Author's note: I kind of worry that this might turn out crackish, but I hope not. Anyway, I suppose this might be considered spoilerish for both BBC Sherlock and Glee Season 3 (up until Heart anyway, disregards On My Way completely as I want this to be a happy fluffy fic). Kurt and Blaine have broken up but remain close friends.


Kurt stares as the credits flick past and turns to Blaine.

"Tell me that isn't the end."

"Um. It's the end until the next season. Which is… about a year away?"

"What? Blaine! I can't believe you let me watch this! Grow attached to these characters and then just… rip one away from me? How do we even know that he lives?"

"Um, because there's a season three?

"But he's dead!"

"I'm pretty sure he's not actually dead. I mean, you can't have Sherlock without Sherlock."

"But how does he survive? I can't wait… a whole year? This isn't even a proper programme anyway! Three episodes does not make a proper season! Why aren't there more? I need to know how he survives Blaine… you know how things like this just bug me until I know the answer. What were you thinking? What made you think this was a good idea?"

Blaine at least has the decency to look a little ashamed, but he'd been right, he has enjoyed the show. Right up until the last few minutes anyway. They've struggled since they broke up, completely amicably, but it's still been a little awkward going back to just being friends. Kurt had realized it after Valentine's Day; realized that he likes Blaine far more as a friend than anything else, and sure the kissing and handholding and even maybe the sex was nice, but what he enjoys most with Blaine is hanging out. Singing. Or talking.

When he'd gone that entire week with his head in the sand thinking Blaine was doing something romantic and sweet to find that it wasn't him had made him sit back and re-evaluate their relationship. It hadn't been easy, and they've kissed a couple of times since the break-up purely out of habit, just friendly pecks, but he knows that they're just friendly kisses now.

Now they get together to talk and watch TV and do facials. They've worked their way through most shows on Broadway, and Disney films, and then Blaine had suggested this. They'd watched the first three episodes last week, and he'd admitted to himself that he'd liked it. And now he's not sure how he feels… he's just invested five hours into someone who has died. And sure it's just a TV program, but it doesn't make what he's feeling any less real.

"I'm sorry. Really. But it's just so good. We can watch them again just before the new season starts."

"And what am I meant to do in the mean time Blaine? I need to know how he survives. I will make this your problem as well. I will bug you with this question like slow water torture until it drives you insane just like I know it's going to drive me insane!"

"Uh, well, there's always fanfic."


"Fanfic. Fanfiction? There's probably a few good conspiracy theorists stories out there…"

"What are you talking about? What's fanfiction?"

Blaine's eyes open in surprise and Kurt suspects he's about to be educated about some little subsection of society he's never heard about before. He listens in ever increasing amazement as Blaine explains how people write alternate stories, or different endings, or parallel worlds. How people use it to answer questions not addressed in the books, or movie or TV program. He has to admit it sounds intriguing, being able to make your world bend to what you want.

"So there'd be a story about how George Weasley dealt with his twin dying?"

"Dozens probably. You could find a fic that gives the episode we just watched a completely different ending. Find it and hang on to it until the next season comes out. Or you could just read all the Johnlock stories. That would keep you occupied," Blaine says, shrugging his jacket on and grinning at something which Kurt doesn't get.


"Oh. Um… er. It's uh… people pairing off Sherlock and John. Ah. Romantically."

"Well that's not hard, they're already a couple in the show."

"Uh… not really. Anyway, the stories can get pretty um… racy."

"Oh. Really? People write about stuff like that?"

"Yeah. Have a search later. You'll find heaps," Blaine replies, and he looks a little flushed, and he supposes he has his answer right there about what Blaine does with his spare time when he's not with him. He's even more curious now.

"Text me when you get home," Kurt states and Blaine nods, and they hug briefly before waving goodbye to each other, grinning and laughing at how awkward they must look if how they feel is anything to go by. He waits until he can't see the tail lights of Blaine's car and heads to his bedroom. He has some research to do.

Fanfiction. He types the word into a search engine and his eyes widen. Over ninety million results? The top one looks the most promising and he clicks. He's kind of curious, so he goes through all the different categories. It's fascinating. Some TV program he's never heard of is the most popular, but even though Sherlock is British it's in the top twenty. He wonders what he should search for, wonders whether Blaine would have any tips… ah well, he's got to learn sometime.