processors long before the fall of Sentinel Prime."

"Prowl?" Harry asked curiously. Completely ignoring the police escort that had started following them from a while back. Ratchet didn't seem bothered by the police cars so Harry just pushed it aside, maybe Ratchet had already talked to them or something? It would certainly make for a smoother and faster ride home.

"Prowl is Optimus' SIC and Tactical Commander. One thing though Harry when you do meet him, don't tell him anything about your heritage or what you can do. I don't have time to reboot his Battle Computer or replace his Logic Circuits."

"Harry! Harry James Potter-Black! Wake up!" Harry jerked at the sudden yell of his name. A quick glance at the glowing numbers on Ratchet's dashboard told him it was early evening. At the more gentle rumble in Ratchet's voice, green eyes blinking rapidly to clear the glassy sheen they still held. Adjusting his skew glasses Harry focused on what could have made the Medic call out to him.

"Wha―?" He mumbled incoherently, green eyes blinking lazily at Ratchet's flashing lights as they raced down the last avenue towards his home. Frowning at Ratchet's strange behaviour Harry's free hand curled around the seatbelt that had tightened around his torso possessively.

"Ratchet? What's going on?" Harry asked cautiously, not wanting to interrupt Ratchet's concentration should something be wrong.

"Sorry. I just thought you would appreciate getting home earlier and by the way, we're almost there." Ratchet's deep voice purred through the radio and Harry chuckled. It seemed the CMO had a strange sense of humour but then again so did Harry. When they approached the apartment suites at 1783 Autumnway Park Harry felt a touch of protective warding drifting from the place. Could Kingsley already be there? Shaking his head Harry concentrated on other cars close by; hoping that he didn't sense that strange signature that told him a car was Cybertronian.

"You sure you won't need anything for your stay?" Harry asked Ratchet as they approached the garage together.

"No. But a carwash sometime wouldn't be a bad id―!" The heavy shudder that suddenly ripped through the car and Ratchet's surprised static whine made the youthful Wizard start badly. His wand already at the ready as sharp green eyes, almost clouded in panic, searched for a possible danger that he needed to protect his new friend from.

"What the frag was that! Now my systems are all tingly (1*)!" The Hummer Rescue Unit gave another shudder beneath Harry and Harry found himself in a slight panic, what if something was hurting Ratchet? What could―?

The wards! Damn it! He should have seen it sooner, magic and electronics were not always compatible and he had just put his new friend in danger because of his carelessness right before they had left for the base several days ago. Without waiting for another moment, Harry clambered from the leather seat as fast as he could, his wand waved in a quick succession of moves before he lifted the wards as best he could. When he stepped back towards the Autobot Medic and laid his hand on the Cybertronian's hood he could still feel the slight trembles that wracked Ratchet's frame.

"I'm sorry I should have figured it out sooner." Harry apologized, his head hanging low as he opened the garage and stepped inside.

"Figured what out sooner?" Ratchet's voice was tinged with a bit of static, he had no idea what the young Wizard was talking about but he wasn't concerned about the sensations that were still racing through his body. It was just like that time he had walked into the power lines at Sam's house, the pleasant tingling of an overload burning through his systems unchecked by his own processors. He shuddered again when soft fingers trailed over his hood, unknowingly causing the tingling arc of pleasure to rush through his circuits at a faster pace. He had to bite back his whine of encouragement to that touch in that Ratchet had a very difficult time remaining professional.

"Magic can have adverse effects of any type of electronic device, vehicle or scientific device." Harry pointed out calmly, his fingers still resting on Ratchet without pulling back. He enjoyed the warm feeling of a thrumming spark beneath his fingers and closed his eyes to gain more of that sensation. It was almost pulsing in synchronization to his own heartbeat.

"Oh." Was the only coherent thing Ratchet could think of at the moment. After a few more minutes of awkward silence the Hummer pulled forward to seat himself fully in the warm space of the garage. When the young Wizard finally retracted his fingers from Ratchet's plating he smiled at the Rescue Hummer. Green eyes taking in all the sharp angles and lines of perfection before turning away from Ratchet.

"I'm going inside. If you need anything please just shout or play your radio if Muggles are too close. Recharge well Ratchet and please rest as long as you want. You're considered on holiday and Optimus would be disappointed in me if you don't get the rest you deserve." Harry pointed out. Ratchet merely grunted and Harry watched fascinated as the Rescue Unit slid low on his shock and relaxed onto his tires.

"Sleep well Ratchet. As part of your leave I'll take you out for a nice wash tomorrow."

"Thank you." Ratchet grumbled tiredly, his system's already logging down for some much needed recharge. The sudden tingle of pleasure in his circuits fading with his thoughts. It had certainly been unexpected that magic could affect him so but he was too tired to grumble about it.

Calamity, pain, danger. A repeating mantra of understanding that the terror of war would never fade. Vorns, many, many vorns of spilled Energon, spark threatening wounds and inner spark damage that even he couldn't save. Servos stained in leaking Energon and deep within the broke spark chamber of another lost cause. This time though the Field Medic could barely keep his rage from spilling deep into his systems and corrupting his current files. Another life lost, another spark stain on his hands.

A spark deep conviction of joining in on the fighting or distancing himself again. His sworn oath to Heal and not Harm a heavy weight on his processor. The silver and red mech now lying lifeless beneath his servos was lost to the Well of Sparks. A friend once, a colleague and an apprentice not long ago ― pain, unimaginable pain cut through his processor.

Servo's stained in Energon not his own as a battle raged above him. It was his first friend he had lost in the battle for the All Spark. A hollow echoed of helplessness that this war would never end. That the terror he felt as he now stared at grey and lifeless optics. Coolant leaking unbidden from his optics as he stared at the orange and yellow sky above. The calamity of explosions from Seeker bombing still a litter to the recently abandoned battle field. Praxus lay in ruins beneath his feat. The once Crystal City now no more than charred black coal and destruction.

What little had been left after the first aerial assault many vorns ago was now nothing but the ash beneath his pedes and the Energon staining his hands. His spark was shattered, his will to live a challenge in the least. He no longer wanted to see the destruction, the pain as the last of their race fought over a useless existence as a pack of cyberwolves. A red servo reached forward for his friend's and clasped the cold appendage with grief and immense sorrow.

"I'm sorry 'Aid. I never wanted you to see what this war does to us. So young. You were so young." Quiet noises of static the only indication that Ratchet was truly loosing himself. Their shelter from the attacks that lasted for more than a hundred vorns was now useless. Dying patients dead, friends and fellow colleagues never used to field medicine amongst the scattered bodies. The youngest and most promising of all lying dead at Ratchet's kneeling form.

'If we were so unworthy of thy love and blessing Primus? Why punish the innocents that sought nothing more than to protect the All Spark.'

1* That is a quote from the first Transformers movie and I love the way Ratchet walks into the power lines and then tells Ironhide he should try it out soon. The effects of magic on the Cybertronians will be explained a little later in more detail. Yay for Ratchet.

Ratchet: "Wow! That was tingly! You should try it sometime." [Laying on the pavement staring up at the sky]

Ironhide: "Yeah...right." [With sarcasm]

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