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The light that surrounded her made her eyes hurt, and she put up her hand to block it before she realized the smoke was the culprit. She brought her hand back to her face to cover her cough as her knees went weak. Flames everywhere…

Tesla looked up to see a science lab, completely average except for the reading level of the textbooks on the desks and in her hands. This memory felt different, not like she was watching a movie but more like it was happening right now. She turned to a small mirror to her right almost instinctively, observing her reflection: Green eyes, a mess of curly dark hair pulled into something that resembled a bun. The scientist's daughter. She was much older than last time, mid-teens. She was wearing the uniform of the Metropolis Academy of Technology. She returned her gaze to the book in her hands, open to a section about electromagnetic waves; Notes littered the table in front of her, and she felt a pencil tucked behind her ear.

She put the book down, taking in her surroundings. She observed that she had more control than last time, probably the main reason it didn't feel like a memory. She heard a faint hum of voices and identified the source: a battered radio that she somehow knew had been turned most of the way down to facilitate a focusing atmosphere. She reached over and turned it back up, listening to the newscasters scream about Superman, the Justice League, and a villain called Darkseid. The girl had the distinct feeling that something like this shouldn't mean she should stop studying because it happens so often, it'll be just like any other time.

She decided that she should try to get some clues while she had control, and opened the binder to her left. It was full of pictures, notes, and drawings. Pictures mostly depicted the scientist and the girl, making funny faces. Some were birthdays, others photobooth pictures, and even more others were pictures of the very proud scientist beside his daughter as she held up her science awards.

She tapped her fingers on the binder thoughtfully. The girl was an accomplished scientist like her father. Perhaps she had helped create her alongside him? If the notes on the table were any indication, the girl was an expert in electromagnetic waves, so it was possible.

She pondered the possibility for a minute, and was about to investigate the binder further when she felt strange. Her hand froze. The feeling of dread welled up in the pit of her stomach, and she knew that something bad was about to happen, and that control was no longer an option…

The next second her body was thrown violently across the room, leaving her ears ringing as she slammed into the floor. The papers were gone, the binder was gone, the fucking counters were gone and she felt heat, hotter than anything she'd ever felt. She realized this was when the smoke hurt her eyes, and she brought her hand up to her mouth to cough, lungs desperately trying to rid themselves of the damage.

The flames engulfed the lab in a matter of seconds, followed by a series of smaller explosions as the fire gleefully engulfed flammable liquids from the cupboards. She covered her head and tried to stay low, holding her breath when possible. She glanced around bleary-eyed to see if there was an exit route, but all she could see was orange and red and yellow, and she could feel the pain start to set in through the adrenaline.

Her fingers found purchase on a miraculously undamaged picture of the Flash that seemed to have fallen out of her binder. His face beamed up at her like a promise.

"Help…" she croaked, her breathing growing sparse. She squeezed her eyes shut against the smoke.

Suddenly there was a pair of hands hoisting her up, and the wind hit her face at high speed. There was a sudden stop, almost as fast as it had begun, and she turned her confused face to her surroundings.

"Are you alright, missy?" A melodic voice captured her attention, and she realized she was in a man's arms. She looked up at him, dazed, only to be met with the familiar blue eyes and red cowl of the Flash himself. Like a gunshot, emotions rang inside her head ranging from freaking out to lovesickness, and she was tongue-tied. She opened her mouth to respond and could only muster a screech, followed by a blossoming feeling of embarrassment.

Her heart fluttered with excitement, and she gave way to unconsciousness, her body aching to heal...

Tesla shot backwards out the door, crashing down with a skid in the mindscape and bouncing. Even though it was all in her head, she could feel the pain of the landing. She looked at the burns on her body, wondering if they showed on the body in the real world too. She pulled her hands to her chest, breathing heavily. Something was not right in her mindscape. A darkness was falling, pixels crashing down as if the whole place was glitching.

She squinted, trying to make out the figure blipping in and out in front of her, and stifled a gasp as she realized it was the scientist's daughter, or at least the memory of her, struggling to make an appearance.

"T-T-Tesla-esla-esla…" The haunting echo left her frozen, unable to make herself reach out to the visage. "Tesla-a. St-st-stop looking for me, please…"

The vision of her was terrifying, glitching in and out, pieces of her face missing, clothes burnt and poorly rendered. Yet, there was no danger in her tone, no sense of ill will when the data ghost reached out to her, zeros and ones bursting from where the vision's hands met her face.

"Please, Tesla, stop looking for me, don't come any closer. If you do, everything you love will be in danger, and you could lose it all. Don't destroy our second chance! Leave father and I where we belong: in the past! Now..."

The ghosts eyes were fierce as she gripped Tesla's shoulders, her data starting to disappear.

"Wake UP!"

Tesla jolted awake so suddenly that she flew up, as if having been forcibly pushed off the floor, and collided with a very confused Beast Boy, who had been trying to put a blanket over her.

"Ouch, wha- Tess, what-" If Beast Boy finished his words, she didn't hear them. Her eyes flitted back and forth, restless, until they landed on a mirror. She quickly shot over to it, flicking her hand in the dark, sending the lights crackling on. She stifled a gasp as she screeched to a halt in front of the mirror.

"Dude, Tess! Are you even hearing m- -" Beast Boy was cut short as his hand reached her shoulder, apparently finally noticing the same thing she did.

In the mirror, she could see that she had scars from the fire, along with a mysterious tattoo across her left side ribs that could only be described as a tribal tattoo glitching out. The strange foreign linework devolved into pixels across her skin, forming something similar to a QR code pattern. Her breath hitched as she understood the message:

"Dead Girl Walking"

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