Title: Saving the future

Author: madcloisfan

Rating: PG-13

Category: Romance

Relationship: Clois

Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Summary: This is my take on what happens when Lois goes to the future. Then realizes she's in love with Clark.

This is my first fic so don't be hard on me please. Also this was written before Season 9's comic con.

Lois is kissing this man when she pulls away for air she realizes its Clark before she can say anything he says to her I love you then she wakes up. What was that all about she says to herself unawares that she was being watched?

Garth and Rokk are sitting down waiting on news about Lois

"What should we tell her when she wakes up"? Garth says to Rokk.

"I don't know but will think of something".

"Well it better be good or she'll punch holes through it till she gets the truth out of you".

"I know she will Garth".

A couple of minutes later Imra walks in and says "Lois is awake".

On their way Rokk is thinking what should they say to Lois. When they walk in Lois asks "who they are you, where am I and what the hell is going on". They all look at each other wondering what to say.

"Well Lois to answer your first question I'm Rokk this is Garth and Imra. To answer your second you're in the future".

"Yeah right the future very funny mister. So where am I really"?

"We told you the future".

Lois looks at their faces and realizes that they're telling the truth. "You're serious aren't you"?

"Yes we are".

"So how did I get here"?

Rokk thinks for a minute then answers.

"The ring you're wearing allowed you to travel through time".

"Ok. Wait a minute Clark had this ring".

"I know we gave him it but we won't tell you why we'll let him tell you we you get back. Ok".

"Fine". Clark will never tell me she thinks to herself. "So how do I get back to my time"?

"Well just think of the date you want to go to and it will take you there".

"It's that easy".

"Yes it's that easy Lois".

"Well can I go"?

"Not yet when you go back you have to find the red and blue blur".

"Why me"?

"Because he's lost all faith in humanity and through you he'll find it again".

"What do you mean lost faith in humanity"?

"He lost people he cared about and was betrayed by his friends".

"You know it won't be easy to find him but I'll try. So can I go now"?

"No rest a while then you can leave".

Once again she's dreaming she's kissing Clark and this time after he says he loves her she answers I love you too smallville. Then she wakes up then Rokk walks in.

"You feeling a lot better now Lois"?

"Yes". Still a little confused about her dreams. "I'm ready to go home now if that's ok".

"It is. You remember how to use the ring".

"Yes. Well goodbye then".

Then Lois disappears back to her own time.

Rokk walks out the room to be met by Imra and Garth.

"Well" they both say to him at the same time.

"She gone back to her own time. Let's hope she can save the future".

Lois reappears in the Kent barn.

This is just great. She says to herself then starts shouting out Clark's name getting no replay. Realizing she has no phone she walks into the house to phone him getting only his answer phone. Then phones Chloe she answers on the second ring.

"Hey cuz it's me".

"Lois is that relay you"? Shocked to hear her cousin's voice.

"No it's the tooth fairy". Speaking sarcastically. "Who did you think it was"?

"Where did you go because I've been looking all over for you"?

Lois thinks for a minute then answers. "It doesn't matter I'm back that's all that matters. By the way where's Clark"?

A few minutes of silence before Lois asks "Well where is he".

"He disappeared right after you went missing and after Jimmy was killed". Chloe try's to hold back the tears.

"I'm so sorry cuz are you all right, want me to come over".

"No I'm ok".

"You sure".


"I'll see you later then".

"Yeah see you later".

They both hang up. Lois then phones Oliver to get help on finding the red and blue blur. After the third ring he picks up. Before he can even say anything Lois quickly says

"I'm back".

"Lois what are you doing at Clark's"?

"That's a long story but I was wondering if you can help me find the red and blue blur".

"I don't know, I've got an idea where he is but I can't tell you where because I don't want to lose his complete trust in me. A hero's code and all you understand2?

"I do but it's the only way to save the future". Did I just say that last part out loud? Thinking to herself.

"What do you mean save the future"?

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