When Paths Collide

By jjd022980

Author notes: Well this is going to be continuing of Agent Afloat: The Music Series but with a White Collar Twist. Basically this is going to continue a few months after where agent left off. Tony is still out of work since his lungs are not 100 % and he's still on Dr. Pitt's orders to take it easy. This story is going to have twist and turns and you'll get to meet a few new characters. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Oh, if you have the need to bully just don't read. Thank you.

Summary: With the outcome of "Judgment Day" Neal seeks help in DC from people from his past he kept hidden. Will this trip cause Neal to finally find what he is looking for? Or is prison his only way out for his life?

Neal looked out the window as tears threaten to fall down his face. He kept thinking why his world he built so solid just fell completely apart. There were people out there that cared like Peter, Elizabeth, June, Jones, and Diana that totally accepted him for who he was. Then there was Mozzie who was there for him every step of the way of meeting Kate, prison, and now his escape.

There were also people out there that would use his talents just to satisfy their personal goals like Kramer, Peter's old mentor. Neal knew by the look on Peter's face in front of the justice building they were there to arrest him and take him back. That was there he decided that the only option was to run and never look back.

He looked from the window to his friend sleeping beside him. Mozzie would go to hell and back just to make sure he was safe to where the "suit" couldn't find him. Tears finally fell as he thought about Peter. Peter stood up for him, protected him, like any father should. He loved him like a son and made sure that he was well protected. Elizabeth accepted him right off the bat. Even Sachmo loved him. He looked back to the window watching the sky below him and his hope fading away with the clouds.


Peter paced his living room clutching the cut anklet in one hand and Neal's letter in the other. Elizabeth watched as he just paced and paced. Shaking her head, she stood up and laid a hand on Peter's shoulder, halting his progress. Walking him towards the couch, they sat down as she grabbed the letter. Uncrumbling it, she began to read it.

Hey Peter,

I just don't where to begin with all this. Seeing the marshal's there and you signaling me it wasn't safe, I knew I had to do the only thing I could. There are just so many words left unsaid. You've been there for me throughout everything and I'm grateful. You know me better than anyone and you'll probably figure out where I'm going even without the anklet. You know I trust you with my life. You know one other person in my life that will help me besides you. He knows how to keep me safe too.

I just want my freedom and if this is the only way so be it. He knows I'm coming, so if you want to call him go right ahead, he'll be excepting it.

Thank you for everything Peter.


Peter put his head in hands and let the tears finally fall. El did the only thing she could do and held him through the storm.


Mozzie nudged Neal awake as the plane came to a stop. Neal slowly opened his eyes and sighed.

"We're here huh?"

Mozzie nodded. "Yeah and he'll be waiting for you. As soon as you are safely with him I'm going to, but I'll let know where. I won't leave you buddy."

Neal let out the breath he didn't realize he was holding. So many thoughts crossed his mind as he grabbed his only carry on and shuffled toward the gate. Looking out towards the crowd he saw the one other person that took care of him just like Peter and knew for certain that his life was safe.

He was enveloped in a hug as Neal squeezed him tight not letting go.

"You're safe now kiddo. Everything will be okay."

Neal let the tears fall again as Gibbs looked at Mozzie as he disappeared down the terminal.

After a few moments, he lifted his chin, lightly tapping him on the head.

"It's good to see you again, Neal." He wrapped his arm around his shoulder. "Come on. Your accommodations await."

Neal bowed his head as they walked out of the airport.


Gibbs shook him awake as he pulled up into the driveway. "Come on, sleepyhead, we're here."

Stretching, Neal slowly opened the car door and grabbed his bag. Gibbs walked up to the front door opening it and allowed the young man to trudge in. Neal set his bag by the door and went to look around. He walked over towards the beautifully crafted mantle above the fireplace and froze. He turned and glared at the man standing at the door.

Thinking fast on his feet, he went to grab his bag but Gibbs had other plans. Neal glared at him.

"Give me my bag now! I don't want to stay here!"

Gibbs glared right back. "You are going to stay here. It's the safest place for you right now and no one knows where you are. She knows you're here. She was the one that offered and you know for certain not to piss her off."

Neal sighed in defeat and lowered his gaze. "I've disappointed so many people Jet. She is the one I regret the most."

Gibbs walked towards him and hugged him. "Maybe it's time for the both of you to work on your regrets and differences. Why do you think she offered for you to stay here?"

Neal looked up and sighed. "Because she still loves me even though I broke her heart."

He patted his cheek. "Like I said I think it's time for you two to talk finally." Grabbing Neal's bag, he headed towards the stairs. "Come on, you look beat and there is a very comfy bed waiting for you."

Neal trudged up the stairs following Gibbs to the guest room. Entering the bedroom, Neal smiled for the first time that day as he saw the closet and bed.

"She thought of everything didn't she?"

Gibbs smiled. "Well, her brother is a clothes whore just like you so yeah you can say that."

He walked over towards the bed and finally collapsing. "Thanks Gibbs for everything." Few seconds later he was asleep.

Gibbs took the blanket at the edge and covered him up. He ruffled the unruly dark hair. "You're welcome kiddo."

Pulling out his phone, he quietly walked out of the room and made a call.

"He's safe and now it's your turn." He snapped the phone shut.

Jess looked at the phone and put it back in her purse. "Easier said than done, dad." Easier said than done.

She flashed her passport and boarded the plane, hoping this was the right decision for both of their sakes.