This is my first attempt to write in the Animorphs Verse so be thoughtful because once upon a time it was your first time as well.

This is going to be massively AU. One of the differences is that there isn't a limit to how long you can be in morph, but at the two hour mark you start feeling the urge to demorph and the longer you stay in morph after two hours the stronger the urge becomes. However, now and then there is a person that doesn't feel the urge to demorph.

Another difference is that Mr. Ellimist didn't take Elfangor back to his people. So Tobias is raised by both of his parents.

By now you all must be like who's going to give the Animorphs the ability to morph? My answer: wait and see.

Oh and another thing: I no longer have access to most of the Animorph Series. So most of this is going to be from memory and from what I have read in fan fics.

I am NOT going to do most of books, only the ones I either feel like doing or what not.

And I'm wasting your time with this talk.


Hey, my name is Jake. I can't tell you my last name or else they will find us.

Who will find us you ask; well it will be easier for me to tell you how it all began.

It was a normal Friday evening at the mall. My best friends Marco and Tobias were playing in an arcade; Tobias was kicking our butts when he yelped and clutched his head.

Marco and I glanced at Tobias with some concern. Tobias wasn't exactly normal and by that I mean that sometimes he gets claustrophobic in either crowds or tight spaces and sometimes I swear that I hear him say things when he couldn't have.

"Are you alright?" I finally asked him. "I thought I heard screams." Tobias whispered. Marco and I looked at each other. This was the first time that we had seen this happen to Tobias and I was wondering if we should take him home just in case something was wrong with him.

Tobias had passed out once at a party my Mom had thrown for Tom, my older brother, and I. A lot of our friends had been invited along with their parents when Tobias started looking around, as if he sensed something wrong and then he passed out.

It took awhile for him to come around but his mother took him home once he could walk.

"Maybe we should go home." I said, not wanting to face his mother's wrath if something was wrong.

Tobias looked as if he was going to protest but he nodded and we left the arcade.

We were nearly to one of exits when I saw one of my cousins, Rachel, and her friend Cassie. Tobias must have seen them too because he walked over to them.

I nearly froze. I like Cassie but I never know what to say around her. I know for a fact that Tobias likes Rachel: he has gotten caught passing notes to her in class on more than one occasion.

Finally Rachel and Cassie walked over.

"Want to walk part of the way home with us?" I blurted out.

Cassie smiled shyly while Rachel rolled her eyes. "Sure we are defenseless girls so we need big strong men to protect us." She said sarcastically.

Marco laughed and Tobias shook his head.

"Yes, we'll walk part of the way with you." Cassie said.

We left the mall and walked across the street. We walked a short distance before we reached a crossroads of a type. You see we could either continue along the road or we could take a short cut through an abandoned construction site. It could be dangerous but youth has a way of not thinking about how dangerous something is only how exciting it would be.

Without really thinking we stepped into the construction site and started through it.

I found myself remembering the time that Marco, Tobias and I climbed a crane, daring each other to climb higher.

I'm not sure how deep we were into the site but suddenly Tobias gasped. We turned to look at him only to find his gaze fixed on the sky on an object that was getting closer.

We stopped walking and watched as it came closer and closer. A strange sensation filled me and my head felt weird. I turned and looked at everyone else in the group and saw that everyone's hair was standing out in all sorts of directions. Rachel's hair would have been funny looking if Tobias hadn't opened his mouth.

"It's some sort of ship!" Tobias said, excitement in his voice.

We watched as the ship came closer and closer until it landed not to far away from us. The strange feeling stopped and I noticed that Rachel's hair was no longer standing end to end.

It was a strange looking ship. Kind of oval shaped with thing that came up from the back and curved like a tail.

Tobias hurried forward, unafraid.

"Come out, we won't hurt you." He called out. /I know./ A voice said in my mind. I was spooked and glanced around. I wasn't the only one either. Marco's eyes were wide and the girl's looked nervous.

/Don't be afraid./ The voice said again and a hatch opened.

At first we couldn't see much because of a light that was coming from inside of the ship but the figure appeared to be humanoid; until it stepped out of the ship.

It looked like a centaur with no nose, mouth or hair. Instead of hair there were a second set of eyes on a pair of stalks on the top of the head. For a nose there were three slits and instead of a horse's tail was a powerful looking tail that ended with a sharp looking blade. Did I mention that it was blue?

We stared at each other for a few moments in complete silence.

"Cool!" Tobias breathed, breaking the silence.

/Do you wish to save your planet from domination?/ The alien asked us. "What?" We asked, confused. /Your planet is being invaded by an alien race called the Yeerks./

We were all silent for a few seconds. It blew my mind that aliens were invading Earth. My first reaction was to laugh but the way he had said it told me that he was dead serious.

"What is a Yeerk?" Tobias asked. An image appeared in my head of something that resembled a slug but at the same time bore no resemblance to one.

"And why should we be afraid of something that we can crush under our feet?" Rachel asked slowly. /They take over your mind and body. That's how they control you./ The alien explained. /There is little to no way to tell if someone is a Controller./

"What makes you so sure that we aren't Controllers?" Cassie asked. The alien smiled with his eyes. /If you were Controllers you would have found someway to alert your superiors that I was here./

His logic seemed sound.

/Besides, you would have done something by now if you were./ He continued.

/My name is Arbron-Bantec-Deromar. I am a war prince among my people./ He introduced himself.

"Um, my name is Jake." I said slowly. Everyone introduced themselves much the same way I did while Tobias chirped out his name the same way he would announce he got an A+ on a test.

/Now, do you wish to defend your planet from the yeerks?/ Arbron asked. "Aren't your people defending us?" Marco asked. Arbron shook his head. /We came with only one ship and we weren't prepared for the forces waiting for us. I saw the Dome Ship burn just before I entered the atmosphere./ Sorrow and pain was evident in his 'voice'.

"So you are the only survivor?" Tobias asked. /There might have been other survivors but I might be the only one./ Arbron replied.

We looked at each other. "How would we fight the yeerks?" Rachel asked.

Arbron disappeared back into his ship and reappeared a few seconds later with a small blue box.

/Place your hands on it. It will grant you the ability to morph./ Arbron gently ordered. Slowly we reached out and touched the box. A tingling sensation moved up my arm and then dissipated.

For some reason I looked up and promptly froze. There were lights in the sky and they were getting closer.

Arbron seemed to notice this too. /Yeerks!/ he spat. /We must get away from here./

We scurried away from the ship and dove behind a wall. Arbron began to change and soon a young man dressed for biking took his place.

"It is better this way for me." He said calmly. "If we have to escape then they will not know that I am with you." Arbron said slowly and carefully. "We have been preparing to have to hide on Earth for a long time. Skin tight clothes are the best to wear during morphing." He explained.

"So how long can we stay in morph?" Tobias asked, curious. "About ninety-eight percent of my people feel the need to demorph after about two hours in morph. However the other two percent feel little to no need to demorph. I am one of the latter and I knew another Andalite who also fell in that category." Arbron explained, sorrow evident in his voice.

Soon three ships landed in the construction site. Two of them were same, fighters perhaps. The last one though was much bigger.

The fighters were shaped like bugs and the bigger ship looked like a battle ax.

"Bug Fighters and a blade ship." Arbron whispered. We nodded in understanding. "Soon we must be as quiet as possible. Hork-Bajir have excellent hearing."

We nodded again to show that we understood and went back to watching the ships.

Finally a door opened in the Blade Ship and two types of aliens came out. The first type reminded me of worms only they were on lots of tiny legs and had lots of claw like hands. The second type of alien was tall with a serpent's neck and lots of sharp blades on their arms, legs and a couple on their head.

The aliens surrounded Arbron's fighter and turned back to the Blade Ship, as if they were waiting for someone or something. Then an Andalite came out. My eyes widened. I couldn't understand if Andalites were fighting the Yeerks then how come a Yeerk was controlling an Andalite?

I turned to Arbron and saw a mixture of pity and revulsion on his human face.

"I am going to create a distraction. We I do I want you all to run as fast and as far as you can. We will meet again on the beach by the ocean." Arbron whispered.

We nodded once again. At least I was wondering how he was going to do that. Then he closed his eyes and his ship opened fire on one of the Bug Fighters.

"Now!" He whispered.

We stood and ran as if some horrible demon was chasing us.

I never looked back or slowed down until I was on my street and only then did I slow down. I walked as calmly as possible to my room and collapsed onto my bed.

I stared at the ceiling for several seconds before sleep over took me.


Well, what do you guys think?