After the battle on Windfall with Zunari, things became quiet. After Link explained the events to his parents, the event was never brought up again. He and Mila never talked about, and Aryll never asked about it. It seemed as if everyone wanted to forget. The fact that Ganondorf would kill his own brother showed just how he was willing to go to achieve his goals.

There was no sign of activity from the pirates from all sectors of the sea. While most people saw this as a sign of relief, it only filled Link with more fear because he knew that one day the pirates were going to strike again. Link was the only person who knew and understood what Ganondorf was truly capable of. The memory Ganondorf's power haunted him. Even months after the Windfall incident, Link still found himself waking in the middle of the night in a cold sweat due to a nightmare that involved Ganondorf destroying islands and/or murdering people. Some nightmares depicted the deaths of people he cared about; those were usually the worst ones.

This night, Link had a nightmare that was particularly bad. He was on the Outset Island, standing on the watch tower with a very young Aryll, who was looking out at sea with her old telescope. She was giggling and telling Link a story. However, she was telling her story in what seemed to be another language, so Link could not understand her. Suddenly she turned around and offered Link her telescope. She said something. Link didn't know what she was saying but he took her telescope and looked out to sea. When he did, the sky immediately turned gray and a heavy rain began to fall. Thunder crashed. A large, dark ship was visible on the horizon, sailing towards the Outset at impossible speeds. Link put down the telescope.

He turned to speak to his sister, but she was gone. He leaned over to check and see if she had started to return home, but when he looked out he noticed that the Outset was gone, as was the ship that was sailing towards is. Link was on the watch tower by himself, suspended in the middle of the sea. Link lifted up the telescope to try and look for an island, but in vanished in a puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared, Link could see the ship that had vanished was now stopped right underneath his watch tower. Ganondorf was on the deck with two other pirates by his side. One of them was holding the dead body of Link's and Aryll's grandmother. "Look what I have," he taunted.

Link opened his mouth to scream in retaliation, but the sound that came out was Aryll's voice and not his. He watched as Aryll, who was no longer a young girl but her proper age, ran onto the deck to challenge Ganondorf. Link's instinct was to jump onto the ship and pull his sword out to defend his sister. As he reached for his sword, he noticed he was unarmed. He began to panic.

Aryll materialized Link's sword out of thin air and began fighting Ganondorf. Link had to watch in horror as his little sister who knew nothing about swordplay fight this horrible man. As he watched, he felt someone grab at his arm. It was one of the pirates. "You shouldn't be here," she whispered in a seductive voice. She kicked him in the stomach, which caused him to stumble and fall. Link somehow fell off of the boat and into the water below.

Link tried to swim upwards but his movements were taking him nowhere. No matter how many strokes he made, he was not getting any closer to the surface. His heart began pounding as started to run out of air. As he began to drown he heard a splash in the water. He looked up to see Aryll's dead body, still holding his sword, floating above him. Her blood was flowing, which turned the surrounding water red. Link could only watch as his sister's blood seeped into the ocean and turned his vision red before it faded to black.

Link shot up out of bed, struggling to breathe. When he realized that he was not underwater, he allowed himself to inhale and exhale slowly. He no longer had to worry about disturbing his sister since they did not share a room anymore. Link ran his hands through his hair and forced himself to calm down. He laid back down in his bed and tried to go to sleep. His body was tired, but his mind was not. His heart pounded as images from the nightmare raced through his head. Link endured this for about two hours until he decided to get up again. He thought about confiding in someone, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He didn't want to seem weak by letting people know that such silly nightmares were affecting him so greatly. He had already been through so much in his lifetime and had usually been called a hero. He didn't want to let anyone down. He slowly laid back down and forced his thoughts and fears away until he finally fell asleep some time later.

Just as Link fell asleep, his younger sister began to awaken. The sun was just rising over the sea's edge when the girl pulled herself out of bed. She was always one to wake early, but today she was awake even earlier than usual due to her excitement. Today was a big day for her.

She was brushing her hair when someone knocked on her door. She enthusiastically got up to open it. It was Mila, standing there with a big smile on her face. "Hey, Aryll! Happy birthday!" she said happily.

"Thanks!" beamed Aryll as she let her friend in.

"I can't believe you're sixteen!" gushed Mila. "I feel like just yesterday you were an adorable twelve year old. Now you're all grown up! You're legally an adult."

Aryll, who was sitting on her bed, tilted her heard backwards and stared at her ceiling. "It's crazy. If I wasn't a princess, I would be able to do all sorts of things after today. I wouldn't have a curfew. I could move out. I could drink alcohol. I could get married. It's so strange how sudden the transition to adulthood can be."

"Don't let it get to your head," Mila warned.

"Oh, I know. Just because I have the privileges of an adult doesn't mean I am one. True adulthood is something that is achieved over time."

"Right," said Mila. "That would be weird if it happened suddenly. Like, you could go to sleep a little kid and wake up and - BAM! You're all grown up."

"That would be a disaster," agreed Aryll, giggling.

"Yeeeeaaaahhhhh," said Mila, dragging the word out as her tone turned serious."Hey, I have some news for you."

"What news?" asked Aryll, who was beginning to worry.

Mila noticed the change in Aryll's expression. "Um, well, it's not exactly news. I don't really know how to classify it. It's about your coming-of-age celebration."

"Celebration? I don't want a celebration," said Aryll, getting slightly defensive.

"I knew you'd say that. Your mother knew you'd say that, as well. We have been talking about this for the past few days. She sent me to talk to you about this because she thinks that because I am younger I can get through to you more easily."

"Talk to me? About what, my coming-of-age party? Is it really that big of a deal?"

"Maybe it's not a big deal to you, but it's a big deal to your country. Throughout history Hyrule has always loved and cherished its princesses. You're no different. It's not just you and your family celebrating your coming-of-age, it's the entire country. Letting the country celebrate your birthday with you will only make them love and cherish you more." She paused for a moment. "I don't really know the details because I'm not a member of the royal family, but I do know that there's probably going to be a war in the near future. It's important now more than ever that the country loves you so that they'll be loyal to you and your family."

Aryll gave a small, frustrated sigh. "My father has been telling me that a lot lately. He's been teaching me about how to run a country and how to get the people to like me. I never understood why he was doing it, but now I realize it's because I was becoming an adult. I haven't heard any of this from my mother yet, but I guess that's going to change now. Now that I'm sixteen and an adult, I have more responsibilities as a princess."

"You see? That's why it's important that this day be celebrated with many people. Your brother would have had to go through the same thing had he not came of age before you two found out that you were royalty, according to your mother."

Aryll nodded. "I'll have the party. It's my duty as a princess. I understand."

Mila hugged her. "You're so great, Aryll. You make a good princess. I'm sure your coming-of-age party will be awesome."

"Thanks." Aryll returned the hug from her dear friend. "Do I get to plan the details of this since it is supposed to be my party?"

"Of course. Do you have any ideas of what you want?"

"Hm." Aryll tapped her lips in thought. "I think I'd like to have my celebration outside."

"That would be nice, but there's no place safe enough to have it. Your mother said we have to have it at the tower, which doesn't have any outdoor areas.

"We could have it on the deck above the entrance! You probably haven't been there, huh? Let me show you."

Since the royal tower was suspended in the middle of the ocean, they weren't many places where one could go outside. The only two places in the tower that allowed you to be outdoors was the staircase balcony that wrapped around the tower and led to the fourth floor and the circular deck that wrapped around the tower's entrance that could be accessed from the second floor. The latter was seldom used by anyone due to the fact that its purpose was to serve as a spot for guards to stand to watch the entrance.

Mila realized right away that although the area was nice, it was no place to throw a party with all of the guards around. "It's nice, but there are guards everywhere. Is there a way to get rid of them?"

"I don't see why not," answered Aryll. "It's really nice up here. I think this is where I want my celebration to be."

"I can't believe I never knew this area existed." Mila started to walk towards the front of the deck, the part that stretched the farthest out from the tower. "You can see really far out to sea."

Aryll pointed to a tiny island whose silhouette was barely visible over the horizon. "Do you see that island over there?"

Mila squinted her eyes. "Barely." She put her hands on the rail and leaned forward. "It's so far away."

"That's where Link and I lived when we were in hiding almost two years ago. It's kind of ironic how close we were to this tower. After all, this is the place that we were originally supposed to be hiding from." She suddenly shuddered. "Woah, is it just me or did it just get kind of cold?"

"It's just you." Mila stared out into the distance. She was silent for a few moments before speaking again. "It's crazy how my life has been affected by meeting the both of you."

"It's been affected in a good way, right?"

"Yes, of course. I-" Mila's speech was cut off as someone grabbed her arms and flung her away from the railing. She was about to yell until she was spun around to see a tall, tanned women pointing a spear in her face. Another woman had Aryll in the same predicament.

"Which one of you is the princess?" she asked. "I know it's one of you. You two are dressed too nicely to be servants."

Aryll and Mila glanced at each and nodded. Neither of them said a word.

"Fine, we'll have to do this the hard way," said the other pirate. She began looking back and forth between the girls. "Hmmm." She pointed her sword at Aryll. "This one has green eyes like the king." She pointed her sword at Mila. "But this one has blue eyes like the queen. And both of them have the same hair color as the king." She turned to her partner. "Doesn't the king of two children? Should we take both of them?"

"Don't be ridiculous, the king only has one daughter. Only one of these girls is the princess. The other is probably a decoy or something. We need to figure out is which." The other pirate girl pointed her sword at Mila also. "This one has strange dots on her nose. Neither the king nor the queen has those. She can't be the princess."

"You don't know that! Those dots might not be hereditary; I don't know how these pale-skinned people work. Besides, she looks a lot like Tetra. I say it's her." She lowered her spear and grabbed Mila.

"Maisha, don't be ridiculous! She looks nothing like Tetra! The only thing she has in common with Tetra is her eye color. And so many Hylians have blue eyes so that doesn't even matter." She pointed to Mila's nose and mouth. "Look, she has a pointy nose covered with dots and thin lips. Tetra had a rounder nose and thicker lips, much like this other girl here." She grabbed Aryll. "This one is the princess. She has to be." She tossed Aryll to her accomplice and grabbed Mila. "Take her to the ship while I get rid of this one." She picked up and threw Mila - who was now screaming - over the edge of the railing.

Aryll began to yell. "No, Mila!" she cried. The girl holding her covered her mouth.

"Shush, little princess," she reprimanded. She quickly untied her red hair and tried Aryll's mouth so she couldn't yell. "We can't let them hear you." She and her accomplice, who was apparently named Maisha, made their way back to where they first climbed up with Aryll in tow. They couldn't climb down into the ship with her, so they whistled for help. The pirates on the ship all made their way on deck. When they were assembled, they threw Aryll into the ship. The pirates caught her and brought her below deck. She was placed in a jail cell in the same room where her parents first met each other so many years ago. The pirates that captured her began climbing down the rope that they used to scale the tower. When they made it back on deck, they cut the rope free and laughed maniacally as the ropes fell around them and the ship took off.

Ganondorf appeared from behind the helm, extremely confused. "I told you two to incapacitate the guards, and you return with the princess! How did you get to her without causing a scene?"

The pirate named Maisha chuckled. "She happened to be outside while we were disabling the guards. What luck, right? Clearly the gods favor us now!" She smirked and looked up at the tower, which was rapidly fading out of view as their ship sailed away. "Soon, this tower and country shall be ours!"

The other pirate handed Ganondorf the Dark Master Sword, which he had lent to the pair so that they could disable the guards and return to the ship as their original mission intended. His plan was for the two girls to freeze the guards so that the rest of the pirates could storm the tower. However, the gods appeared to be on his side today, as Maisha stated, in that the princess was with the guards. "Finally, after all this time, my plan to take over this country can be set in motion. Now, if you excuse me, I need to go introduce myself to our new guest. She's the only member of the royal family I haven't had the pleasure of meeting. Let's hope, for her own sake, that she isn't rebellious or snarky like the other members of her family."

Meanwhile, at the tower, the plan for Aryll's abduction went better than expected. The screams from Mila as she fell attracted the attention of the remaining guards stationed on rafts at the tower's entrance, which prevented them from seeing the pirate ship sail away. The drop was not enough to kill Mila but it did knock her unconscious. She was very lucky the guards heard her yelling, or she probably would have drowned. The guards, completely unaware of what actually happened, assumed that Mila had simply fallen into the water. They carefully pulled her out of the water and brought her inside.

All of the commotion woke up Link, who was finally sleeping soundly after being kept up by his nightmare for most of the night. He sluggishly got up from his bed and quickly changed his clothes so he could see what was happening. The hallway was empty save for a maid, who was about to go into one of the rooms. Link stopped her from entering.

"What's all the fuss about?" he asked.

"Your friend Mila fell over the balcony on the second floor and into the water. Some soldiers found her and brought her inside, which drew a lot of attention. That's probably what woke you."

The news was a total surprise to him. "I-Is she okay?" he stammered. Link was very worried and slightly suspicious. Mila wasn't exactly a clumsy person, and the deck has high railings. She had to have been doing something incredibly stupid to fall, which wasn't like Mila at all. "Where is she?"

"She's unconscious and probably has some broken bones, but she's fine. She's in the infirmary if you would like to go and see her."

Link muttered angrily to himself about how terrible his day was turning out to be as he made his way to the infirmary. On his way, he ran into his mother, who had just heard about Mila as well. "Did you hear the news?"

"Yeah. Mila fell."

Tetra narrowed her eyes in suspicion. "Earlier I had sent Mila to talk to your sister about her coming-of-age celebration. They had to have been together when Mila fell. Aryll would know what happened, but nobody has seen her. Have you seen her?"

Link suddenly remembered that it was Aryll's birthday. He felt a little guilty for forgetting, but with everything going on it wasn't the first thing on his mind. "I haven't seen her since yesterday," Link answered.

"I sent some soldiers to che-"

Suddenly about six or seven soldiers ran up to Tetra, breathing heavily. They looked very confused. "Your highness, we checked on deck like you asked. There is no sign of your daughter, and all of the men positioned there are frozen in blocks of ice!"

Tetra's brows furrowed and her mouth of opened slightly. "Ice? What? Are you sure?"

Upon hearing the word "ice", Link had a flashback to the day he first met Ganondorf and encountered the mysterious power of his sword. He remembered the icy chill he felt when the Dark Master Sword was first drawn. "Oh no," he whispered as he was beginning to realize what happened.

Everyone who heard him turned to him. "What is it?" Tetra asked her son.

Link began to panic. "I think I know what happened. We need to wake Mila up, and we need to find father... Go find my father!" Link shakily ordered. The soldiers faltered for a moment before nodding and running off.

Link covered his mouth with his hand and tried to compose himself. If what he suspected was true, Ganondorf was the reason the guards were frozen, Mila was injured, and Aryll as missing. His worst nightmare was becoming a reality. His frenzied emotional state began to rub off on Tetra. She looked at her son in horror. "Link, what are you thinking? Please tell me." She sounded extremely worried.

With his voice shaking, he explained his suspicions to his mother. She stood silent for some seconds, then wiped tears out of her eyes. "I think you're right! I can't believe it. It's happening again," she said, be voice torn between despair and anger.

"I hope this isn't true. I hope I'm being paranoid," said Link.

Nohan appeared in front of them with the soldiers following right behind him. He looked at wife and son anxiously. He had no idea of what was going on. "What is the meaning of this?" he asked. "Is everything okay?"

"No. Something terrible has happened," said Link. He told his dad about how Mila had fallen, how the soldiers found frozen guards, and how nobody knew where Aryll was. He told his father about his suspicions that Ganondorf was behind it all.

"Damn it," he whispered as he absorbed the information his son told him. "We need to wake Mila up. Only she knows what truly happened." He turned to the soldiers behind him. "Go and help those soldiers that are frozen," he ordered. He motioned for Link and Tetra to follow him into the infirmary.

Mila was lying in a bed with a cast around her arm and some bandages on her face. She was covered in faint bruises. Other than that, she looked fine. She was breathing slowly and peacefully; if it weren't for the injuries she would have looked extremely beautiful. Link sat on her bed and shook her gently by the shoulders, trying hard not to hurt her. She winced and groaned.

"Sorry," he said softly.

"Ow, that hurt," she said. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Link sitting next to her. She looked around and saw his parents standing behind him as well as a nurse that was in the corner of the room, watching the scene with curiosity.

"How are you feeling?" asked Link.

The memory of what had just happened flooded her mind, and her eyes filled with tears. "Something really terrible happened," she cried. "Link." She could only say his name. She tried to say something more, but she started to cry instead.

The King clenched his fists. "That's all the confirmation I need. I know what happened. I'm going to go take care of this. We're going to get her back." Tetra covered her mouth and stared at Mila and began to cry with her. The king grabbed her hand and led her out of the room. "Link, get the full story from her and tell me," he ordered before leaving. "I don't want to burden her because she needs to recover." He left the room with Tetra, who he was comforting. The nurse that was in the room left in order to give Link and Mila some privacy.

Mila forced herself to calm down so that she could speak to Link. "So, you figured out what happened. I was afraid I'd have to be the one to tell you." She paused to wipe her eyes. "Link. I'm so, so sorry. There was nothing I could have done; I wanted to save her-"

Link silenced her. "It's okay, Mila. Don't blame yourself for what happened. I'm glad that you're okay. Can you tell me what happened?"

Mila told him how she and Aryll were on the deck talking when they were ambushed by two pirates. She had no idea how the pirates got them without being caught. She told him how the pirates were confused over which girl to kidnap but finally settled on Aryll. She told him how they decided to throw her over the edge as they dragged Aryll away.

Link closed his eyes. "So, I was right. They took my sister away." He covered his face with his hands. "I wish they would have taken me instead. She doesn't deserve this!"

"They took her because they know she has a gentle spirit. She won't fight back like you would." Mila watched him as his eyes filled with tears. "Do you think they will hurt her?"

"No. They want her alive to use as leverage against my parents. I don't think they'll hurt her so long as she doesn't act out. I don't see Aryll doing that; she has a gentle spirit, like you just said."

She breathed a sigh of relief. "Aryll is smart; she'll know how to act around them."

"I know," Link said. "I have to go tell this to my father. I'll be back." He leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Please stay here. You really need to rest."

"I won't move. I promise."

Link correctly assumed that his parents were downstairs in the strategy room. He entered to see his father and dozens of soldiers huddled over a map of the great sea. They were arguing and taking turns drawing routes over the map. Tetra was in the corner of the room, seated at a desk and quickly writing a document. She looked up at her son. "What did Mila tell you?"

"Pretty much everything I was suspicious of happened." He repeated Mila's story to Tetra, making sure to leave out no details.

She nodded. "I figured as much." She began writing again. "We must stop him."

"What are you working on?" Link asked curiously.

"I'm writing orders your father gave out to be sent across the country. We're changing our strategy from the way we handled your kidnapping so many years ago. Last time, we decided to keep everything as secret as possible so we would not cause a nationwide panic. Throughout the years and up until now we have given the public a limited explanation of what has been going on. All they know is that there is a terrorist group attacking our country. But now, your father feels that it's time that we reveal everything to the public."

"Everything? Are you sure?"

"Yes. Our people deserve to know not only who is behind all of this, but why and how he is doing it. We have nothing to fear from Ganondorf anymore because he has already done the worst possible thing he could have done."

"Taking Aryll isn't the worst he could do. He could kill her. He could kill all of us."

"He wouldn't do that. Haven't we discussed this already? Ganondorf wants power; he wants to be king of not only the Gerudo but of Hyrule. If he kills any of us in cold blood, nobody will follow him. A king with no subjects is no king. He can only truly be king of Hyrule by getting us to surrender to him, willingly. And obviously he wants to do that by using Aryll."

"Oh, I think I understand. By informing everyone of the truth, they won't want to follow Ganondorf even if he does somehow manage to get us to surrender. They'll know how corrupt he is. They'll rebel against his rule and try to overthrow him."

Tetra waved her pen at him. "Precisely. It's like a backup plan. However, I can assure you that your father has no plans to surrender. Our family has governed Hyrule since its founding. The divine right to rule has been passed through this bloodline for millennia. Our family has sacred power that enables us to be the link between the gods and our people. Ganondorf does not have that. He will never be able to rule Hyrule. Only our family can do that."

The men surrounding the table got up and left the room. Nohan approached his wife and son. "Did you get the story from Mila?"

"Yes." Link explained the tale to him the same way he explained it to his mother.

Nohan stroked his goatee. "This is you suspected. In that case, I have a plan. I'll go over it as we travel to the Forsaken Fortress. I imagine that's where Ganondorf will want us to meet him; he is trying to recreate the events of when Link was kidnapped as a toddler."

"When are we leaving?" asked Tetra.

Nohan sighed. "I'm about to leave in five minutes. You two are staying here."

"No!" protested both Link and Tetra.

"Yes," said Nohan. "You two have to stay here. Link, you need to stay. I don't want a repeat of Windfall. That was too close and I will not let it happen again. Tetra, you need to stay here with Link." He sighed. "If something happens to me, I need you to be Link's advisor."

Tetra looked horrified. "What! Nohan, don't speak like that. Link won't have to be king. You'll come back."

"I'll try. But I'll give my life for Aryll if I have to."

"So would I!" shouted Link. "So let me come with you!"

Nohan sighed. "Are we really going to do this again, Link? You need to stay here. Can't you just obey orders for once?"

"No. Not when Aryll is involved. I'll do anything to get her back. Aryll is the only person who has been there for me throughout all phases of my life. She's the only person who knows what I've been through because she's been through it all too! I'm not going to sit around while she's in danger! I'm going with you no matter what," Link asserted. He locked eyes with his father. "Besides, Aryll is the hope for this country," he said, subtly reminding his father of their secret: the knowledge that Aryll is destined to be the queen of Hyrule.

Nohan stared at his son for a few moments. "Very well. What do you think, Tetra?"

She sighed. "Let him go. I'll stay here. Someone has to stay; it might as well be me. I'm not the best fighter. I'll send these orders out and do everything I can to help our situation."

They both nodded. "I'm going to go find Impa," said Nohan. "She has been alerted of what has happened and wants to come too."

"She's not too old for this sort of thing?" asked Tetra, concerned.

Nohan laughed a little. "Not when it comes to her beloved grandchildren, she's not. I'll go get her. I'll be back to give you a proper goodbye, Tetra." He left the room.

"I need to go tell Mila goodbye, too," said Link. "Though I doubt the fact that I'm going with everyone will be a surprise to her."

Tetra looked at him with a smile. "That stuff you said about your sister was very sweet, you know."

Link remembered what he said and felt a little embarrassed for saying so much in the heat of the moment. "Yeah, well, it's true," he responded.

"I'm sorry things had to happen the way they did. I wish you and Aryll could have had the childhood you were meant to have by growing up with us in this tower. But that never happened, and for that I am so terribly sorry."

Link looked at his mother for a sad moment before wrapping her in a hug. Tetra hugged him back and ran her fingers through his hair in a loving, motherly way. "Don't blame yourself. You did what was best for us. Aryll and I have nothing against you and father for the choices you made. You know that. We appreciate what you have done for us. I love you, mother, and I promise you that I will bring Aryll back. I'll try to bring myself back, as well."

They broke apart and Tetra wiped her eyes. "Thank you. Now go see Mila; your father will be back any second and I think that he wants to speak to me alone."

He practically ran back up to the infirmary to talk to Mila, since he probably had less than five minutes to talk to her. When he entered she was lying in bed just as he had left her, and her eyes wide open as she stared at the ceiling. When Link approached her, she glanced down to meet his eyes.

"Hi," she said to him.

He sat on the edge of her bed again. "I've got to tell you something. I think you know what it is."

"You're going with everyone to rescue Aryll," she guessed.


"Good," she said firmly.

"You're not worried?"

"Of course I am. But I know you'll be okay, for your sister's sake." She smiled. "Just don't do anything dumb and reckless, like you normally do."

Link leaned forward and gently kissed her. They stayed like that for a few seconds until he broke away. "I'm going to bring her back," he whispered.

"I know," she responded instantly. She moved her head forward and they kissed again for a little while longer. Link had to force himself to break away. Part of him wished that he could stay like this with Mila longer, but he knew that his precious little sister was in danger and needed him right away.

"I have to go now. I'll see you later." He gave a small, sad wave.

Having said goodbye to his mother and Mila, he was ready to leave. He climbed down to the first floor of the tower where dozens of soldiers were scrambling to load the ships with weapons for the rescue mission. One of the soldiers noticed him and stood in front of him. "Prince Link, do you plan on coming with us? Is your father okay with this?"

Link didn't have time to answer him, as his father drowned out his voice by barging into the room and shouting orders at everyone. Link's grandmother was right behind him. She immediately noticed Link and walked up to him. As the woman who raised Link and Aryll during their young childhood, she was extremely worried over the well-being of her pseudo-grandchildren. Likewise, Link was concerned about her.

"Grandma, are you alright?" he asked her, although the answer was evident in her expression. She looked worried; petrifyingly so, at that. She also had a hint of angry ambition deep within her eyes.

"No. But we're going to get Aryll back no matter what. I may be old but I can still fight." She looked around at all the soldiers that were standing in front of the ship they were going to take. "I can also help your father with the planning. The pirate captain is very powerful; we cannot match his power. The only way to bring him down is with strategy."

Everyone in the room grew quiet to give their attention to the King, who was on the deck of the ship overlooking everyone and preparing to give a speech. "As all of you know, a terrorist group has been threatening this country for years. I have had to make very difficult and personal decisions in order to protect my family and my people from this group. The leader of this group calls himself Ganondorf" – shocked whispers went around the room as he spoke the name of the evil King of legends – "but I can assure you this man is not like the evil king the legends speak of. This man does not use his own power, but rather leeches off of the power that my family rightfully possesses. This man has stolen a power that was laid to rest in the remains of our ancient kingdom, which lies below the sea, as all of you know."

The King paused to gauge the reactions to those listening to his speech. Everyone was silent, watching him intently. Many of them looked angry upon hearing the details of the terrorist group that they never fully understood but always hated nonetheless.

"I plan on making this news known to every citizen of Hyrule. I am starting the spread the truth with all of you brave men who have given their life for their country. This man who has terrorized our nation and kidnapped my daughter is after Hyrule. He wants to take my throne so that he can erase the good name of our people and replace it with that of his people, the Gerudo. So, I must ask all of you, do you wish for this to happen? Or do you want to aid me in ensuring the safe return of my daughter, one of the only two heirs to the throne? Will you help me secure the future of our country, even if it means risking your life by accepting dangerous mission?"

One of the soldiers in the front immediately raised his sword. "We must get the princess back! For Hyrule!"

"For our great country and for our wise leader!" another soldier shouted. A dozen more soldiers raised their swords in agreement.

"For Hyrule!" Nearly all of the soldiers began shouting, raising their weapons as well.

"Good," said Nohan fiercely after the commotion died down. "All of you do your country proud. Board this ship and we shall depart. I have devised a plan that will hopefully guarantee the return of my daughter as well as our safety."

The soldiers did as requested and began to enter the ship. Link stayed back with his grandmother and waited; they were in the back so they would be last to board. As they waited, his grandmother turned to him and smiled. "I hope one day you will able to give a speech like that," she said with admiration for the man that she considered to be her son.

"Yeah," he agreed, half-heartedly. He was too anxious over saving his sister to care about what his grandmother was telling him.

Finally, the two of them were able to board the ship. Though there were at least a hundred soldiers on board, the ship was big enough to fit everyone comfortably. The ship began to sail away from the tower and the king called for everyone to assemble so that he could explain the battle plan to them.

Link turned around and looked at the fading view of the tower. He hoped that he would be able to see it again, and if not, he at least hoped that Aryll would be able to.