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Chapter 8: Man Behind the Curtain

The strange group arrived at Universal Technologies, the building itself wasn't all that impressive looking, it was almost a warehouse. It was however one of the few places that was standing unharmed after the revolt of the machines.

Sheldon had hidden away his suit. Misty and Wakeman were there too. None were sure what to do but they were the only ones who could do anything.

"I can't believe this where it started." Wakeman said staring up at the sign that revealed the companies name. "I certainly have some words for him." She grumbled.

Sneaking in wasn't that hard as it seemed whoever was in charge was busy with other things. Misty simply ripped off a door knob.

They snuck into the builds and after a few minutes of walking.

"I would have thought something would have happened by now." Misty pointed out as they walked into the building for minutes.

"Yes, Nicholas was always a little over confident which caused him to overlook things." Wakeman explained. "He was actually in line for your position." She told Sheldon.

"Mine?" Sheldon questioned.

"That whole intern assistant job?" Misty questioned.

"Yes, whatever you think about me getting that position could open many doors for someone. He took it hard when I turned him down."

"Did you just give me the position because I knew Jenny?"

"No," Wakeman assured him, "I honestly believe you'd make more with the position. He only focused on how it would benefit him. He was short sighted only thinking on the moment. Nicholas lacked a sense of morals when it came to science. I think this is best example, attacking the down for no reason. That boy needs to get himself a girlfriend, even more than you."

Misty blushed a little but couldn't help but laugh.

"Now you're sounding like my mom." Sheldon told her off.

Finally after minutes of walking around aimlessly they found their way into a vast room filled with screens, machines, robots and many more things.

Sheldon's eyes fell on a computer screen that showed scans of a red and white ball. Then he saw a small pink device with a small digital screen. He kept looking through the screen one held a small watch like device, a small tube with a green tip and a thermos.

"How?" Sheldon was confused. Then he started to see other screens with other displays.

A small belt with a t, a sword whose blade glowed white, a damaged ax like scythe, a box with several cards in it and a blood red sword.

"How did he find out about them?" Sheldon was scared.

"Hey look." Misty found a small gun like device, it bolted out like a cobra and shot out a blast of electricity. Wakeman studied the scans of a large ring device next to the gun.

Sheldon panicked and into the room only for the other to follow. Sheldon stopped when he spotted a large metal gate with a lot of controls attached to it and a fleet of small robots before it.

"Oh, you're here already." A young man walked towards them slowly drinking coffee.

"Nicholas." Wakeman growled at them.

"How did you find them?" Sheldon asked.

"What wrong?" Misty questioned sensing the urgency in his voice.

Nicholas smiled, "You saw them? I suppose you should know."

"What are you talking about?" Wakeman questioned.

"He wasn't told you?" Nicholas teased.

"The secret to all those advancements that you told me he was making…." Sheldon said. "he stole them. He stole them from other worlds. Other universes."

"Yeah, but I don't think they'll be missed. I could only steal a few things. Some were too big for by probes to carry or something fought them and grabbed whatever they stole. Still managed to get a lot of scans they help but I can't really reverse engineering it would something to work with. But you know all about that, you've traveled in between the universes haven't you Sheldon? Don't deny it, I scanned you and you'r covered in the tale tell radiation."

"How is this possible?" Wakeman stared at the gate. "This is beyond you."

"Maybe," Nicholas admitted. "It was the day that cluster attacked Earth. I managed to get some equipment working and I detected a small opening into the universe. After that I started to detect more. I'm guessing some friends visiting you." He looked at Sheldon. "And that'w when I realized you were apart of it. Not only did you get a job that should have been mine but you were seeing something like that."

"Wait, you tried to frame him, didn't you? And crash the helicarrier? That was you."

Nicholas smiled and his eyes glowed a faint green, "Technopathy. It's a gift I've had for a long time."

"Yes, one of the reasons I never hired you." Wakeman told him. "You could control the machines and raw information but you were not good at putting them together. You're smart but not creative to make anything new. You've even been stealing all these advancements."

"I did manage to make a dimensional portal from the readings, so there is that."

"And you are using it to steal." Wakeman shot back. "And why are you attacking the city? That's your power, you're hacking every machine."

"Yeah, I have a dish built on top of this building so as long as I'm in this building it will trasnmit my powers over the city. I had to take a lot of loans out but I was able to buy it. And the military has already paid it in full with some weapons I'm managed to bring back."

"That's why I never told anyone about that!" Sheldon yelled out. "The casual nexus can be messed up with simple actions between universes. If you're not careful whole disasters can come off it."

"No guts no glory." Nicholas smirked. "I won't deny that I wanted a little bit of revenge on Sheldon he knew of the other worlds and I might be able to spot them when I sold them. He needed to be dealt with and since I was visiting other worlds and he was getting visitors from their I needed to take away their reason for visiting."

"But why attack the city?" Wakeman asked.

"That's the thing." Nicholas began. "I can only get the scans and some unguarded weapons. You know what I've seen? I've seen so many things. Creatures like you couldn't believe, shape changing dragons, electric mice, talking cats with flying pigs, a man with two hearts,technorganic girl with red hair and even a purple unicorn. If I can get some DNA from them I could open things up in a big way. And I've detected items with odd energies coming of that wraps reality around them. With all those things I don't even know where it would all end."

"You want to invade the all those universes?!" Sheldon said in horror.

"I wouldn't put it as crass as that but yeah."

"Then all we have to do is stop you." Misty step forwards.

"Yes, I haven't started but you've been here for a talking by power has been running this whole time."

The robots all around them turned to them most putting weapons. The ceiling cracked open as Jenny arrived holding Brad and Tuck.

"I've been calling for help."

"Mom!" Jenny called out. "I was attacking Tuck and Brad and then I suddenly my body flew here."

"Hey guys!" Tuck wave at them.

So they had to come with a way to beat off an army of robots one which was their friend. Did things look hopeless? Yes, they did. Why would you even ask that? Have not been paying attention.

Sheldon knew he had to do something. They had been as short sighted as Nicholas and didn't plan for anything. He needed to be better. He needed to help them. He needed to save them.

"Look over there!" Sheldon pointed.

Everyone naturally turned to where he pointed to see nothing but then turned back to find Sheldon running away.

"Really?" You picked him over me?" Nicholas said. "Okay, everyone blow him to bits."

Jenny dropped Tuck and Brad as being controlled she chased after Sheldon with all the other robots there. Misty managed to grab Tuck and Brad.

"Sheldon!" Jenny called out trying to warn him after a blast fired from her blaster.

Sheldon barely jumped out of the way as a blast ripped a computer apart. A fury of blasts shot at him as he did his best to dodge the attack.

"Don't stop!" Nicholas yelled realizing his orders were causing him to destroy all the things he had gathered and the computers that held the scans from what he didn't have.

"Short sighted as ever." Wakeman said before she hit him with an upper cut. He had a glass chin and collapsed easily.

The robots still continued to attack Sheldon following the last order of the person who took control of him. Sheldon managed to get the gun that Misty had played with before and grabbed it. He pointed it at Jenny and a blast of electricity hit her.

"Ah!" She yelled before she fell to the ground.

"Sorry!" Sheldon called out.

Sheldon continued to run trying to get the other robots.

Wakeman ran to her daughter, "She's just been over charged. A proper reboot and she should be fine."

"Fine, you get her and the boys out." Misty told her. I'll go and knock out the dish and come back to help Sheldon."

"Right." Wakeman agreed.

Though it wasn't ideal to leave Sheldon as bait it would allow them to make sure Nicholas couldn't take control of everything again.

"Come on boy!" Wakeman and Brad and Tuck started to lift Jenny away. They assumed that when they left Sheldon could put on his Silver Suit without having to worry about Jenny seeing him.

He didn't know how long he ran but Sheldon had at some point ran in a circle. He had managed to out run the robots and lose them.

"Okay, this portal. I need to make sure it doesn't open anymore." He went to the controls. "If I over load it, then the power surge should disrupt alloy and the gate to collapse in on itself.

Sheldon started to work on his plan when he was tackled to the ground forcing him to drop the blaster.

Nicholas had been the tackler and picked up the small weapon, "You know one blast from this thing can knock out someone but two kills them."

"What does three do?" Sheldon asked trying to inch away.

"I don't know, after death it don't see the point of firing again. I can't wait to show the military this toy."

"You can't just treat everything like toys. Any one of those things could destroy this war, start wars and you're not ready for magic."

"Magic? Yeah, right."

"Science by another name? It doesn't mean you can control any of it."

"How about your suit? I've tried to take control of it again, I can sense it, but can't control it."

"I guess the things I did to the controls worked."

"Yeah, I can still keep it from activating." He leveled the gun to him. "So let's just end it."

"Are you sure you don't want to keep talking?"

"I'm sure."

It looked like the end but then the ceiling collapsed and a large dish came crashing through. Both of them had to dodge it.

"Sorry" Misty yelled, she ripped out the dish from the roof and dropped it onto the ceiling.

That was when the gate started to shuddered.

"Okay, it's starting." Sheldon said happy that he managed to live long enough for his plan to take effect.

In the middle of the ring like gate was filled with a wave of swirling light and it spun into the energy collapsed into a ball and was pulled into it. In a flash of light the gate collapsed into itself and vanished into a ball of light.

"It's done." Sheldon said happy but then the whole room started to shake. A black gapping hole formed where the gate was and the room started to collapse into.

"What did you do!?" Misty asked him.

"Might have messed up the calculation." Sheldon stared in horror. "Run!"

As everything collapsed into itself it became too dense and exploded erupting outwards.

Sheldon's head ached and he saw Misty fell besides him. He looked around but he didn't see Nicholas, he had to assume he ran when things had gotten bad.

"We have to get out of here." Sheldon got to his feet helping Misty up. "We have to get out of here."

Equipment was failing and fire was spreading outwards.

"Shell?" Misty tried to come to her senses. "We have to go."

Outside the other watched the building erupt in flames as Wakeman tried to reboot Jenny.

"Are they okay?" Brad asked almost ready to jump into there to drag them out.

"Look they're they are!" Tuck yelled out.

"They're okay?"

"They're better than that!" Tuck said excited. " They're walking without looking back at an exploding building! They're heroes!"

At that moment the building really did explode.

"Did we do that?" Sheldon asked Misty.

"Looks like it, Shell." Misty told him. "Just keep moving forwards and don't look back. Just move faster before something hits us."

Hours later everything had settled down. Everything had returned to normal. They told the cops about everything but when they looked into the officers said the computer told them that the building didn't belong to Universal Technologies. They assumed Nicholas had escaped and was out there. No one was too badly hurt, Misty and Sheldon got the worst of it. Sheldon managed to avoid the worst of it and Misty was healing quickly. Sheldon sat outside looking at the stars and wondering about the future.

"Shell?" Misty came up to him. "Something is wrong?"

"No, just thinking. A lot has happened."

"Yeah, you got your first arch villain, blew up a building, and stopped someone from invading the multiverse. It's a big day. Oh, and you saved me. You got to save damsel in distress."

"I don't know about that."

"Looks like you've become a real hero now."

"Maybe, I think I still have a lot to learn."

"Yeah, you do. There is still one tradition left." Misty smiled before she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "The hero gets a kiss from the girl."

Sheldon in shock rubbed his cheek.

Misty turned around and started to walk away, "Don't let it get to your head. There is more training tomorrow. You got an arch now, can't let you get soft now."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Sheldon didn't see it in the dark but Misty's cheeks started to blush. Sheldon wondered what the future would bring.

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