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Chapter five: Reading the poems

"So what did you write about for your poem" Deuce asked Rocky as they walked through the crowded school corridors together.
"Hermione feelings for Ron during Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince" Rocky lied. Rocky had decided to stick with the Harry Potter story rather than making up a new reason.
"Okay," replied Deuce giving her a wired look.
"What is your poem about then?" Rocky smiled
"My feeling after realising Dina was cheating on me" Deuce confessed.
"SHE IS WHAT!" Rocky cried. A few of the other students turn to see what she was yelling about.
"She cheated on me" Deuce informed Rocky.
"But you two, were perfect" Rocky replied shocked. She tried to hide back how happy she felt about it.
"Well it seems we weren't perfect enough" Deuce groaned he dopped his head in sadness.
"You will find someone better" Rocky told him 'like me' she thought
"Do you what to swap poems?" Deuce asked
"Okay" Rocky agreed. "We will do it after school."

(After school)

"Here is mine" Rocky said as she handed Deuce her poem. They were sitting on the steps outside Cece and Rocky's building.
"And this is mine" Deuce gave his poem to Rocky.

Rocky looked down and recognised Deuce's messy handwriting.


I gave you everything
I did all I could for you.
And you betrayed me

Was I just
Someone in your life
only there so you could break and step over me?

Was the other man
better looking, smarter than me
is that why you left me?

You made a mistake
I would have done anything for you

Ask your knew man
would he do the same things I did for you
because if he wouldn't don't come crawling back to me

I hope you're as happy for the rest of your life as I am right now

Rocky looked up and wiped the falling tears out of her eyes.
"That was one of the saddest poems I have ever read." Rocky sobbed as she pulled a tissue out of her pocket and used it to wipe away the falling tears.
"Yours was good too. How did you get so much depth from fictional characters?" Deuce wondered as he turned to face her
"I didn't write it from the fictional characters point of view. I wrote it about you." Rocky amited at last. "I know that it is weird because I'm your best friends little sister but..." She was cut off as Deuce moved towards her and kissed her.

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