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Chloe. Lois they both say to each other shock written all over their faces while Oliver tries to sneak away.

"Oliver where do you think you're going." Lois shouts at him. "She knows who they are." Keeping her voice raised.

"Lois I'm Watchtower." Chloe says trying to calm her cousin down a bit.

"What long have you been doing this for and why didn't you tell me." Now shouting at her cousin

"I told her not to." Oliver answers.

"Who was talking to you?" Lois snapping at Oliver.

"Sorry" Oliver says putting his hands in the air in surrender.

"Well." Lois asks.

"I've been working with them on and off for the past couple of years." Oliver did tell me not to say anything."

"Why did you tell her not to say anything to me?" She asks still angry at him.

"She know before you did." Oliver answered.

"WHAT did you just say?" raising her voice even louder, while walking towards him.

Just then Bart runs in.

"I think I found something" Bart says to everyone.

"Who's the blond Oliver?" Bart asks.

"Lois knows about Chloe and everyone's code name" Oliver answers. "So what did you find? Oliver asks.

"A dog tag with a weird symbol on it I thought we could run by Chloe to see if she could find out what it means." Bart says

"Well let's see it then." Chloe asks.

Bart hands her the dog tag when she notices the symbol she looks like she seen a ghost.

"What is it what's wrong?" Oliver asks.

"The symbol it's Kryptonian it means Zod." Chloe answers

"What is Kryptonian?" Lois asks.

"It's the language the Blur speaks." Oliver answers

"Well I've spoken with him a couple of times and he speaks perfect English to me" Lois says."

"What you've seen him face to face" Chloe asks.

"No, we just talk over the phone." Lois answers

"Can we get back to this Zod guy?" Oliver asks. "Chloe how dangerous is he?

"Remember dark Thursday and Lex broke into the Pentagon he was possessed by Zod." Chloe answered.

"So in other words he is as powerful as the Blur." Oliver asks hoping he is wrong.

"Well they are from the same planet." Chloe tells him.

"So he'll have the same weakness then that's good for us then." Oliver says while walking over to his closet where his arrows are kept and takes out a case.

"What's in the case Oliver?" Lois asks.

"Kryptonite laced arrows."

"Kryptonite?" Lois confused.

"It's radioactive pieces of his home world, but we called it green meteor rock before he told us what it's called." Chloe answers.

"Wait a minute at your wedding Clark looked sick when I was handing him one of them, so tell me this is Clark and the Blur one in the same? Lois asks arms crossed over her chest.

"Yes he is." Oliver answers.

"So you all lied to me." Lois raising her voice once again then asks "Why."

"To protect you." Chloe answers.

"Why would I need protection, I can look after myself." Lois says.

"Everyone who knows his secret usually ends up getting hurt or dies." Chloe says

"Who died?" Lois asks.

"His father." Chloe says. "He's afraid to tell anyone he loves in case they get hurt or die."

"So how come he got shot cause I didn't see any rocks lying around the place." Lois says

"The rocks where liquidized and laced into the money, that's how you didn't see them." Oliver tells her.

"He has a lot of explaining to do when he wakes up." Lois says while pacing the room.

"Well that is if you're there when he wakes up otherwise he would run away." Oliver says.

"Why would he not run from me but not you?" Lois asks.

"I shot him with one of these arrows when he wouldn't kill Davis to save everyone in Metropolis." Oliver waits a few seconds then says "If I didn't shoot him Jimmy would still be alive."

"Did Davis kill him?" Lois asks.

"Yes he died in my arms, Davis stabbed him then came after me then Jimmy killed Davis. Chloe says.

"Why where you left alone with him if he's a killer?" Lois asks.

"I used a different kind of kryptonite on Davis that split Davis and Doomsday in two." Chloe tells her then says "Clark was trying to save Davis so he can deal with Doomsday without an unnecessary death on his conscience; he has a no kill rule."

"So there's more than one type of rock." Then asks "So he hasn't killed anyone, because he nearly killed the guy who killed Alicia." Lois asks.

"He killed Titan an escaped prisoner from the phantom zone and Wes, in both causes you where present and they would have killed you if he didn't stop them." Chloe tells her.

"So you're saying that he'll only kill to protect me?" Lois asks.

"We don't know he does have strong feelings for you so maybe if he's a threat to him also." Oliver says.

"Are you trying to tell me he's in love with me?" She asks with a little hope in her voice.

"You need to ask him that." Oliver tells her.

"Did Lana know about Clark?" Lois asks

"She only found out after she locked me in a wine cellar to see if Clark would come and rescue me. She seen him use some of his powers." Chloe tells her. "He never told anyone his secret unless he had to."

"So how did you find out then Chloe?" Lois asks

"Alicia tricked him into saving her when she purposely crashed the car then teleported us both out of site so I could write about Clark and his powers." She waits a minute before continuing "After I saw him catch the car like it was a beach ball and speed of I couldn't betray Clark so I didn't say anything and waited till he was ready to tell me."

"What about you Oliver?" Lois asks.

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