101 Duct Tapes

"I'm not equipped for this." Kiba sighs forlornly after rifling through his bag.

His teammates were getting camp set up while Anko sat comfortably in a tree "supervising".

"What are you missing brat?" Anko asks while cleaning her finger nails with a kunai.

"I forgot to replenish my supply of duct tape since that prank last week on the vegetable stand owner."

Naruto nodded in sympathy.

"I have an extra roll if you want it." He tosses Kiba roll and the Inuzuka catches it gratefully.
"What do you need duct tape for?" Anko jumps down and approaches them.

"Really? This coming from you?" Kiba asked incredulously. Before Anko could get offended he begins ranting about the benefits and uses of duct tape.

"It's good for patching things quickly, like clothes, shoes, or wounds. You can even use it for sprains or splinting a leg. "

"It's good for bondage too. " Naruto adds helpfully. "Like taping hands together or legs apart or mouths shut or…"

Hinata collapses from where she had finally finished lighting a campfire. She lands in an oddly peaceful position, as if she had just lay down to take a nap.

"Wha-"Kiba stared at Naruto completely uncomprehending of the words that just came out of his mouth.

"Okay, so now that Hinata-chan is asleep I want to talk to you guys about something."

'What.' Kiba mouths silently this time.

Anko laughs silently, tears streaming down her face.

Naruto ignores his friend and his sensei and continues talking blithely.

"I know I've been on the path of greatness for years and-"

Kiba's eyebrows shot up. Anko snickered.

"And I know that Hinata is like the best girlfriend I could ever hope for-" He's not wrong there.

"And like I know that we are super young, but-"

"Naruto, where are you going with this?" Kiba crosses his arms and stares at his best friend impatiently.

"Do you think I should buy a house?" Naruto finally blurts out.

"What." Kiba said flatly.

"Well, I'm in an apartment now and one day I want to live with Hinata-chan, but she lives at the Hyuuga compound right now and it is huge and…I don't want her to have to move into my crappy apartment."

Oh, Naruto.

"Houses cost a lot of money." Anko said.

"Yeah, I know. I've got some saved up and I can save up more from missions. We've got like two s-ranks coming to us or something like that. That's got to be a huge chunk of change."

Far, far away in Konoha Hiruzen sneezed; it left behind a strange feeling of loss.

"I think that Hinata won't mind as long as you're there." Kiba shrugged.

"I agree, she might even get a special kick out of living there if you know what I mean." Anko smirked.

Naruto, in fact, did not know what she meant.

In Naruto's defense, Kiba wasn't sure what she meant either.

"Okay, I guess. The apartment complex is big enough for us two. I could always knock down a wall or two." Naruto frowned in thought.

Sensing a misunderstanding Kiba opens his mouth, but Anko puts her hand on his arm and shakes her head silently. She really wants to see how this goes.

And that's how Naruto decided to buy his whole apartment complex, but that's a story for another day.

"So what's up with the bondage talk? Aren't you like oblivious?" Kiba asked straight out.

"It was in volume 3 of Icha Icha Paradise. I mean, it feels really cheap using the pervy book to knock out Hinata, but I really wanted to talk to you guys about this."

"Why not just wait until we made it back to Konoha."

"My thoughts are like a light breeze, fleeting. I didn't want to forget."

Kiba face palmed.

"When did you even have time to read those? We had them for like a second."


Far, far away in Konoha one of ten Naruto clones sneezed. He continues flipping through volume 5 of Icha Icha. Absent mindedly he makes a clone of himself and dispels it. All of the other clones, and the original Naruto, perk up at the burst of information. There was some really good material in there. He wasn't sure what some of it meant, but he would figure it out eventually. Some information had already been filed away for future use while others had more immediate (and age appropriate) use.

Naruto's innocence has been broken.

Sort of.

AN. What are the other clones doing you may ask? Also, my grammar is painfully bad at times. So sorry for the people that get headaches from me going from past to present tense repeatedly. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!