Seven years earlier

Chloe's pov

I was nine and my brother was seven, our younger sister was four. We were at home with our neighbor Ruth and her daughter Paige. They were watching us while our parents were out. Then around the time our parents were supposed to get back there was a knock on the door, instead of our parents coming through the door. Ruth asked me to get the door and I saw the police.

"Hello, is your babysitter here?" The younger of the two police officers asked me.

"Yes she is. I'll go get her now," I said.

I went to my sister's room where Ruth was.

"Ruth there are two police officers that want to talk to you," I told her.

"Okay I'll go speak to them and you can get ready for bed."


It was about 20 minutes later when Ruth came back in. She told me to wake up Tai and Kari, when I asked why she said it was because we had to go to the hospital. That's what sacred me because my brother, sister, my parents and I had never been to a hospital before, well Tai and I lived in a lab till I was 5 and he was 3, but that's different. I woke Tai and Kari up and we got into Ruth's car with Paige. Then when we got to the hospital Ruth went to the desk while we waited, during which time Kari fell back asleep in my arms. Then we were brought down to the morgue where we saw our mother's body, the police were there and said that our father wasn't found yet, but they would keep looking, but if they didn't find him in a year they would stop looking for him. But they suggested that we find family that we could stay with. I knew that I couldn't stay with Tai and Kari. Tai and I had been genetically modified, but the group that did this to us wanted me more than Tai because I was a female werewolf and the first hereditary one at that, but what they didn't know was that I was also a witch, thank you mom. Kari was just like me except she was not genetically modified. So after we left the hospital Ruth had me get some things together for Tai, Kari and myself. I told her about the modifications that were done to me and Tai. Then I told her that the only safe place for Tai and Kari was with one of my mom's sisters and her husband in Japan.