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Harry had lunch served before anyone could say anything. During the times that Harry had been talking he had felt Neville and Luna quite close to his sides, gently under the table he squeezed both of their hands as 'thanks' for the reassurance that they had just given him. They both looked at him and smiled.

When everyone had settled down Harry told them what he needed to tell them. He explained to everyone in detail everything that had happened – how he had found out about the memory charms, how he and Severus had settled their differences and did the best that they could to look out for one another, how Harry had contacted Tom and the meeting with Ernest at the Burrow.

When he got to the bit about meeting with the goblin and what had been revealed to him the temperature in the room started to drop. Harry became lost in the thought of the three marbles that were in his posession. He still had one to view and even though he knew who he would see he still could not bring himself to view it. It was hard enough living in his house.

Neville and Luna both grabbed an arm each but still the temperature dropped, both Severus and Kingsley joined the two friends. Snow started to fall gently in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place. Tom jumped up and rounded the table, pushing his way through to Harry he picked him up and cuddled him into his side, leaning down he gently kissed his forehead, before he started to talk to him.

The others stepped back not quite believing what they were seeing. Slowly the room righted it's self.

Neville looked at Severus and gestured to the table, with a command and a swipe of his wand Snape retuned the triangular table to its usual shape. The small chairs were also returned to the comfortable chairs that they had been before.

Severus lifted an eyebrow in question and nodded toward Harry. Luna responded, "well, anyone would be the same."

The others nodded, Severus went over and knelt in front of Harry, and said "if you want Harry we will continue our talks and get you to blew of some steam." Harry nodded and gripped Tom's robes tighter.

"What do you mean continue your talks?"

"After the failure of Harry to learn the Mind arts and after what I had seen – I saw similarities in our childhoods and we started to talk about things. The past, the present, things that were bothering him. He seemed to be less stressed having someone that he could off load to."

Neville and Luna both nodded.

Harry looked up and blushed. He struggled to get himself out of Tom's lap. Eventually he succeeded. There were smiles all round from everyone else.

Huffing Harry called to Kreacher to bring them some coffee. Every one re-seated themselves at the table.

Kingsley asked Harry, "what do you think that the next step should be?"

Harry smirked. "I think that Voldemort should disappear," Evan Rosier shot to his feet. Tom grabbed his arm as it started to rise.

Harry quickly continued. "I believe that Tom Riddle should return and become the Ministers newest advisor. With Lucius and your other spy's backing them both. Tom will turn on the charm and lobby legally for votes in the Wizengamot. During this time you, Tom will start to remove the Dark Mark from your supporters. I am sure that you have many influential families within your ranks that can help, they can be seen to support the new move slowly easing away from the Dark."

"You will have to be seen as unbiased."

"What will you be doing, Harry," Severus asked.

"I am going to organise to get rid of the headmaster, 'Dumb as a door' really won't know what has hit him." Harry cackled.

"Something else that we don't know, Harry?" Tom asked.

Harry nodded. "You are the heir of Slytherin, I am the heir of Griffindor, and there are no other heirs. Between us we can claim Hogwarts and each of us will receive half of the other two founders vaults. Once claimed Hogwarts will respond only to us. Even the wards will transfer to us." Harry smirked that the wide eyes that stared at him.

"What about the prophecy Harry – how will you working with Tom affect that?"

Harry looked at the table unsure of what to say. Tom reached over and took his hand. "You said that you thought that you had a way to negate the prophecy?"

Harry's head shot up, in turn he looked to each of the people sat around the table. Finally he nodded.

"Have you ever heard the whole prophecy?"

Every one around the table shook their heads, "Ok, "sad Harry "here goes:"

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..."* (Written by JK Rowling In Order of the Pheonix)

They just looked at him, Harry continued, "it is my understanding that prophecies are open to interpretation. My interpretation focuses on two key words and their meanings."

He paused, "To die means to stop living, and to vanquish means to defeat an opponent, well the way I see it I killed Voldemort when I was a baby." Tom started to object, "this is MY interpretation, to me if you are not breathing and your heart has stopped then you are dead, therefore I must have killed you. To vanquish means defeat – but if Tom and I are working together and Tom is no longer the Dark Lord then he 'Voldemort' has been defeated, he is no more. It is all about what you believe."

The people around the table seemed to be deep in thought, after several moments a smile appeared on everyone's lips.

Harry hesitated, "so, what do you think?"

Luna said, "I think that it would not hurt if you were to date Tom, it would help to build up his credibility and it would add to the negating effect on the prophecy."

Harry blushed and Tom smirked.

Tom picked up Harry's hand and said, "I would not consider that a hard ship."

"There is only one other thing that I should mention, 'someone' has had my magic tapped. I was fuelling the wards for Privet Drive but I have cut those now and the end has reabsorbed into me core. I am sustaining the wards at the burrow – though they are down to a minimum now, I can even tell who is in the house. Also I am attached to Hogwarts, I have been weakening then but I felt I could not withdraw altogether until everyone was in agreement.

Ernest looked liked he desperately wanted to say something but didn't know how to ask.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"Until recently you have been fuelling the wards for 3 premises?"


"OK, when we get the opportunity we will have to get a healer to look and see if there is any more tampering going on with you, that could go some way to explain some of the random magic that occurs around you."

"What random magic?" demanded Harry.

"Well," said Luna, "most people don't manage to make it snow - in the kitchen - in the summer."

"Oh, I see."

"But you do seem to settle down when you are with Tom, I think that it will be good for you both to spend time with each other."

Harry blushed as Tom squeezed his hand gently as he smirked.

So discussions were had as to how and when parts of the plan were to be implemented. A timetable was agreed upon. Even a list of charges was started against the future ex-headmaster was written up. Every one who sat around the table that day was in agreement and as far as Harry was concerned that was just the beginning of the end.


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