Hello Peoples! First off I have to say I can NOT wait for the return of The Vampire Diaries tonight! I heard most of the show was going to be about Damon (Which isn't so bad if you ask me.)

I've had this idea on my head for a long time and I had to just write it down. If I wouldn't have then I would've forgot it. So enough of the bantering. Here you go!

Summary: Damon and Stefan had an old friend back in 1864. The both saw here die right before their eyes by none other than Katherine Pierce. How will they react once they see her again in present time? Read to find out!

This is set after the All My Children episode. Sorry if there are any errors or confusion.

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Just close your eyes

The sun is going down

You'll be alright

No one can hurt you now

Come morning light

You and I'll be safe and sound

Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars – Safe and Sound

Damon, Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, and Alaric were all at the boarding house trying to come up with another plan to kill Klaus. So far, They got nothing.

"Can't we just come up with one plan with out it failing completely?" Caroline asked. She was losing it. They all have been in the same room for 2 hours and she couldn't take it any longer.

"It's only been 2 hours Blondie. You haven't been helping at all. So stop your complaining and help us out!" Damon yelled. She keep on complaining and he couldn't stand her anymore.

"Why should I? You never listen to my idea's anyway!" She retorted.

"Because all of your idea's suck!" Damon yelled back. "You can't even put your phone down. Why should I listen to a plan that's been made up in your little blond head?"

"Both of you stop!" Bonnie was tired of their little argument going on. She had to end it. "Your both just sick of being in the same room for along time. We all are. But if you guys don't shut up I will-"

Bonnie was cut off by a knock on the front door. They all looked around confused. Nobody knew who was at the door. Stefan would have just waltzed in the door, Jeremy was in Denver. So who could that be.

Damon suddenly got up and walked slowly to the door while picking up a stake he had lying around for some reason unknown to him. He reached the door and slowly opened it.

When he opened the door, he almost feel over in shock. He was looking at a face he never thought he would be looking at in his entire existence.

There was a blonde petite girl standing at his doorstep.

"Damon!" The blond girl screamed.

He was suddenly knocked over by her along with his stake. Damon was still in utter shock when she took him down. Then he heard a bunch of foot steps hurdling towards where he was lying.

"Oh My Gosh! I haven't seen you in for ever! I've missed you so so so much! Oh My Gosh!" The blonde keep on rambling/yelling. "OMG! Where's Stefan? I haven't seen him in along time either! Oh My-"

"Stop talking please!" Damon cut her off. He surprisingly found his voice after his shock attack. "I can't believe your alive. You are alive right?" he said. Hoping she was alive, and not that he seeing thing in his head, or maybe even dreaming.

"Of course I'm alive silly! I came to see you and … Stefan?" She then took a glance around her, and saw that people were staring at her. People she did not know. "Oh My Gosh Damie! I didn't know you have friends!" The petite blond girl said.

"Damon who's the girl?" Elena asked confused

"And why is she calling you Damie?" Alaric asked, chuckling to himself.

"And why does she look like Caroline?" Bonnie asked Dumbstruck.

Caroline just stood there looking at the girl who looked like she could be her sister.

Damon then stood up bringing the girl with him, and then set her down next to him.

He cleared his throat and then said,

"Everybody this is Rebekah Forbes."

Hiyah! So? How was it? I know it may have been a little to dramatic but that is how I wrote it.

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