Chapter Five

A Month Later

Tori's pov

I hated my mom right now! My life was just perfect and suddenly all these weird things happen when I get mad and dear old mother says that I'm sick and need to go to this group home that her company is part of. Great, just great.

Mom said that there are three kids all around my age there, two boys and a girl. Gee, I wonder how they like being told that they're crazy and being sent to a group home. They probably hate it as much as I do.

When we arrived at Lyle House they had two nurses waiting outside for us.

"Where are the other kids?" I asked.

"Oh, they are out and have been so that we could get everything ready for when you came today. Oh, and I'm Mrs. Talbot and this is Ms. Van Dop," one of the two nurses said to me.

"Chloe will be so excited that she's not the only girl anymore," Ms. Van Dop told me.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because dear, she only has Simon and Derek to hang out with and yes, she is a tom boy but even for her it gets to be too much at times. Then there are the days when she just is silent all day long, that doesn't worry us too much though because she told us that she is normally really quiet like that," Mrs. Talbot said as we continued into Lyle House.

Hey this Chloe chick sounds like someone I might like, I thought.

That night I went down to dinner and sitting there were three people. The only girl of the three was obviously Chloe. She was a blonde hair, blue eyed girl who could easily be a tom boy from just the way she sat. She had well toned arms and looked like if you messed with her or her friends then you've got hell to pay. The blonde boy was (I assumed) Simon, he was kinda cute- not really my type but cute nonetheless. So that left the other guy to be Derek, get a haircut, some acne cream, and maybe from the sweat stains I saw shower more or use more deodorant and he could be anywhere from cute to hot. He though, was definitely was not my type. So I finally finished making my way down.

"Oh, hey you must be Victoria, I'm Chloe," Chloe said in greeting when she saw me.

"I'm Victoria, but call me Tori please, I hate being called Victoria," I answered.

Simon's pov

"I'm Simon and this is my foster brother Derek," I said to Tori.

Derek barely looked at her, Chloe said her bit then was silent, I was not gonna say much either. Tori was cute and close to my type but that doesn't count then you meet in a group home, even though she might be...a supernatural. I had this weird sense that she was a witch…maybe?

I thought that and tried to send it to Chloe; she apparently got the message because she stopped for a moment then coughed. This was how we normally did it when it came to talking to each other through thoughts. Derek noticed and looked at us his eyes asking, What's up?

Chloe sent him what I thought and then he looked surprised but he also had a look that said he believed it could be a possibility.

I'll check if she is, Chloe thought to us.

We just nodded our agreement.

Dinner was silent, when we finished Chloe was told by Mrs. Van Dop that Tori would be her roommate and that Dr. Davidoff wanted to talk to her…again.

"I'll show you to our room first then I'll go talk to Dr. Davidoff," Chloe told Tori.

Tori nodded.

Derek and I went into our room.

"I wonder what Dr. Davidoff and Chloe are gonna talk about," I said to Derek, giving him a look that asked if he would listen to their conversation.

"Don't look at me I'm not gonna listen in to that conversation, hell I didn't even listen to their first conversation!" He replied, recognizing my look from before.

Maybe I could guilt trip him into listening.

"Okay, fine you don't have to, I guess," I said with a sigh and one hell of a good depressed face.

"Oh fine, but try that on me next time and I won't trust you ever again!" he warned me.

Chloe's pov

"You wanted to see me? Again." I asked/ stated.

"Yes, I'm sure you're wondering if Victoria-" he started.

"Tori," I said cutting him off, "She prefers Tori."

Why are you acting like you care? My inner voice screamed.

Because we do! She is another girl and one that feels like she doesn't belong it's our job to make her feel like she does! My inner wolf yelled to my inner voice, silencing it.

"Thank you, Chloe I'll make a note of that," Davidoff said to me.

"You're welcome," I replied sarcastically.

"So as I was saying I'm sure you're wondering if she is a supernatural, and she is."

"She's a witch isn't she, that's one reason why you put her with me, that and the fact that maybe I'll tell her where my brother is, but I won't. That's not something you tell someone you just met no matter how close you get to that person."

"Yes that was our motivation but we think it could also be good for you-"

"Stop right there, I don't get along with girls like Tori, they hate me, I hate them end of story. Besides the last time I got close to someone who understood me was 5 years ago and now she barely talks to me because of who I remind her of. So don't you dare try to make me and Tori the best of friends 'cause I can tell you right now it's not gonna work."

"Okay, well since its spring you four can still do whatever you want."

"Thanks, now if you'll excuse me I have to go to bed."

I walked back to the room that I now shared with Tori the girl I was most likely to hate.

Derek's pov

I can't believe I let Simon guilt trip me into listening in to the conversation between Davidoff and Chloe. I was confused on a few points but just brushed them off as nothing. Chloe would have mentioned that she had a brother, if not to Simon then at least to me. Anyway even if she did she'd tell me when she was ready, I just had to trust her and remind her that she could trust me. Whatever had happened in the last 11 years must have left its mark on her if she feels like she can't trust-from my guess-men.

"So?" Simon asked.

"We get to spend more time doing whatever we want," I answered.