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Chapter One

If someone told me I was going to end up being thrown into another dimension, tortured for information, asked to join a gang and then saved by four giant walking, talking, smart as hell turtles, who also happen to be in TV shows, movies and comics, I would have laughed in their face and asked them what the hell they were on, because they needed to share it with me because that's some crazy shit they're on.

And yet here I was, sitting on a lumpy old couch in the sewers of New York City. A mutant turtle currently fixing my broken fingers and bandaging my wounds, while sitting right next to me another one was chattering my ear off like a squirrel.

Whoa! You say as you ask "How the hell did that happen?"

Well, I'll tell you, and boy, are you in for it. But I warn you, it's not a pleasant story, of course that isn't to say it's all bad, but I'll let you be the judge.

It all started when I tripped. Yes you heard me, I fell. Me and my clumsy ass tripped over air and fell into another world. From the start I should have know that things were going to be different that day. The nightmare I had the night before was a big warning slap in my face that I completely ignored.

My nightmare was filled with the blurs of different shades of green and the gleam of light reflected off of polished silver metal. There was a sharp flash of pain and a never ending scream. Now that I think about it, the one who was screaming was me.

I woke up in pitch black, my body drenched in a cold sweat as hysteria bubbled up in my throat trying to choke me. Never in my life had I ever felt such fear and anxiety, or sweat on my body after a nightmare.

Stumbling, I rushed to the bathroom, turned on the water and splashed the cool liquid on my face. I patted my face dry with a towel, the tiny green nightlight in the wall beside the sink reflected off of the mirror and onto me, casting an odd, almost eerie glow to my skin.

Looking into the mirror I stared at the stranger in it. Looking into the mirror I stared at my own reflection, my appearance so changed I hardly recognized myself any more. Messy shoulder length dark brown hair framed my slightly chubby face, bangs that were dyed a cherry soda red were plastered to my forehead with sweat, the rest of my hair a rat's nest that gave me the appearance of Medusa's twin sister. A medium sized nose was below my brown eyes which were still wide with terror. The pale green glow of the light upon my pale skin made the scar next to my right eye stand out starkly. A white slash that started at my eyebrow and ended at the middle of my temple. Sweat gleamed across my brow and beaded along the slightly raised, paper white scar tissue. My medium built body was trembling with an icy cold that settled into my bones, which I knew no amount of blankets or sweaters would be able to get rid of.

I had been losing a lot of weight lately due to a combination of work, eating right and, yes I will admit it, working out. The one thing they never tell you when you start working out is that the first place you lose weight is your chest. Which in my case, wasn't a bad thing, goodbye back pain. And so my new 36C chest size didn't bother me one bit. Funny how things turn out.

Shaking my head and pushing away the feelings and emotions that the nightmare had evoked, I decided after a good ten minutes that it was time to get ready for work.

Walking back into my room I looked at my alarm clock with its glaring red numbers which flicked to 4:35 AM causing the alarm to buzz an annoying sound that grated on my nerves, but which always guaranteed me that I would wake up. Sighing I turned it off and went to put on my clothes. Turning the bedside lamp on I put on some wool socks with dark blue paint stained work jeans. My black Velcro Watch with a piece of pink wiring went on my right wrist followed by a simple black belt with my Swiss army knife strapped onto it. The top was a sleeveless dark emerald cotton t shirt. I slid on my Men's Caterpillar Steel Toe WP Work Boots. They were black with the bright yellow Caterpillar company logo on the side. To top this off I put on my Pickens Technical College hoodie and put my newly charged phone in my left jean pocket while in the other I put in my mp3 and neon green gummy bear ear buds. Turning off the lamp I walked to my kitchen and started to make breakfast, which consisted of Danish styled cream cheese toaster strudels and a glass of OJ along with a woman's multivitamin.

It took fifteen minutes to eat while watching some TV and another five to wash the dishes. By the time I had finished cleaning up my watch read 5:05 so I grabbed my lunch, a Subway sandwich, from the fridge to put in my work bag. My work bag which was a medium sized black cotton backpack.

At this point you're probably wondering what the hell is my job? Well, I worked for the Aurora Public Schools in Colorado as Grounds Maintenance. Fun job, hard as hell , but with great pay. I was hired on full time since I got my driver's license. Life had really started to turn around for me at this point in my life. I had my own one level house and a shiny new 2012 gem green colored Ford super duty truck.

Keys in my hand I started for the door. In a split second the hair on the back of my neck stood up on end and I felt my stomach drop down to my feet. I started feeling a little off, and then I tripped over the air in front of me.

Gravity went against me more than usual as I looked at the black hole that suddenly appeared in front of me as it pulled me in. My vision became clouded with shadows and just as I was slipping into unconsciousness I saw a flash of silver and then nothing.

I heard the slap of flesh against flesh when I regained my senses, followed by me registering the pain in my cheek and jerking at the person who had slapped my face.

A muffled "Get up." Was hissed in my ear.

I tensed as I heard the low threatening tone of it. Fear crept up my spine as it dawned on me that 1 I did not recognize the voice, and 2 it was a male's voice. Opening my eyes I winced as the bright light hit my burning eyes. From there I squinted at the blurry figures in front of me.

"Open your eyes woman," the voice boomed out to me.

I swallowed down a big lump of fear, my throat feeling like sandpaper. I shook my head whispering, "The light's too bright".

Another slap across my face and my eyes flew wide open getting the biggest surprise of my life when I saw the man in front of me.

He looked to be over six feet tall and clothed in a gray tunic with matching bottoms. The man was covered in silver metal pieces, brown leather shin guards, arm slash hand bands that had razor sharp looking curved blades coming out of the back of the arm part. The cape he wore had a metal shoulder piece that had the same design as the arms. His face was mostly covered by a helmet and mouth concealing everything under his eyes. Slits near the mouth allowed him to breathe leaving his piercing black eyes to gaze back at me. The helmet covered his ears and looked antique, and somewhat tarnished, with chain mail on the sides with a solid sharpened pointed piece on the top of his head slanting backwards. When I took this all in I could not help but blink somewhat rapidly at him.

'What the hell was going on?' I wondered to myself. The man's eyes stared at me, slowly raking down my figure. I frowned at this because it felt like he was checking me out or something.

"What is your name?" He asked in a deep echoing voice.

My eyebrow rose at this. Did he honestly think I was going to just going to give my name to a total stranger in a Halloween costume?I wondered in disbelief. The room remained silent as I glared at him.

He growled and his hand shot forward to roughly grab my chin. I went to clutch at his arm when I realized that I could not move my arms or my body. How the hell had I not felt the straps on my arms, stomach and legs that held me to a vertical steel table? I squirmed and tried to jerk my head back, but his hold on my chin just tightened painfully almost to the point of my eyes starting to water.

"You will tell me your name girl and consider this the least of your pains if you choose to disobey me again." He growled the last part out in an even lower voice as if he were telling me a secret.

Secret my ass, and since when did I all of a sudden become a little girl? Giving one more frustrated grunt I finally decided to give him my name and not tell him anything else, no matter how much pain I might go through.

I had already experienced enough pain in my life for me to be able to become somewhat numb to the experience.

"Diana...Diana Katherine Chavez." I grumbled as I glared at him even more than before. This apparently was the right answer because he pushed my face away to slam against the steel table. I saw spots dance in front of my eyes as I clenched my teeth together in pain. So much for that last thing being the least of my pains. I thought to myself bitterly.

"Who are you and what's with the getup?"I snapped at him.

The man stood back a little, some sort of sick demented joy rolling across his eyes.

I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw this. I can be an idiot sometimes, but even though I could see the skin crinkling in the corner of his eyes, which told me he was smiling, it made me nervous not being able to see the smile that hid behind the mask. He proceeded to laugh a little mockingly. I looked at him like he had just grown another head.

"So it seems I am not a ruler in your world, no matter, I shall introduce myself. My name is The Shredder." he announced with a semi-formal bow as he pointed to himself as he said his name.

Two minutes passed before laughter rippled out of my mouth. Seriously? He just said that he was The Shredder, ha! Man, I must have woken up in the loony bin for rejected wannabe comic con people or something. I thought to myself.

The Shredder blinked when I did this, but before I could so much as giggle his fist struck out connecting with my stomach. Air rushed out my lungs, my laughter replaced with me gasping for air.

"Silence!" He roared at me. Grabbing my hair and jerking my head back he leaned into my face to say, "You will respect me young one."

I screamed in pain as I yelled at him. "You're not real." Silence followed this as he looked at me, confusion evident on his face.

"What do you mean?" He asked a second later.

By then I had had enough, so I just bit down on my lips and shook my head refusing to answer his question.

"I had hoped you would more cooperative by now, but it seems that I was wrong. We will question you and if you do not answer, you will suffer the consequences of that refusal in an extremely painful manner." He leaned in towards me until all I could see were his black, soulless eyes. He hissed at me "Where are the turtles?"

Feeling myself spiraling into the void of his eyes I sealed my fate when I said "No."

Chuckling darkly he said "Very well, Hun you may proceed to question her your way."

Out of the corner of my left eye I saw an even taller man step forward step out of the shadows. Long Golden hair pulled into a ponytail rested on his broad like, tan shoulders. His wife beater muscle shirt stretched over his steroid enhanced muscled chest, while black leather pants hugged toned legs, and black beat up steel toe covered boots enclosed his feet. On his left shoulder from his elbow up to his neck a Chinese inspired purple dragon wove in and around huge muscles. Clutched in his right hand was a nasty looking bull whip. I stared in horror at the malicious smile on his clean shaven Caucasian face. Ice winter blue eyes looked down at me as they told me of what was to come next.

I thought to myself that I was going to have nightmares for the rest of my life if this ended up being real and not just a nightmare.

He strutted towards me, the bright light gleaming off of copper zero gauged spikes in each ear, The Shredder having stepped back to observe all of this. As Hun closed in on me I braced myself, and closed my eyes just as I felt the sting of the whip as it cracked at me for the first time.

"Where are the turtles?" The question was repeated again and again.

I felt the whip slice into me every time I refused to answer. I screamed for help inside my head when I felt a warm presence in my mind begin to fade in and out. Clinging to the faint presence I began to wait and hope. For what I didn't know, and it was only much later that I found out, much later.

From there everything became a blur as I lost track of the hours that I had spent get whipped and sometimes kicked or punched. Tears streamed down into the cuts on my face, my left eye throbbed, no doubt I already had a black eye.

Sometimes I would slip into the darkness of my mind only to be brought back with a slap or a flick from the whip. Time passed by in a blaze of fire and agony. It was during a 10 second break when a high pitched blare assaulted my eardrums. Red and yellow lights flashed brightly around me. It felt like a fire drill from school, which had been annoying then and it was annoying now.

I felt people rushing around me, my eyes tightly closed by then. The Shredder and Hun had stood by my sides when an eerie silence filled the room, only to be broken moments later when I heard new voices raised in anger.

I could barely make out what was being said because of the pain, but I did catch snippets of something like "Welcome turtles." and a different voice yelling "You monster!"

When I did regain all of my senses I opened my eyes, and started to wonder when my normal life had turned weird, because there they stood in all their mutant turtle glory.

My eyes grew large at the sight and I thought to myself,Yep its official, I've gone insane and I'm currently in a psychic ward.

There was a lot of yelling and shouting as men swarmed around like angry bees. If my eyes were to be believed, what looked like Foot ninja's seemed to be working with gruff looking men who, having the same purple dragon tattoos as my lovely new friend Hun, must be part of the Purple Dragons.

Meanwhile as Tweedledee Shredder and Tweedledum Hun were occupied with the turtles, I took the chance to briefly look at the turtles. They were all well muscled, some more than the others. And true to form, they all wore different colored masks. Just like on TV I thought to myself in disbelief.

One stood in front of the others with his dark cerulean blue mask that framed dark grayish brown eyes, hunter green skin gleamed underneath the artificial light .The other three stood behind Leonardo in a close diamond like position. The one to his left had to be Donatello who wore an Imperial purple mask, his eyes were a dark slate gray, his skin a crisp apple green. To his right Michelangelo wore a dark orange mask that cradled robin's egg blue eyes, his forest green skin gleamed with a thin sheen of beaded sweat. Behind Michelangelo stood the last and the darkest green of all of them. He was a Phthalo green with a dark, rich slash of crimson that framed eyes the color of citrine gems, being a medium dark shade of yellow with a hint of green. Though at the moment they looked like angry cat eyes.

Though now that I had a better look they all looked pretty pissed, for what reason I couldn't say.

Hun turned to me then, before I could finish my inspection and ripped the straps from my wrists, legs and body freeing me so that I slumped a little against the table. Rubbing my raw and bruised wrists The Shredder turned to me.

Laughing loudly he said to the four mutant turtles "There's nothing you can do to stop me now that we have her." He proclaimed smugly as he turned to me and said, "Join me. Join me Diana, and together we will kill the freaks."

I looked between the Shredder and the turtles and looking The Shredder in the eye I said with my head held high, "You're joking right? Unless I'm mistaken you just spent the last several hours having me tortured. Why the hell would I join you to do anything?" I said to him with an incredulous shake of my head. "So even if this isn't a dream, and by some crazy ass reason it's real, I think I'll tell you to just suck it. And by the way the only freak I see around here is you." I spat in disgust "I would never follow a monster like you!"

Snarling The Shredder grabbed me, holding me tightly against him as we both faced the turtles, my left wrist clutched firmly in his left hand. "You're just like them , a mistake that must corrected later. Now turtles, I command you to drop your weapons." He ordered.

"No!" I yelled to the turtles, willing them to remain armed.

Grabbing my pinky finger on my left hand The Shredder, with his left hand did something that I, in a sick and disturbed way, always wanted to know what it felt like. By jerking said finger roughly to the side The Shredder managed to crack the delicate little bone in half. Intense burning fire shot through my hand lighting up every nerve in a wave of red tinged agony. An ear piercing scream tumbled from my lips and shattered the stillness of the room, which was funny, because I don't even remember starting to scream.

The sound of cracking bone triggered a few things at once. The turtles flinched in shock, horror and revulsion, the one in orange paled, turning a sick shade of gray-green. Some of the men started laughing at this. My screaming died down to a few whimpers and little sobs of pain.

"Drop your weapons turtles." The Shredder ordered in an all too calm voice again.

The group of turtles, with each passing second became more and more tense. The blue masked one started to lower his weapons to the floor.

"Stop! Don't listen to this asshole!" I shouted at them.

The Shredder not impressed with my heroics took my ring finger and yanked it sharply. A wet pop echoed through the room before I shrieked.

"I will not ask again Leonardo. Put down your weapons!" And to illustrate the seriousness of his command he took my middle finger and twisted it.

For just one moment I blacked out, but in that split second of regaining my senses I felt the sharp edge of a knife hilt pressed into my back. Jolted back to awareness I hesitantly reached behind my back with my right hand. Everyone was so busy with my would be rescuers that no one saw my arm's movement.

"Very well, I'll just have to find some other way to persuade you." The Shredder stated calmly as he pulled out some sort of gun.

What is with this guy that he is packing so many weapons? I wondered to myself as The Shredder pointed it at the one wearing the orange mask.

Seeing this small chance I quickly reached into his robes, whipped out the knife, and buried it into his left shoulder.

The Shredder stumbled back, the click and roar of the gun sent everything into a cluster fuck. Thankfully the bullet missed its intended victim.

The Shredder, pushing me away, backhanded me, sending me several feet away from him to sprawl onto the ground. Note to self his bitch slap is pretty hard. I thought to myself inwardly.

The clash of steel against steel reverberated around me as the dull thud of wood striking soft flesh thundered all around the room.

Silver light flashed into my eyes signaling the arrival of Leonardo nearby in a heated battle with the old tin man. Feeling eyes on me I looked up into a pair of upside down beautiful blue eyes and a dark orange mask hovering over me.

"Are you okay ?" he whispered to me gently in cool spearmint laced words. He placed a gentle hand on my shoulder causing me to flinch.

His eyes took on a pained look when he saw this, but before he could apologize I beat him to it. "I'm sorry." I managed to choke out as tears gathered at the corners of my eyes.

A strained smile graced his face as he spoke again. "I'm going to pick you up now its' going to be okay ."

I nodded my head in response "Okay." Back home I was known for my loud voice, but my agreement to his actions came out as no more than a soft whisper.

An arm slid under my back, another under my legs, air rushing through my ears as he silently picked me up. Looking into his eyes once more I reached a hand up towards his neck, but stopped halfway as if asking if I could. The response was a sharp nod to which I then proceeded to wrap my arms around his neck. Emboldened by this action I buried my face into his neck,which caused him to stiffen slightly either in shock or confusion at my actions.

"I got her guys let's get the heck out of here!" He shouted over his shoulder. I heard one voice shout, "Go ahead with her Mikey, we'll catch up!" While another shouted "Got your back bro."

"Hold on this might get ugly." Mikey warned.

My arms tightened around his shoulders, my injured hand blazing in pain. I closed my eyes tightly feeling the movement of his body underneath me increase as he ran. Faster and faster we went, followed by angry grunts and yells of pain as his body jerked and shifted to dodge occasional attacks.

It was only when the refreshing ice cold, night air hit my body that I realized I had even done anything life changing. Everything was moving so fast for me that I just zoned out.

A sharp slightly musty odor brought me to my senses. The soft echoing splash of water and complete darkness made me wonder where we were. Harsh breathing in front of me made me cringe into my green hero.

"It's okay it's just my bros." he said to me as I opened my eyes staring at the textured contours of his neck. We continued to walk in silence until finally we stopped. Noises and a soft light shined into the dark, water filled, cement tunnel. He walked a little ways further down the tunnel and I heard a strange 'thud' sound that echoed in the room we had stepped into, a pleasant scent drifted around me, possibly incense, but the actual name of the aroma eluded me.

"I'm going to set you down cause we're safe now." Mikey said, gentleness flowing through each word that the turtle said to me as he gently set me down on a lumpy cushion. He began to pull away which set me into a mini panic attack, causing me to clutch onto his neck more, a slight whimper escaping my lips. He sighed and I felt the couch next to me sag as he sat next to me my face still buried in his neck. "It's okay you're safe now." He said as a hand began to tentatively rub my back trying to soothe and calm me.

Soft taps on a hard floor brought me painfully back to earth as a soft voice spoke.

"My sons, it is good to see you've returned safely."

A different voice, tinged with respect, but laced with a hint of steel responded. "Father we infiltrated The Shredder's lair and found what he was hiding. He was holding this girl captive."

Quietly humming I heard the person approach until a soft, clawed hand touched my shoulder. "Raise your head young one, you are quite safe here with us." Pausing he then added "Trust me." In a reassuring voice.

I slowly lifted my head and turned to face a kind, wise,large grey furred rat. Feeling odd because I have never really considered rats to be kind, I stared deep into two liquid pools of ink colored eyes.

These eyes searched my face for something and I don't know what he was searching for or if he found it, but his eyes finally settled on my cheek which began to throb under his gaze. His other paw reached out to stroke the sore cheek as I winced slightly.

"She got hurt because of us Master." Black eyes darted to blue ones "She was asked to join the foot and she said "no." Even...even when The Shredder broke some of her fingers. And her face is like that because she got slapped for saving me from being shot by The Shredder."

His master drew back, a look of mild surprise etched on his face. Looking behind us he spoke to another turtle. "Leonardo, is what Michelangelo speaks of true?"

"Yes father," Leonardo answered quickly. "But I do not know why she saved Mikey."

Several pairs of eyes landed on me then.

"Yeah, why the hell did you help us?" An angry, suspicious voice asked. Looking down I chewed on my lip in uneasiness "I don't think you guys are monsters." I replied to them softly.

"Look into my eyes child." Their master said to me a moment later. Doing so I saw a slight smile on the old Master's face. "Although I do not know the full reasons as to why you saved my son and denied an invitation from the Shredder. I offer my most sincere gratitude and open our home to you, where you may reside in to heal and recuperate from the horrors you faced."

"But Master Splinter, how can we know we can trust her?" Leonardo inquired uneasily.

"I trust her Leo."Michelangelo's voice interjected.

My eyes snapped to Mikey's, who smiled, the pearly whites of his teeth gleaming in the light, his mask taking on an odd glow

I heard a snort and mocking voice spoke."Of course you would trust her Mike, you always do."

"That is enough Raphael." Master Splinter said sternly to the red banded turtle. The reprimanded turtle glared at me, eyes full of mistrust and the promise of deadly retribution if I dared to hurt his family. Then with a huff of "Whatever." He turned in hostile, pent up rage as he leaped onto an upper ledge walkway. A moment later the sound of a slamming a door echoed through the cavernous room, followed by another more muffled slam of another door.

Wincing, I cringed as the sound seemed to reverberate through my head and body.

"It's okay dudette, he's always cranky after a smack down." Mikey said to me. "Donatello, Master Splinter began. "Please tend to our guest. It seems she is in more pain then she lets on." Patting my head softly their Master continued as Donatello rushed to do his Master's bidding, rushing from the room. "You may call me Master Splinter child. My oldest son here, Leonardo, will make sure you have a place to rest after you are treated. I will be meditating on the events that have occurred recently if anyone wishes to see me." With that the old rat turned and slowly walked away, his walking stick making sharp taps against the stone floor as he disappeared into a different part of their home

Mikey continued to sit to my right, while my turtle doctor, carrying an armload of medical supplies rushed to my left side. I finally let go of Mikey cradling my damaged hand in my lap. Staring down at it I started drifting away from my body a little, my thoughts tumbling around in my head as I contemplated my situation with foggy disbelief.

Here I was sitting on an old lumpy couch surrounded by mutant turtles deep within a funky old sewer in the middle of New York City. I guess only time would tell if this was a hellish nightmare from which I was having a hard time waking; Or if I was trapped within a strange new reality that my mind could not fully even begin to comprehend. I hoped it was the former, but somewhere deep within myself I slightly wished that it was the latter. Does That make me a strange person?