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Harry heaved a sigh of relief as he leant back against the old barn. The wall that he was sitting on separated the Weasley's garden and the neighbouring field. He bent one leg up onto the wall and took a drink from his bottle of Butterbeer. He leant his head back and listened to the sounds of the wedding being packed away. He smirked – he had made it through the whole day without thumping or hexing his so called adoptive family.

Harry casually lit a cigarette and inhaled. He had better try now he thought because he didn't know when he would get another chance. He disrespectfully flicked his accumulated ash into the Weasley side of the wall.

'Here goes nothing,' he thought as he closed his eyes, relaxed and waited.

Harry focused on his magic and the various pathways that led off it. He saw the pathway that had been draining his magic into the wards of number 4 Privet Drive. That pathway had finally severed and the end was reabsorbing back into his core. That was good. He saw the pathway that led to the wards at Hogwarts – looking carefully at the fibres that made up the pathway he found a small one and severed it.

Further on there was a large bundle of fibres – this was for the wards at the Burrow. Harry growled to himself – what he wouldn't give to break the whole pathway in on go. Just yank his protection out from under the Weasley/s nose and then just sit back, wait and watch. Maybe now was a good time to snip a couple of fibres – after all lots of different people had been at the house that day for the wedding. Carefully he snipped several. Moving on he ignored the other links for now as he found the reason for his visit.

There was the pathway he was looking for, it was vibrant red and wasn't attached to his magic. He gently gave a tug – just enough to attract attention. There was no response. He tried harder – still nothing. Then Harry gave an almighty tug and yelled 'Tom'.

The result was instantaneous.

'POTTER – what do you want - why I should...'

'Yes, yes Tom, I know. Now shut up and listen, I don't have much time. The Order are already suspicious – there is nearly always someone watching me.'

'Well, well Little Potter is not happy with the Order...'

'Oh for Merlin's sake shut up – there is no time for that – the most important thing that you need to do is to get hold of Snape – he can tell you some of what is happening. I would not want anyone to go through what the Order are doing to him. I know that he is working for you and not 'Dumb as a door.'

There was a spluttering noise from the other side of the link.

'I'm not sure what they are up to but he looks worse every time that I see him.'

Tom said, 'you think that might be torturing him,'

'I don't know but I would get him checked for everything that you can think that they would use, scanning, tracking, bugging, seeing spells,' Here he paused and shrugged. 'And then check him for everything that you would use. Then everything that you wouldn't.'

'OK what is in this for you.'

'I'm just trying to help a friend, I would try and warn him so that he can gather all his things and potions – you won't want him to be going back – oh and when you do call make it look good – like you re really angry, we wouldn't want any to try and stop him from leaving. When you get him have a good rant about him not having any new information for you – you might even have to Crucio him a bit – then have it set up so that someone else can torture him out of your sight – but they won't really - but not you.'

'Why exactly must I do this?'

'Because I have a link to you and can see everything that you do and some of what happens around you. I have found out that they have been giving me Veritaserum to get an accurate account of everything that happens and then Obliviating me of the questioning and what they say.' He gave a half laugh half sob. 'But not of you torturing and killing people. I have found some of the memories.' He finished quietly. He could almost feel Tom's eyes on him.

'You said the 'most important thing', does that mean that there is something else that you want me to do.'

'Oh you - this should be easy, I need you - when you are next in a really public place with lots of witnesses to say so that everyone can hear that you killed me parents.'

'Why on earth do you need me to do that – every one knows that I killed them.'

'They might know – but it was never proved or confirmed, either from the wand of the killer, a confession of the killer or from a tested eyewitness. Because of that wonderful little loop hole, Dumb as a door is using a very old law to stop me parents will from going through and as there is no will he has made himself my magical guardian. He is trying to get into my parents accounts and I know for a fact that he has taken money from my school account. But that is for another day.'

'Who did your parents choose as Godparents?'

'My father chose Sirius Black and my mother chose Severus Snape.'

'I will do what I can for you as soon as possible.'

'Thank you. A word of warning if you like – when you get mad I get sucked through the link and I suffer when you throw curses around.'

Tom laughed, 'and you want me to stop.'

'Only if you want to stop other people, particular the order, from finding out what you are up to. Because as soon as they think that I am connected they take me to Dumb as a doors office to wait for it to finish so that they can interrogate me.'

'I see.'

'I had better go before they come to look for me – bye.'

With that he opened his eyes and took a quick drink – he used the movement to look around. That was close, coming across the lawn towards him were Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer otherwise known as Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.