It's like I'm building this bridge and at first it seems really sturdy. It's made of the safe materials, you know? The ones that don't bend or break or wear. It's meant to be my safe passage from A to B. The place I come from and the place where I've become. But somewhere along the journey, a crack formed. And the crack formed cracks. And all of a sudden I'm left with this this sturdy bridge that's not so sturdy after all, and I know I'm going to fall.

Belle-It's like I'm building this bridge, and it's not sturdy but it's not filmsy either. It's inbetween and yet it still feels safe. It's not a finished bridge, it's pieces keep getting put together as I get closer and closer to the end. But just before I reach the end, the pieces start falling. And whatever I was going to remember, I forget. I've built a lot of bridges, but they all keep falling down. Whoever I am, who ever I was, I fear is long gone. And she's not coming back.

Rum-I lost my son. Years ago. But no one here knows it. No one here knows he ever exsisted, even before we came here to this infernal, wretched Hell. But it wouldn't get me pity if they knew, for I'm the town beast. The town horror. The town ogre. I'm the one they fear will prey upon their children and steal their souls. If anything, they'd say it was my fault I lost my son. And they'd hurry about their business with another reason to hate me.

Belle-I'm trying to survive here, but I can't see how far I've made it and I don't know how far I have left to go. Maybe if I saw the finish line, it'd be easier. But I don't think there's a finish line in a place like this. I get no visitors, which is fine because I don't know anyone. I feel like there might have been someone for me, once upon a time-but just like my memories, that time is gone.