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Chapter Three

Sometimes when no one is looking, I like to pretend that the darkness is my friend; like a security blanket protecting me from the menacing terrors of the world. I would wrap the darkness around me like the comforting hugs my mom used to give to me when I was young. I would be safe and warm inside its dark, shadow constructed arms.

But right now, my friend was my enemy, and the monster that was now my reality was gaining speed ready to pounce and drag me mercilessly to my knees. Its apathetic gaze seemed to devour me from within. Reality leapt, slamming into me as I hit the ground of the world that existed solely in my mind.

For a moment I lay unmoving, the walls around me an unforgiving, blinding white that seemed to dwarf me on so many levels. I would have continued to lay there contemplating my situation, but to my irritated consternation, a rotting wooden door appeared in the far distance. To my hazy mind it sounded like it was calling to me; coercing me to open it. And even though I heard my tiny pathetic excuse of a voice of Reason warned me to not do it. I choose to ignore it, standing up and stumbling to the door.

'Danger, danger you stupid dipshit,' the voice in my head warned as I reached for the scratched up copper door knob.

'There's nothing there we have to see. All you have to do is turn around and then we can wake up,' she continued to plead with me as I turned the knob slowly, to my Reason's great horror.

'Please, just this once, please listen to me!' she begged. Ignoring the voice, I pushed forward none the less.

Opening the creaky door I heard her retreat with a cry of panic and a parting warning that left me shaking in trepidation. 'I warned you. I just hope you can face the truth of this decision.'

Walking into the pitch black, my senses were assaulted by the smell of rotten sewage, and the fast flowing sound of water coming from a distance. Taking another tentative step I slid into ankle deep water that glowed an ominous blue color. Gone was the white room and blinding light, of the previous room. I guessed that I was currently walking a sewer of some sort. Voices coming from the water caught my attention and intrigued me.

"When did you last hear from her?" a male voice asked.

"Two days ago, and we were going to meet up right after she got off work to get ready to go to dinner that night. We were going to eat out at a restaurant. Please find her, Officer, she's a good person, she would never just run away," A female pled, her voice sounding familiar and very much like my friend Nicole.

"Rest assured, Ma'am. We are doing all we can to find the missing person," The officer said soothingly.

A face floated to the surface of the blue, glowing liquid, becoming clearer, more distinct and familiar. I recognized my friend Nicole, whose worried voice I had heard earlier. I stared into her eyes and saw that agonized tears were streaming down her face.

"Where are you Diana?" She asked with fearful worry.

Her words struck a chord through me that vibrated, becoming louder, more clear and almost painful in it's intensity.

Where was I? I wondered to myself. Looking down at my friend I yelled out to her, hoping that maybe she could hear me."Here! I'm here, Nicole! Can you hear me?!" I screamed at her but to no avail. She didn't give any sign that she could hear or even see me.

Waves seemed to have formed from out of nowhere, and to my fearful dismay I noticed that the blue liquid had risen up to my hips. Nicole's image rippled vanished as the water seemed to come alive, like an angry sea with huge rolling, undulating waves crashing into me and stealing my breath away with each and every blow.

Fading away I tried to call out again to my dear friend, screaming with all of my might to get her attention.

"Nicole! Come back, I need you. Please, save me!" I begged as her face morphed into someone's visage that glinted with menacing silver. Dark, soulless, brown-nearly black- eyes burrowed into my own, and I flinched in terror.

A tendril of water rose up, shaping itself into a giant hand that wrapped around the entirety of my body, holding and trapping me. The grip was slowly constricting itself, crushing me and leaving me gasping, struggling to gain even a small desperate breath of life sustaining air. The Shredder's massive face and body rose from the depths of the twisting, rolling sea, his giant fist crushing the life out of me. His booming laughter sent shivers down my spine and piercing arrows directly through my heart.

"You are mine," he said boasted cruelly,"to to use at will." He pulled me up and closer to his face to peer into his malevolent onyx eyes. "To deal with as I see fit." Another squeeze to my body sent a wave of agony spiking through me as his eyes lit with carnal desire, his voice suggestive and filled with lust.

Hot breath hit my face crawling across my skin as he laughed cruelly before whispering tauntingly. "You will be my weapon, Diana and you will never escape, or be free of me; ever."

Words continued to pour from the Shredder's mouth that I was unable to hear as the blood rushed through my ears, heart slamming against my chest in panic. What I did hear didn't make any sense to me, like a several languages running together in a swirling intonation.

"The sleeper awakes,"

Um, what's with the Dune rip-off? I wondered as the vision of the Shredder began to fade, becoming less real.

"Awaken dreamer,"

'I told you this would hurt'. My voice of Reason was back and nagging at me again.

"Wake up."

'Why don't you ever listen to me? She complained.'Why can't you do as your told?!'

"Wake up! Your safe, just wake up!"

"You'll never be safe; never, never, never!'

"Wake up! Someone get in here and help me!"

'Never, never, never, never!'

I screamed as all of the voices including my own echoed around in my head. Someone please help! Please help me! I screamed in my head as thenever's and ever's seemed to tear my mind apart as my body thrashed violently.

Like an act of mercy my eyes suddenly flew open in the waking world and I was confronted by Michelangelo staring right into my eyes, his expression panicked, voice worried and desperate. I clenched my teeth in pain as my hand throbbed painfully, but it was nothing compared to how it had been before. The brace that Donny had placed on it had obviously helped keep my hand still during my nightmare.

I quickly sat up, my breathing heavy as I stared at my good hand balled tightly into the blanket I clutched to my chest. I jumped in fear as someone placed a gentle hand upon my shoulder a small whimper of distress slipping from between my lips. A hand began to soothingly rub small circles of comfort across my back, making the tense muscles there sag in relief and relaxation. I saw Donny run in a moment later, a med kit in hand.

"What happened?!" he asked anxiety lacing each word.

"I don't know. She started breathing funny then she was suddenly gasping for air and thrashing around. Then she started to scream for help." Mikey explained in a rush of words that tripped and fell over each other in his haste to get them out.

Kneeling down in front of me Donny took out a stethoscope and started to take my vitals. "Sounds like a pretty bad dream." he probed gently. "Do you want to talk about it."

I took a deep breath and felt myself calm enough to softly answer Donny's question as I shifted nervously. "It was a nightmare about my friend who was looking for me and then... I called to her and she couldn't hear me." I tried to keep the distress from my voice as I shakily related part of my dream to them. However, I didn't feel comfortable sharing the part about the Shredder and his hateful words and promises. That seemed too...personal for some reason. But she couldn't dispel her fear of the Shredder finding her. "The Shredder's going to find me." she whispered miserably, a single tear running down my cheek, which I hastily and angrily wiped away. The last thing I wanted was to break down crying, because then I would feel ridiculous.

"Hey, everything's going to be okay. He won't find you, cause we're going to protect you." Mikey said comfortingly his hand giving my shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

Smiling I asked, "Even if you don't know who I am?" I asked, twisting around to look at him waiting for his reply

"We help whoever is in danger, even the people we don't know." He paused for a moment. "But it would be nice to know what to call you instead of 'hey you'," Donny said with a slightly lopsided smile on his face as he began putting away his medical supplies.

Holding out my uninjured hand to him first, I smiled kindly. "Sorry about that, names Diana Katherine Chavez."

Cautiously he stuck out his hand to which I grabbed and firmly shook. Eyes widened in surprise when I did this. Shocking to have a stranger respect you, I thought to myself.

"But you can call me Didi if you want," I concluded before I let go of his hand.

Looking closer at his appendage brought to light the fact that he had five fingers instead of three. I hummed thoughtfully to myself. Looks like they got that wrong in the movies and comics, I thought to myself, which brought to mind another interesting point and I wondered, Just what else did they get wrong?

I then proceeded to shake Mikey's hand again smiling nicely before letting go.

"Cool." Mikey smiled a wide toothed grin. "Well you know us, then there's Leonardo or Leo when he lets you call him that, he's our oldest brother. And Raphael or Raph is the second oldest next to Donny, then me; the awesome and cool one." Mikey leaned back on the couch trying to strike a pose while next to me Don was rolling his eyes and sighing in exasperation.

"Yeah, but you forgot your most important trait, Mikey," Donny said with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

"What's that, Don?" Mikey looked confused when he asked this.

Standing up, bag in hand he answered,"Your sparkling personality of course," he replied, with a teasing grin.

"Ye..." he paused for a second, head tilted, eyebrows scrunched up in thought. A light bulb must have gone off in his head because his confusion turned to mock outrage. "Hey, what's )that supposed to mean!?"

"Nothing, Mikey, nothing at all." Donny was laughing at this point with me snickering in the background.

"Humph whatever, Donny." Crossing his arms he preceded to pout until my stomach decided to growl really loudly leaving me looking embarrassed and them laughing at me.

"Sounds like someone is hungry. Which makes sense since you've been asleep for 14 hours. Why don't we get some food into you, then I can give you some meds for the pain." Donny proposed still chuckling.

Standing Mikey held out his hand, which I gladly took. He easily pulled up unto my feet in one quick motion. "We can eat while we're waiting for some friends to come by. One of them, April, is bringing some clothes and stuff you might need. So follow me, I'm probably the only one here who can cook great food anyway. Even with my sparkling personality." He grinned at Donny who stuck his tongue at him slightly.

Smiling, I could get used to this, I thought to myself aswe all headed to the kitchen area. Their lair was nice. As I walked from the living room I noticed it seemed to be a melding of all of the Tmnt shows or movies I'd seen. The lower floor seemed to come from the 2003 version of the cartoon, with the weird elevator to what I would guess to be the garage that held their turtle themed vehicles. Their bedrooms seemed to be located on the upper floor like in the CGI movie. The lair had a certain feel to it that left me nostalgic for the live action movies. Oddly enough both the 2003 and the 1980s cartoon theme song were going through my head at that particular moment, leaving me missing my little brother Andrew. He would have loved this to meet his heroes, I thought to myself wistfully.

Arriving in said kitchen I noticed it had an 'L' shaped layout to it. Table and chairs in the middle with cabinets, counters, two pantry's along with the fridge, stove and sink sitting against the wall. The color scheme was odd to say the least. All of the wood and counter tops were different colors. Some were black/white and others were brown/white. They had a dingy, old, and worn look to them. The stove looked old and was gas powered. Two mismatched counter tops over the fridge looked newish, and had only a few small dents. Looks like someone's been punching it, I though in surprise. The sink looked like a normal two tub sink to me, but had an old fashioned spigot rather than a more modern two tap faucet.

Mikey decided to pull out one of the several old oak chairs for me to sit down on in front of the matching table. It too had a worn look to it, and had obviously been well used. I reached out and traced a few deep, thick gouges that I suspiciously believed to have been

made by the sharpened tip of a sai. Sitting down on the proffered chair I watched as Mikey started getting things out from the fridge.

"Would you like some eggs, and if yes, how do you like your eggs?" he asked with two of them in his hand.

"Yes, and um... would over easy be too much to ask for?" I shyly asked.

"Heck no! I know for a fact that I make a mean over easy egg." Bright teeth flashed at me when he said this. "I'm feeling like some pancakes would go great with this. What do you think?

"I think that would be great." More smiles at him for the consideration. I felt really happy, even with the bad wake-up call this morning.

So for several minutes me and Mikey talked back and forth between each other and I ended up finding out that his favorite color was orange.

"Cause it's the color of awesome, and my mask. Don't you think it goes great with my eyes?" He batted his eyes at me, which left us both breathless with laughter.

"Mine is red and green." I offered up after we had both calmed down.

Looking at me he lifted a eye ridge. "Really? Now that's interesting," he murmured thoughtfully.

Mikey told me that he loves comics and video games. Mostly Dc and Marvel for the comics, while he liked horror and RPG's for video games.

"I love kicking someone's butt at Call of Duty, it's the highlight of my day."

I piqued his interest when I told him I liked video games and comic books too. Though I was more into the classic Nintendo games and that I wasn't into comic books quite as avidly as he was, but that I did read them every now and then.

"I like a lot of games from the super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. Legend of Zelda and Chrono Trigger are my favorites. And as for comics, I'll pick up an issue of x-men or a manga. I really like Fruits Basket.

He let out an exaggerated gasp. Flipping a pancake he grinned. "I think your my new best friend now. Just wait 'till after breakfast, we can play a bunch of games and I'll show you some of my comics.." I smiled as he continued to chat enthusiastically.

When he had finished making breakfast, Mikey set three plates down on the table for us, plus silverware and napkins. Donny came in heading straight for the coffee. After pouring himself a cup, he rummaged through a cupboard and pulled out a glass, filling it with water and walking over to me where he set it down on the table in front of me.

"Here, it's for your medicine," he said while he set two pills down beside the glass of water.

"Thanks," I said gratefully. I took the pills, quickly swallowing them down with a chase of water.

"How is your pain by the way." he asked as we tucked into the feast.

"It's around a seven," I said wincing when I set my hand down on the table.

"That's great. Its' gone down some then," Donny said with a smile.

"It could be worse if it weren't for you guys, so again thank you for rescuing me."

"You're welcome it was no problem," he said as his cheeks darkened slightly with either embarrassment or pleasure, possibly both..

For several minutes we ate in a peaceful silence. It was when I was almost finished with my food that I heard a door slam open and close, followed by a small thump in the living room. Then I saw a red mask emerge out of the darkness followed by the face of Raphael who looked tense and slightly pissed off. He ended up walking heavily into the kitchen got a bowl out along with a box of cereal. While he was fixing himself breakfast I felt the tension in the room skyrocket to the point where you could cut it with a knife...a really dull one.

I felt worry start to stir in the back of my mind; anxiety stealing my breath and placing a lump of lead in my stomach. My injured hand throbbed painfully from pressing it down onto the table. When Raphael did sit down across from me I shifted back slightly, as if his overwhelmingly hostile presence pushed me away. I quickly lowered my eyes to the table to avoid eye contact for fear of antagonizing him.

"Well good morning there sleepy head. Did you get enough beauty sleep?" Mikey asked in a teasing voice.

This earned Mikey a slight growl and a heated glare that should have caused Michelangelo to spontaneously combust. I know I felt the heat of the glare when Raphael directed it at me for a split second. All of the shared good humor and companionship that had filled me this morning evaporated, and I was left the outsider again, which left me feeling even more isolated than before.

It was not even five minutes later when Leonardo came in with Master Splinter limping slightly as he followed Leonardo into the kitchen. Master Splinter was happily humming to himself as he sat down in an empty chair, while Leonardo walked purposefully towards a kettle that had been placed on the stove by Michelangelo. It had just started to whistle as Leonardo approached. Quickly and efficiently tea was made and poured into two cups. The tea along with two full plates of food were skillfully balanced along with the two cups of tea, and brought over to the table.

"Good morning, my sons," Master Splinter said with a smile as he took a tentative sip of his tea.

Four replies of 'good morning, Sensei' were given though Raphael's sounded more like a growl.

Turning to me Master Splinter proceeded to nod his head. "And good morning young lady."

Feeling flustered I stammered out, "good morning...Master Splinter, Sir."

Mikey, being ever so kind, spoke after my uneasy reply. "Her name's Diana, Master. Diana Katherine Chavez."

I smiled shyly at Michelangelo in gratitude until a low, rough voice made me flinch, and shrink back in my seat.

"Why can't she say her name herself? Are we too freaky for her to talk to?" snarled Raphael as he narrowed his eyes at me and Mikey. This made Mikey frown and look back at his brother in exasperation.

"Be calm, my son. Miss. Chavez is not appalled by our appearances, you may ask her yourself. In this case she is merely shy," Master Splinter said with a kind glance thrown my way.

"I would like to know why that is." Leonardo interjected softly, his eyes sharp and focused upon me. "Why aren't you scared of us, and why did you save Mikey? You don't even know us."

All eyes turned on me and I felt a fission of nervous fear prickle against my skin as my mind spun furiously trying to figure out how she was supposed to actually answer the question, when her reply of 'because you are comic book characters, oh, and I'm not from here,' sounded ludicrous even to her. Though the fact that four pairs of eyes set within terrapin faces, along with one set staring out at her from a rodent's visage made her answer seem not as ludicrous as it should.

"Well, aren't you going to answer us?" Raphael asked with a sneer in his voice, face set into angry and suspicious lines..

"Well you see...I kinda do know you," I answered nervously.

Instantly I knew that my answer had been the wrong one; even though it had been truthful. Raphael reacted with instant rage. He leapt across the table, flatware, food and glass smashed to the ground as he grabbed me by my bad arm, hauling me up from my seat. I stared into furious liquid gold eyes.

Mikey quickly stood, his seat flying back and crashing to the floor as I let out a cry of pain as Raphael's grip tightened on my arm, until a solid band of iron rather than flesh encased it.

Michelangelo grabbed at Raphael's shoulder squeezing it tightly, trying to get his brother to release his grip on me."Raph, stop it! You're hurting her!" he pleaded, while pulling back on Raphael's shoulder."

"I don't give a damn if I am! She needs to tell us who the hell she is working for!" he yelled at him back while gradually squeezing my arm harder. I whimpered as pain lashed through my arm, warm blood from torn stitches starting to trickle down my arm.

"The only ones who know about us, are our enemies, Mikey." Leonardo said softly as he slowly stood, eyes darting back and forth between Raphael and myself. He looked like he wanted to intervene, but knew that if I was an enemy wanting to harm his family, he would show me no mercy.

Gritting my teeth against the pain I tried to snarl, shout or yell at Raphael. I wanted to be strong and unafraid, but the truth was, I was very afraid, and I couldn't gather that much strength. So when I answered, it was with a voice that wavered, a single tear rolling down my cheek. "I don't 'work for anyone." My voice broke and I hated myself for it. I closed my eyes, squeezing them tightly together so I wouldn't have to look into Raphael's hate filled, accusatory golden eyes. "I don't work for anyone," I reaffirmed, opening my eyes and gathering enough courage to stare Raphael down. "Because up until you found me, I didn't even exist in this world.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" he roared, his face a hair's breadth from mine, his breath hot against my cheek.

"Where I'm from, you're just comic book characters!" I managed to put some power into my voice, and this gave me the strength to sneer at him."All of you are no more real than...than Link from the Legend of Zelda game."

"Stop lying and talking crazy! Tell us the truth!" Raphael shook me and I slammed my boot down on his bare foot; hard.

Raphael let go of my arm as he let out a yelp of pain.

I backed away two steps before continuing, my voice stronger, more sure of itself, and containing just a hint of a challenge. "I know you because I've seen the comics, the movies the cartoons and the merchandise. On my world you are imaginary characters created by...by, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird as a...a parody that turned into something...amazing!" I advanced a step towards Raphael, my confidence growing. "I know about everything; your fights with the Shredder, the Foot, Hun and the Purple Dragons, Baxter Stockman, Bishop, the Triceratrons, and your friends, April and Casey, proffessor hineycut and Usagi the samurai rabbit. And depending on which version you go by there are also Bebop and Rocksteady who were the Shredder's minions, and in another version they have Dogpound and Zever...I think that's his name. Mikey calls him fish face, because he's a giant mutant fish. Oh and Karai, can't forget about her-" I abruptly shut my mouth because I had begun to ramble. I was also being stared at with opened mouthed shock, which made me feel uncomfortable.

I swallowed nervously and clutched my throbbing arm to my chest.

"She coulda found that out anywhere-" Raphael began as Michelangelo punched him hard in the arm. Raphael glared at his baby brother and grunted angrily.

"Shut it, Raph." Michelangelo walked over to me and placed a gentle arm across my shoulders.

Raphael advanced an angry step towards me, but Leonardo stood in front of him, blocking his way. "I think we should maybe listen to what she has to say."

Leonardo looked for confirmation from their father, who gave a slight nod of agreement.

"Miss. Chavez, perhaps you would be more comfortable in the living room," Master Splinter motioned with his hand. "Raphael, we will see you after you clean up the kitchen." Master Splinter stood and slowly made his way to the living room. "And I expect a fresh cup of tea," he threw over his shoulder as he exited the kitchen.

Michelangelo chuckled as Raphael crossed his arms over his chest, his lips pulled back from his teeth in a silent snarl.

Michelangelo's grin grew broader as he ushered me from the room, turning excited blue eyes towards me. "Am I really a comic book hero?" he asked in breathlessly.

I nodded my head, giving him a lopsided grin. "You're even an action figure."

Michelangelo stopped his eyes going wide with awe before shinning with excitement. "That is so AWESOME!" he shouted.

Questions tumbled from his mouth as he began to ask me so many questions, I became dizzy and overwhelmed.

Donatello gently pushed Michelangelo off of me, explaining that he wanted to have a look at my arm, and re-stitch the lacerations that had broken open.

They seated me back on the couch and I closed my eyes for a moment, knowing that I had a lot of explaining to do.

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