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Chapter One: Poems

Rocky sighed as she stared at her black sheet of paper. She an assignment for English where they had to write a poem. Rocky would have written a poem about dancing but that was what Cece, Gunther and Tinka were doing. She wanted to do a orignal idea. Rocky's cell phone beeped, so she pulled it out of her pocket. It was a message from Deuce.

D- have you finish the English poem yet?
R- no, you?
D- same
R- what are you doing?
D- I'm going out with Dina later, you?
R- just trying to write a poem.

Rocky couldn't help but feel jealous. She had secretly been in love with Deuce for years but he never noticed her. It him she was just his best friends little sister. How do you make someone see you as more than that. Will he ever like her more than that? If so how does she change his opinion of her. Then there is always the subject of Deuce girlfriend Dina. As long as Dina was around Deuce would never like Rocky.

Then it hit her. An idea so simple it might just work. She could write a poem her feelings for Deuce.

(With Deuce, later that day)

"What do you mean you mean you what to break up!" Deuce yelled he voice raising in anger. Deuce had arrived at Dina apartment with the intention to take her to the moving theatre. This had not been a part of the plan.
"I just don't feel it anymore…" Dina told him as she stood in the doorway of her front door. She shuffled nervously on her feet. "We can still be friends."
"No, don't say we can still be friends." He yelled. Deuce was sure by this point that Dina family will be getting nosie complaints about this tomorrow. However Deuce didn;t care about that in this moment "What did I do wrong?"
"Nothing," Dina told him. "It's just.."
"You found someone else?" Deuce cut her off. He was extremely angry now.
"Yes," Dina replied.

Deuce stared at her, dumbfounded. He walked away; he wasn't going to let Dina see him cry.

As he reached his house, he allowed the tears to fall.

Deuce pulled out a pen and paper, and began to write how he felt… in the form of a poem. As he wrote he allowed himself to cry harder, as he wrote down exactly how he felt in that moment into the poem.

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