Fellow princess tutu cosplayers

I've seen that there are many un happy ballet dancers, over the use of pointe shoes.
As a past ballet student I dreamed of the day I would get to wear pointe shoes. Sadly I never got that chance. (couldn't keep up)
I am also outraged to hear that many cosplayers don't understand the significance of point shoes to us past and present ballet dancers.
I've seen it done before the cosplayers take a semester of ballet lessons and think their good enough to wear pointe shoes.
Let me tell you this to a ballet dancer pointe shoes are an extension of one's self not just a shoe to be warn as a costume prop. It requires years of training before a dancer's feet and ankles are strong enough.
I give you a guarantee that many if not all ballet dancers will agree with me here. Pointe shoes are highly dangerous to those who don't have the proper training and technique to use them without harming their feet and ankles.
I still dream if the day I would have gotten my first pointes. But sadly that day will never come for me.
One day I might buy a set though, but I will never wear them, they will hang on my bed telling me stories of what might have been.

I know whoever reads this won't understand. Pointe shoes are an extension of the body. Not something to dress up in at some anime convention.
Dancers endure years of hard work and dedication to use them.

2 years back I took up jazz dancing just for fun but took. I miss a lot of the hard training.

When i cosplay Rue im gonna wear my jazz shoes or ugg boots (many dancers will wear them outside of the studio).

If your one of those cosplayers that go for accuracy over comfort buy yourself a set of the slippers and add ribbon. eBay has some for cheep prices. But don't wear them outside. Their only designed to be used in a studio and on stage.