I always wondered what Almanzo was thinking when he went to go pick up Laura and saw her Uncle Tom sitting and talking with her family.

Takes place in the eighth book: These Happy Golden Years.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. They belong to the brilliant author Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Who is he? How was he able to make her laugh so? I bet he was enthralled by her sparkling eyes. They always sparkle when she is happy. He looked older, perhaps a friend of Mr. Ingalls? But she was laughing and talking with him too. I had hoped that by now she would recognize my courtship of her, but perhaps she simply likes the sleigh and buggy rides. Perhaps only the horses. I thought it would be fun, the two couples; Mary and Cap, myself and Laura going for a buggy ride. But perhaps she doesn't think of us as together. I know others have been looking at her yet she turned down all the others when asked to go for a buggy ride. Maybe she does care? Yet she was laughing with him! She seemed so happy, so carefree, so….beautiful.

I can hear Mary, Cap and Laura laughing about something, but all I care about is who is he? Do I ask or simply pretend that I didn't see him? Do I wait for her to say something or simply act as though it doesn't matter to me? Could she really be courting him and only going with me to say that she was able to 'ride behind the Morgans'? No, she wouldn't do something like that; I know her Pa and he wouldn't raise he children that way. But who is he?

I can't take not knowing, I'll have to ask. If she tells me he is her beau, then I'll know not to come around anymore. Alright, I'll ask. I have to know who he is and why she looked so happy with him.

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