It was a good day for a swim in the pool. That's what Timmy Turner was thinking as he was with his friends. He needed some time to relax after that incident with the Darkness. The eleven year old buck toothed boy couldn't remember how he got out of there. The group that was with him hadn't told him yet either. A.J., Chester, Tootie, Trixie, Jimmy Neutron. Wait...

Jimmy Neutron was there? They had actually found Jimmy and Sheen. Along with Cindy. Libby Folfax was there too? Timmy felt a pain in his chest. It was like he was out of breath.

"You okay, bud?" asked A.J.

"Yeah," said Timmy, "it's just...I guess I'm tired."

"That's understandable," said A.J, "maybe some music will relax you."

A.J. pulled out a radio and turned it on. A very strange voice came over the speaker.

"Starting with Ivy," the voice said. A voice that sounded remarkable similiar to A.J.

"Who's Ivy?,"asked Timmy.

"I guess it's the D.J.," replied Chester who came up.

"WTKO," said the voice.

"Okay," said Timmy whose chest starting feeling a little on the tight side. The boy twisted around uncomfortably.

"You okay dude?," asked Chester.

"Yeah," said Timmy, "my chest is just feeling tight."

"Maybe a swim will help relax you," said Tootie who came up beside Chester.

Timmy didn't feel like a swim, but for some reason he found himself going towards the pool. He leapt in and he went down into the water. In fact, he kept going down and down. He was sinking. His chest became even tighter. He couldn't breath. He tried gasping for breath.

"NOOOOOOO!", he heard Trixie scream, "A.J. he's stopped breathing again."

Darkness enclosed Timmy as he gasped for breath. The brown haired blue eyed boy felt his eyelids opening up. He saw his friends. It was like looking through glass. They didn't look like they had been going for a swim. Timmy got the distinct impression that he had never been at a pool and worse that something bad was happening to him. He felt himself stop breathing and he heard Trixie scream again.

A.J. was working over his friend Timmy Turner trying to help him. Timmy had been in a coma ever since the remnants of the Darkness had realeased him after those remants had been illuminated and rejoined the Kindness.

That had been two days ago. Timmy wouldn't wake up and he seemed to be having respitory problems. Even worse, A.J. couldn't find a reason why this was happening to Timmy. Why his best friend was now fighting for his life.

The young genius looked at the stats that he had written on a piece of paper concerning Timmy's condition. He read out loud,

"Okay, first we started an I.V. with D5WTKO. Then we had to recusitate him after ...after he had stopped breathing."

A.J. took a breath. Hearing friend wheezing and trying to catch a breath and then suddenly having his lungs stop taking in air really unnerved him. This was even worse when Timmy was hurt and in the hostipal back when Remy had tried to kill him. At least, the doctors knew what was wrong and at least Timmy was still breathing.

A.J. looked at the three people and three fairies who surrounded Timmy as he was in his bed in the Timmy Cave. Trixe held Timmy's right hand while Wanda kept brushing his hair back with her hand.

Poof was in Cosmo's arms clearly upset over what was happening to his godbrother. At least they had stopped Poof's crying.. That relieved A.J, not only because Poof was a little calmer but the fairy baby's cries had the unfortunate tendancy to cause lightning to strike. The lightning had hit everyone except for Timmy and it took an hour to clean off the black soot that encased all of them. Not to mention that having a surge of lightning hit you was very painful.

Tootie was next to Chester. He was walking on crutches due to the sprained ankle he had gotten while he was up in the Darkness. She put her hand on his shoulder trying to comfort the blond headed boy who was clearly saddened and upset by his best friend's condition. A.J. was about to say something when an alarm blared. Trixie screamed.

"NOOOO!", shouted the Asian American girl, "A.J. he's stopped breathing again!"

A.J. rushed over and all of a sudden Timmy opened his eyes for a second, and then they shut.

Suddenly the heart monitor flatlined. Trixie screamed again.

"Everybody," said A.J., "back away."

A.J. pulled out the defiberlators and laid them on Timmy's chest.

"One, two three, clear," said the African American boy.

A.J. squeezed the trigger. Timmy's body lurched up. The monitor was still showing a flat line.

"Okay, one two three clear," said A.J. who repeated the same process.

Timmy's body lurched up again, but this time the monitor showed Timmy's heart had restarted.

A.J. was relieved but Timmy was still having respitory problems.

"Everyone," said A.J., "I'm going to put Timmy on a respirator. I was hoping he'd be able to breath on his own but that's not going to happen yet. I'm going to need everyone except Tootie to step outside for a few minutes. Tootie you know CPR and I know you're studying to be a doctor so I'm going to need your help."

"Of course A.J.," said Tootie.

Everyone left the room save Tootie. The two children began to put Timmy on the respirator.

Old Man Tang had no idea where he was. Only that it was dark, hot, and it smelled like brimstone. He had encountered a diminutive scientist who had brought him to this place. What was his name?

Calamitous; that's right. Odd name. However, that wasn't the only odd thing that Ngyuen was about to encounter. He saw Bitteroot there. Three other individuals were with him. One was that Anti-Fairy, Tang had encountered a few weeks back and the other was a very tall man. He had seen Bitteroot talk to him on a communications device. Vlad...he thought his name was. Another individual was standing and he was even more odd looking.

He was encased in a robe and he had gray skin. They were looking at something that was perched on top of what looked like a cliff. It was some sort of creature from what he could gather. It looked down at Old Man Tang. It was horrifying to look at and he gave a horrifying smile when it saw the old Asian American.

"Hello, Tang," said the monster, "Welcome to Hell, I've been waiting for you."

Hearing this, the old man fainted.

Hugh J. Magnate was at the M.E.R.F. building meeting with one of the agents. He was quite pleased that the organization was able to process his request.

"Yes Mr. Magnate," the caucasion agent, "we have what you need. This particular animal is perfect for your needs."

With that the agent showed him a rabbit.

"This is Dennis. A genetically engineered rabbit courtesy of O.W.C.A."

The rabbit grinned evilly and cackled. This caused Magnate to cackle.

"Perfect," said the young business man, "I can now breed my own army of evil bunnies!"

Now you know where Hugh J. Magnate got his evil bunny rabbit!