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"Eh nothing. Can you pick me up I want to talk in person?" Lois asks Oliver

"I'll send a driver round to pick you up then we'll talk in my office, ok?" Oliver asked.

"That's fine," she said.

They hang up seconds later.

A couple hours later, Lois is sitting in Oliver's office waiting.

"Well what do you want to say to me in person that couldn't be said over the phone?" Oliver asked.

"Nice to see you to Oliver," she answered sarcastically.

"Sorry. What happened to you anyway?"

She sat down and told him everything.

Oliver is stunned. "So that's way you wanted to know where he is. Well, after you phoned I contacted some friends if they see him to let him know I'm asking for him."

Then Oliver's phone rings. "You found him where? Right. Get him to Met Gen. I'll see you there." When he hangs up he turns to Lois. "We found Clark he's on way to the hospital. Want to come with or you got other plans?"

"What happened to him?" she asked trying to hold back the pain in her voice.

"Don't know. All they said was he was badly beaten up. Are you coming or starting your own hunt for the blur?" he asked.

"I'll come along," she said.

When they arrive Oliver phones someone to find out what room Clark's in.

"Do they know about your green & arrow fetish?" Lois asked.

"Who?" he asked.

"The person on the phone of course, who did you think I was talking about?" she asked sarcastically.

"Yes. He's part of this team I've put together so talk freely in front of him, ok?" he said.

As soon as they got in the room Lois rushes over to Clark's bedside and grabs his hand.

"Are you ok? Please tell me you're ok. Come on, wake up Smallville and say something. Anything."


"Where's Hamilton?" Oliver asks Bart.

"He's in his office. How much does she know?" Bart asked referring to Lois. He whispered so that she wouldn't hear them talking.

"She only knows that I'm the Green Arrow and you're part of the team. Nothing about Clark so keep your mouth shut," Oliver said.

Oliver walks out so he can speak to Hamilton

"Stretch will be fine," Bart said trying to re-insure Lois.

"So you're part of Oliver's team then?" she asked.

"Sure am," answers Bart.

"So, what do you do then?" she asked.

"Well I run in get whatever info we need and run back out in a flash," he said.

"Run in?" she asked a little confused to his answer.

"Yes I'm a lot faster than the blur," he said with a little smirk on his face. "Before you say anything I don't know how I just am."

"What did you two just race each other?" Lois asks Bart.

"Yeah we raced each other round the world" Bart answered.

"How do you manage the water, and how do you get across the water" Lois asks

"Because of our speed we just run over the top of the water, it takes about 30 minutes for me then he appears a couple of seconds later" Bart answered.

_In Hamilton's office_

"Did Clark say anything when he came in?" Oliver asks Emil.

"No he was pretty much out cold when Bart brought him in." "Why you ask." Emil asks.

"So we can find out how they were able to hurt Clark, and stop them if we can." Oliver answered.

"Well I need to run a few tests on him." "I'll send you all the results to you after I'm done, that might help you narrow it done to you done this." Emil says to Oliver.

"That's fine." "When will you have the results ready?" Oliver asks.

"Some point tomorrow, so there's no need to stay here." Emil answered.

Oliver walks out of Emil's office and goes back to Clark's room.

"I hope you guys behaved while I was gone" Oliver says when he walks into the room.

"Where did you go?" Lois asks

"To see Clark's doctor." Oliver answered.

"Ok. Lois says back to Oliver.

"I think its best we leave now because he'll be along to take him away to perform a few tests." Oliver says to both Lois and Bart. Then turns to Bart and says "Will you do a quick sweep of the area where you found Clark and meet us back at my penthouse later tonight."

"Sure. What will I be looking for?" Bart asks

"Anything that will lead us to who attacked Clark." Oliver answered

"I'll see you later then."Then Bart speeds of out to where he found Clark.

"Come on Lois we'll come back tomorrow for a visit."

"Will I be meeting more of your team or will it just be you and Bart helping Clark." Lois asks.

"I don't know if Bart contacted the rest of the team or not. I was going to ask him that before he left, that's why we call him Impulse."

"Why do you call him that?" Lois asks.

"Because he doesn't think things through he just acts on impulse." Oliver answers while laughing.

_Oliver's Penthouse_

"Well no one's here so that means he didn't call anyone" Lois says

"Well just wait a minute" Oliver says.

Oliver goes over to his desk press a button to reveal his secret compartment walks in and puts a communicating device in his ear.

"Green Arrow to Impulse to you read."

"What you wanting Green." Impulse answers

"Did you contact any other member of the team or was it just me?" Green Arrow asks.

"No just you. Impulse answers. Why you want me to call them?" Impulse asks

"No not yet, we'll just wait till we find who or what were up against before we call them in." "Now get back to work" Green Arrow answers.

"Yes sir." Impulse answers in a mocking tone.

"So who else is part of this team?" Lois asks.

"I will only give you their code names nothing else ok."

"Why don't you just tell me their real names as well, if I have to meet them and if I don't then you know I can keep a secret". Pleading with him.

"Beg all you want it is code names or nothing"

"Code names then" Lois answers a bit upset.

"Now before I start I'll answer any questions you have when I'm done." "The other team members are Cyborg, Black Cannery, Aquaman and Watchtower." The Blur helps out now and again, he's our big guns.

"So what do you call yourselves?"

"We are thinking along the lines of Justice League." "What you think?"

"I think we should add America to the end of it"

Both Lois and Oliver look to see who said that

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