Hello, this is my first fanfic online! If you don't like it, then don't read it, but if you do like it then great! ^^



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Day 10-Christmas day

Aeris walked into the apartment and looked down to find a sleeping Leo on the couch. She wondered why he was passed out on the couch but eventually just pushed it off and strode into her room. She turned the light on and looked up to see a neatly wrapped present on her shelf. She picked up the gift then proceed to shred it with her claws. She then picked up the gift and held it tightly. Aeris looked down and saw the 2nd part of the gift and grabbed it. Smiling, she walked out and kissed Leo lightly on the forehead and taped a note onto his shoulder.

She went back into her room and started to play the game.

Thats the prologue! so later when I get the first chapter up, don't be angry if it's not the way you like it!

Signed: Chaos