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Voldemort had a plan. Harry Potter was on the train to Hogwarts: He could see the brat through Quirrel's eyes, though the turban was covering his face. Look at him, he thought viciously, thinking so much of himself, after destroying the Dark Lord? In reality, Harry Potter was nothing more than a specky nerd who lived through luck. He knew, though, that Quirrell would do what he had asked. Quirrell raised his wand slowly, and muttered the spell...

Moss P.O.V

I sat alone, after hours, religiously comparing the two books. There had to be a difference! Roy had laughed, saying it didn't matter, but I had to know! I couldn't leave this office until I was finished.

Richmond slinked out from behind his door, silently. I started to panic. Richmond! Door! No! Wrong! I began telling him to go back behind his door, then I remembered the most important task for this evening. If you could call 2 a.m evening.

"Oh, Moss, I thought you'd gone home..." Richmond didn't seem like he cared either way, so I didn't answer the statement.

He read from the cover of one of the books I was holding. "Harry Potter? Oh, I used to love those. Can I borrow your spare copy to read, you know, when it's quiet?"

I shook my head and took it from him, then went back to the task in hand.

Richmond shrugged, then went back to his room.

But Richmond didn't understand. I had to know: were there any differences in text between the adult and child versions of the last Harry Potter?

Harry's P.O.V

I boarded the train to Hogwarts around 6 a.m. I was so excited: finally leaving the Dursley's, off to a wizard school! A wizard school! Brilliant.

I had a friend, as well! I met Ron at the train station, and he seemed nice, although the same couldn't be said for some of my other future classmates.

Ron was explaining to me how the sorting system worked, among other things, on the train, which was good, because I had no idea. I was engrossed, so engrossed I didn't see the man in the turban raise his wand...

Moss P.O.V

I found it at about 7 a.m. My eyes were closing, my glasses repeatedly falling off my face. Then I saw it. A comma. Not in the child version, in the adult version. I knew it! Yes! But before I could share the joyous occasion, the triumph over people who believed they were the same, something interrupted me...

Voldemort thought he would enjoy this. Harry Potter believed his life would always be perfect, but Quirrell and himself had decided to swap Potter's life, with the one person more nerdy than the Boy Who Lived. Quirrell muttered the words, pointing his wand at Potter.

"Mauricium, Mosseus!"

Both Harry and Moss fainted instantly.

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