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Title: Electricity

Fandom/Show: Teen Titans

Main Pairing: BBxOC

Summary: Beast Boy finds a mysterious item in the basement...that just happens to hold a girl! This bioandroid is missing some memories, along with any idea who created her. Can Beast Boy unravel the mystery before her "shocking" powers fall into the wrong hands?

Chapter One: Fragments

'Activated. Subject 251 awakening.'

Everything hit her all at once. All these strange things. She couldn't determine what was happening. Never had she had this…this…this feeling. Feelings. She had never had feelings.

"Subject seems confounded. Are you sure the software is installed correctly?"

Her software calmly translated everything for her. The hurting in her 'ears' was called 'sound'. Her 'eyes' were taking in 'light' and 'color'. Her 'body' was still floating in her 'stasis chamber'. As the software settled, she began to comprehend everything that was happening.

She had been awakened. For the very first time, she had been awakened, and that is why she had been confused. She moved quickly as she could, taking in everything she could see while keeping her ears focused on the 'people' outside her cozy chamber.

"There it is. She seems to have adjusted. The software is quickly placing definitions in her brain. She is functional now."

"I suppose that's good enough for today."


She felt a heaviness on her suddenly. Her eyelids drooped.

'Subject in sleep mode.'

She closed her eyes and resumed her 'sleep'.

'Subject awakening.'

She opened her eyes. According to her software…no, her brain, it was her brain…according to her 'brain' this is the fifth time she had been awake, though she barely remembers the others. They took her out of the chamber and she was uncomfortable again, like she always was outside of it. It was cold in the lab, and she felt incomplete without her umbilical wires attached to her neck and back.

A woman was pressing something cold against her chest, something cold and metal. A 'stethescope', her brain told her. The woman was a doctor.

"Subject is healthy. A perfect specimen of a Bioandroid. Good work, Doctor." She looked up at the woman as she said this, and watched her shake hands with the scientist. She remembered the scientist. He was a caring man, and always catered to her wishes. Maybe she could try to…

"Good morning, 251." The doctor/scientist said, sitting across from her. "Would you like to try and speak again today? Say: 'Good morning, doctor.' Go on."

"Good morning, du…du…" Her own voice was strange compared to the doctor's and the scientist's. Mechanical. She felt her face get warm with an emotion called 'embarrassment'. Why was she so incompetent compared to the doctor? Compared to all the scientists? "Doctor. I do not feel like I belong."

The man's eyes widened, and he scribbled something in his notebook, muttering "fantastic, fantastic"…

Training. She was training now. Many days later. She was much better at speaking now, she could hold full conversations…even tell 'jokes'. But still, they were saying she was almost complete. Almost? But she felt complete. What was missing? What was left to make her normal? To make her "Complete"?

She felt the scientist nudging her, and resumed her drills. Whaaaaoooom whaaaaaooom. Bend the Electricity in the air. Whoosh. Hack the latest systems. Just like always. Every day. They would tell her she had "electro-telekinesis", or the ability to harness electricity as well as anything technological. Silly people. Didn't they realize she was just controlling the Electro-Magnetic Waves of everything?

Another nudge from the scientist. Zap. Zap. Control the electricity, again.

Suddenly a man was on the floor, and she was whisked away back to her chamber without any explanation.

She wasn't awakened by the program this time. It had been shaking. The world, it was shaking.

She saw the doctor, on the other side of the glass. She reached out to touch the glass, and he touched the other side. He was telling her that she would go back to sleep. For a long, long time. And to look for him when she awoke.

He told her to…to never forget…something…that he would always be her 'father'…find him when it was all over…find him.

He pressed buttons and alarms went off in her head.

Something was wrong, oh so wrong. The emergency safety procedure was never to be used unless…unless….

As the alloy-strengthened shield closed around her chamber, her thoughts were cut off by the program's overpowering urge to sleep…

She awoke suddenly and felt cold. Even though her chamber was the same, it was dark with the metal encasing it. She had a feeling she was somewhere unfamiliar. She quickly accessed the emergency program in her mind and hacked it.

The metal parted, and a little bit of light came through. She knew someone was outside her chamber.

The metal retreated, left her stasis chamber open as it should be. She stared down into the unfamiliar face of a boy her size. He had an unusual tint of green to his skin and hair, and was wearing a jumpsuit. She felt safe to see someone was there, that she was not alone. She reached out to touch the glass. He did the same, looking at her with wonder.

She did not know him, but all her software said that he was not a threat. And the small part of her that resembled humanity thought he was actually rather…good-looking.

Suddenly, he opened his mouth, and shouted:


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