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Chapter 1: Outcasts

Sheldon Oswald Lee is a genius. No one would say he wasn't, he can create technology like no one else and hot wire an alien space ship in under a minute. Then again Sheldon can also be an idiot. He is best known for his not so secret crush on one Jenny Wakeman. He did love her but she never loved him back. Maybe it was because Jenny was the only girl to ever be nice to him but she was the only one he felt that way for.

Right now Sheldon is heading for Jenny's home but this has become part of the everyday. Since his grades are so good he was able to finish most of his work for his high school classes. Needing a challenge to he took up an internship. To be exact he took up an internship with Dr. Wakeman partly because her lab and the work there could provide a challenge and to be closer to Jenny.

Then one day the Queen of the Cluster using the aid from a malevolent dimensional traveler managed to attack the world and disable all the robots on the world like Jenny. That didn't leave the world with much except the Silver Shell in the way of heroes.

The Silver Shell was the secret identity that Sheldon had cooked up to impress Jenny, which failed. The suit worked but he needed help and his identity was revealed to the good Doctor along with Brad and Tuck.

There was one other person there, Misty. Misty the alien and former member of the Teen Team who used her abilities to figure Sheldon was the Shell. She was going to leave the planet but the invasion made it difficult and Sheldon convinced her to help stop it. Lucky for them a much nicer dimensional travelers followed the other one and added their help.

They came up with a plan and to everyone's surprise it worked. Well, mostly worked. Sheldon's suit was destroyed and it left Misty and Sheldon stranded on an exploding space ship. Looking out to the stars Sheldon looked back to his life and what he had accomplished. He thought about Jenny. He did care for her but she didn't care about him not in that way. He wanted someone to care about him. He wanted what everyone wanted: to love someone that loved them back.

Trapped in the ship out in space about to explode Sheldon came to terms with what his life and smiled at the fact that at least he helped save the world. He was happy that he had Misty as company even if he felt a little guilty to drag her into the whole mess, he was glad not to be alone.

Lucky for him their good dimensional traveler, a Raven haired girl, who had the power to cross universes could pull them out of a space ship before the big boom.

The world recovered and Wakeman finished her repairs on Jenny. Before Jenny woke up the others agreed to keep Sheldon's other identity secret. The Silver Shell was seen by Jenny as jerk and Sheldon still cared about her and wanted her think of him as a friend.

So now Sheldon heads to his internship. He rebuilt his suit. He liked working for Dr. Wakeman he was learning and enjoying himself. He got to leave school a couple hour early and do something he loved so things were good.

"Hey Shell." A purple cloud of mist moves towards him. Soon the cloud turned into Misty.

"Hey Misty." Sheldon greets her.

Misty was thinking of leaving but Sheldon asked her to stay. She was curious for his reason, why did he cared if she stayed, no one else had. He told her that he wanted her to train him to be a real hero. Brad was the first to point out that Misty wasn't a real hero at best she was a hero-for-hire. Sheldon didn't care she was once a hero and could train him to be one. She agreed to stay on for a small fee.

"So, do you got sometime?" Misty asked the geeky boy. "I have another hero lesson for you."

"I have sometime I guess." He replied seeming a little chipper.

They headed towards the lab where the doctor let them use Jenny's training equipment.

As they made their way Misty looked at Sheldon. A small blush came to her face. When she looked into his mind she got a picture of who he was. She saw that he had a robot fetish and that freaked her out a little. But overall Sheldon was a kind hearted guy that just wanted someone to care. He didn't like people getting hurt or picked on because having been picked on he knew what it was like. When they thought they were going to die Sheldon wasn't scared he just smiled at the stars. He was an outsider with little friends. She was an outsider, she always was, then she parted ways with her few friends in the Teen Team. She could see Sheldon as being someone that understood her maybe even cared. She wondered if she was falling in love with the geek.

"Why are you smiling?" Sheldon asks curious.

"Oh." Misty said startled. "Just thinking of the laps I'm going to make you run. Start it! Run to the lab! I'll be a good warm up!"

"Okay, coach." Sheldon said eager as he began to run.

Misty shook her head clear and tried to focus herself. Was she really falling to the geek? Sure he was nice, funny, smart and kinda cute in a dorky way...

She didn't know if it was love. She didn't know if he could love her. She did think that it was worth staying around and finding out.

Misty slapped her palm to her face seeing Sheldon gasping for air only a block away.

"Hurry up, Shell, we have a long way to go."

Authors Notes: Just sort of an idea I got of hooking these two up together in a sort of spin off. I wonder would anyone be interested seeing me expand on this? You know a proper fan fiction with these two.